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Advancing drug discovery and gaining competitive advantage through user experience (UX)

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In this talk you will:
- Hear about the internal UX design capabilities of nine global research-based biopharmaceutical companies from a new investigation carried out in 2017
- Find out how your organisation can benefit from a free UX toolkit for life science R&D designed by the Pistoia Alliance “User Experience for Life Sciences” (UXLS) initiative, a feat which involved over 50 UX design experts from 20 life science and tech organisations
- Discover how UX offers a clear path to differentiating your business and reaping benefits for the discovery pipeline through specific case studies of UX in R&D

Speaker Bio:
Jennifer Cham, Lead User Experience Designer, EMBL-EBI
Jenny Cham is a proteomics scientist turned User Experience Designer, who founded the UX design capability at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) in 2009. She has over ten years’ experience of delivering digital solutions specifically for complex data-driven biomedical research. Alongside her day job, is involved in the User Experience for Life Science project coordinated by the Pistoia Alliance.

As a UX and digital design evangelist, Jenny writes articles and blogs about UX design for science. Her passion for “game-storming”-style workshops, design studios and graphic recording (aka “sketchnoting”) have all contributed to increasing stakeholder and user engagement in the design process, and build a community of UX early adopters in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Advancing drug discovery and gaining competitive advantage through user experience (UX)

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