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Web Design Part 4 of 5

Have you ever wondered just how much of an impact web design has on digital marketing? Take a look at this section to find out about that and more.

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Web Design Part 4 of 5

  1. 1. Web Design: An overview of web design from statistics to tips and more. 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents Page Title: Page Number: Web Design Statistics: 5 Web Page Conversions 6 Web Page Design 8 Web Page Loading Time 11 Web Page Responsiveness 14 Web Design Steps for Success: 17 Goal Identification 19 Scope Definition 23 Sitemap & Wireframe Creation 27 Content Creation 31 Visual Elements 37 Testing 41 Launch 45 2
  3. 3. Table of Contents Page Title: Page Number: Top 10 Web Design Companies: 48 22SQUARED 50 360I 52 AKQA 54 Conversant 56 Cramer-Krasselt 58 Grey Global Group 60 North Kingdom 62 Publicis. Sapient 64 Razorfish 66 Tombras Group 68 Digital Marketing Aspects Impacted by Web Design: 70 Analytics & Monitoring 72 Brand Identity 75 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 78 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 81 User Experience (UX) 84 Tips for 2018: 87 Be Mobile Friendly 89 Create a Hierarchy 92 Declutter Pages 95 Increase Readability 98 Make Navigation Intuitive 101 3
  4. 4. Table of Contents Page Title: Page Number: Trends 2018: 104 Asymmetry & Broken Grid Layouts 106 Bottom Sticky Elements 110 Color Schemes 113 Custom Illustrations 117 Drop Shadows & Depth 120 Dynamic Gradients 123 Fluid Shapes 126 Integrated Animations 129 Mobile First 134 Particle Backgrounds 137 Typography 140 Voice & Natural Language Search 143 White Space Without Minimalism 146 Work Cited 148 4
  5. 5. DigitalMarketing AspectsImpacted byWebDesigns Compiled by Author From: bluefrontier.co.uk 5 Analytics & Monitoring Brand Identity Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) User Experience (UX)
  6. 6. Analytics & Monitoring Compiled by Author From: bluefrontier.co.uk 6 Websites aren’t perfect, companies need to constantly: adapt, change and be optimized to perform well Most organizations want a website that converts its users into customers In which case, companies will need to know what areas of their websites are performing well and which aren’t
  7. 7. Analytics & Monitoring Compiled by Author From: bluefrontier.co.uk 7 All areas of a website can be monitored so it can be optimized for users Companies need to understanding the user journey and identify the pages that aren’t getting traffic or converting At a basic level, Google Analytics can help and anyone can learn to use it
  8. 8. Conversion Rate Optimization Compiled by Author From: bluefrontier.co.uk 8 Organizations need to design sites so that it drives users to call to actions A conversion doesn’t always have to be a product purchase, it all depends on the company objectives Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of enhancing your site to increase the chances that a user will complete a desired action and improve your conversion rate
  9. 9. Conversion Rate Optimization Compiled by Author From: bluefrontier.co.uk 9 While the management and analysis of CRO is down to the marketing team, they’ll need the support of designers to make the most of A/B and multivariate testing If they are briefed on the objectives they will consider it in the planning stages, which means that companies will be in the best position to refine websites for CRO A talented web design team can make all the difference, because they’ll know how to get the balance between appearance and efficiency
  10. 10. User Experience Compiled by Author From: bluefrontier.co.uk 10 User Experience focuses on user satisfaction UX is essential to web design and it’s closely linked with SEO and CRO Search engines are trying to match up what a user wants with the most relevant websites, which will factor in sites with the best UX When optimizing websites to convert, a site is needed that thinks about the user journey across the site A visually appealing website is important because users will have a greater emotional response by seeing something that is pleasing But a lot of websites priorities looks over functionality and that can cause a user to have a negative experience
  11. 11. User Experience Compiled by Author From: bluefrontier.co.uk 11 Web users have high expectations of how fast a site should load so images or videos need to be compressed to limit file size and activate server compression Companies can use Google’s PageSpeed Tool to get more information on how they can improve site speed Navigation is also important for user experience because If users can’t find what they are looking for then they’ll leave and go to a competitor UX also relates to responsiveness on mobile devices when contact forms and payment forms don’t function This can have a significant effect on final conversions A quality designer will be able to mix good aesthetic with performance Once the site is complete, companies should regularly test it to enhance the user experience
  12. 12. Tips For 2018 Be Mobile Friendly Create a Hierarchy Declutter Pages Increase Readability Make Navigation Intuitive Compiled by Author From: colourlovers.com 12
  13. 13. Be Mobile Friendly It’s official: more than 50% of Internet traffic originates from mobiles That leaves no room for questions: your website has to be mobile compliant on every possible device A powerful website builder like Wix will create a mobile version of your website automatically, making this task a no-brainer Compiled by Author From: colourlovers.com 13 Tip 1:
  14. 14. Be Mobile Friendly After creating a mobile version, adapt the content, with the following tips: Mobile navigation menu has to be shorter, containing only the essentials Images can’t be too big or too small - optimize them for mobile displays Exclude sections that ask users for inputs, when they are not crucial Actionable items should be easily found and added to an action bar If your website is content- rich, add a search bar to make every bit easily accessible Test everything from your own mobile to make sure you’ve got it right Compiled by Author From: colourlovers.com 14 Tip 1:
  15. 15. Declutter Pages Making users stay on your website is always a win - even if they don’t make a purchase, they’ll end up learning about your brand or product and come back later Keeping them hooked raises your reputation in the eyes of Google, and will result in a better ranking in search results (SEO) Turn a homepage into an inviting and pleasant space for a random Internet user by keeping it neat, organized, and functional A clutter-free homepage should make your visitors read less and do more Compiled by Author From: colourlovers.com 15 Tip 3:
  16. 16. Declutter Pages Followtheseguidelinestocreatea practicalclutter-freeatmosphere: People tend to skim websites quickly: Use short and concise text to deliver your message Break it up with subtitles wherever possible People are overwhelmed with information: Use sharp call-to- actions that give clear instructions People are visual learners: Use universal icons to replace text whenever you can Compiled by Author From: colourlovers.com 16 Tip 3:
  17. 17. Make Navigation Intuitive You want your website to be amazing, but never a maze All the info on your website should be accessed as easily and intuitively as possible User- friendly navigation not only helps people find what they’re looking for but also affects your website’s ranking in the long run The easier it is to find content, the simpler it will be for search engines to index it Compiled by Author From: colourlovers.com 17 Tip 5:
  18. 18. Make Navigation Intuitive Here are the basic rules that will make your website’s navigation better: • Your logo in the header should always link to your homepage • The menu should be placed in the header and be visible on all pages • Sections need to be arranged in order of importance • Make sure that every piece of content is accessible within three clicks maximum • Use vertical navigation with anchor links if you use long-scrolling • The footer must contain all the practical information about you and your business: address, phone, email, social media, ‘Terms of use’ and ‘FAQ’ Compiled by Author From: colourlovers.com 18 Tip 5:
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  20. 20. ContactUs fortheFull Presentation: Mediacontact USA Inc. 13575 58TH Street North #160 Clearwater, Fl. 33760 T: 727 538 4112 E: contact@mcusa.co www.mediacontactusa.com