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ISGN LoanDynamix Brochure

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ISGN LoanDynamix Brochure

  1. 1. Transforming the borrower experience™ The future is here LoanDynamix™ Loan servicing system
  2. 2. Mortgage servicing comes with a myriad of challenges. The majority of mortgage-related complaints received by the CFPB stem from servicing and default - more than a third due to routine servicing functions like management of payments, escrow and transfers. Due in large part to regulations, now servicers handle about half the average loans per FTE as compared to a mere ten years ago. With the addition of a hypercompetitive environment to these conditions, clearly we need to change how servicing is managed. One way to affect change is through core servicing systems that offer the opportunity for servicers to differentiate themselves in terms of lower operating costs and a higher level of efficiency and automation. Built on over three decades of technology expertise, ISGN delivers its next generation loan servicing system, LoanDynamix™, to meet the new demands of servicing. Fusing proven servicing utility with state-of-the-art technology, the result is a thoroughbred system designed to supercharge your servicing operation. Our new LoanDynamix brings you a better way to manage data, be more efficient and create loan-level insight. The Future of Servicing Technology is Here oanDynamix™ Powerful dashboards Workhorse system, scalable to 6M loans Faster and easier to implement Lower cost, higher productivity
  3. 3. Power You Can Trust LoanDynamix is a viable solution for both organizations entering the servicing market looking for a quick start- up with a low-cost technology alternative or established servicers struggling to keep up with soaring loan servicing costs and a demanding, mercurial regulatory environment. Supporting the entire servicing lifecycle, LoanDynamix can scale from a few thousand to over six million loans – while improving operational performance, supercharging productivity and abbreviating turnaround times. By improving and automating loan boarding, transaction processing and banking, investor accounting, collections and payoffs, LoanDynamix can help servicers increase staff productivity and manage higher loan volumes with existing staff to increase business profitability. Single View of the Borrower To streamline the flow of loan data, minimize re-entry and manage loans end-to-end, LoanDynamix offers the ability to integrate seamlessly with third-party systems including ISGN’s Tempo™ default system and TCL construction system. Plus, in addition to traditional mortgage loans, LoanDynamix also supports consumer loan servicing for HELOCS, revolving lines of credit and timeshares for even more flexibility. Optional support is available for manufactured housing lending. Insight into the Whole Picture LoanDynamix provides a window into your business. An intuitive dashboard, as well as point and click reporting, gives servicers transparency into portfolio and loan-level analytics, aids in the assessment of early delinquency and compliance with federal and investor regulations. This easy to use dashboard features tiles for drill down to further evaluate the state, investor, loan type, or originator/servicer, based on business requirements. The power of insight to view data in one place and use it to make faster, better- informed decisions makes LoanDynamix the competitive edge for risk management. Hit the Ground Running LoanDynamix is an out-of-the-box solution that offers a smooth migration from an existing system. It’s easily accessible from any browser, anytime and anywhere so servicers can work where and how they’re most comfortable. And best of all, it’s easy to learn and use so you can get new staff up to speed quickly. Navigation is intuitive, help functions are easy to access and the GUI interface with calendar widgets and drop down boxes reduce manual data entry errors. Incredible Value Delivered through a secure SaaS model, LoanDynamix brings a lower infrastructure cost than in-house hosting. That means that ISGN handles all IT tasks and you only pay for what you use with the costs spread over time. Plus, you get the benefit of automatic updates so you’re always on the latest version. But you’re not locked into the full update. If you prefer individual configuration in your partition, LoanDynamix allows for that flexibility. And as always, there is an intense focus on data security. ISGN operates with a robust disaster recovery plan and redundant data backups so you can be assured that your data is safe. Focus on Compliance Dedicated to compliance, LoanDynamix offers user- definable business logic to adhere to investor and government regulations, including disclosures and notices. It also automates HUD/FHA reporting requirements, manages borrower communication and tracks multiple escrow lines. And for peace of mind that the right data is in the right hands, LoanDynamix offers user-defined and role-based security controls. [ 3 ]
  4. 4. LoanDynamix™ modules are a toolbox of powerful functionality, equipping your servicing team with the tools they need to work faster and smarter. Plus, layered on top of this utility is insight into your business - data and metrics that can cut through the confusion. Modules [ 4 ] • Build your dashboard: Assemble, organize, and visualize your KPIs any way you’d like • See the big picture: See your data and use it to make faster, better-informed decisions • Automate your reporting: Automatically update key metrics to gain insights in real-time • Customer data at staff fingertips can help improve customer service • Manage numerous bank accounts including payment clearing, escrow disbursement, investor remittance and corporate accounts • User-definable business rules for application of borrower payments based upon Days Delinquent, Investor, State, Lien Position, Closing Date, Loan Type and more • Full support for borrower ACH payments • General ledger interface with user-defined mapping of LoanDynamix transactions to G/L accounts • Generate payment coupon books or monthly billing statements • Pre- and post-petition balance tracking and payment posting in LoanDynamix Dashboard Cash Management / Accounting
  5. 5. [ 5 ] • LoanDynamix Customer Tracking System (CTS) provides your customer service, escrow and collections personnel with the ability to track loan activity online and through a variety of reports • Business rules associated with contact codes to automatically generate letters and calculate target dates for follow up • Customer-definable contact queues allow for allocating loans to collectors based on delinquency level and frequency • Single Point of Contact (SPOC) tracking in both LoanDynamix and Tempo • Consolidates, analyzes and disburses tax and insurance items, providing immediate notification if the escrow account is not sufficient to pay the bill • Full support for installment-style escrow disbursements • Aggregate Escrow Analysis at initial loan boarding, at loan pay off or servicing release, annually on an automated basis and on demand, as desired • Interest on escrow calculation and posting by state on a user-controlled frequency • Automatically exchange data with insurance companies and tax providers • Streamlines the record-keeping and reporting requirements for private and GSE investors, including setting up and maintaining investors, pools, participants, REMICS and security holders • Automated remittance of collected funds via ACH on a user-controlled frequency • HAMP and HARP reporting • Tracks portfolios and keeps systems up‐to‐date and accurate through a variety of reports and system maintenance functions, including year‐end processing, database management, ad‐hoc reporting and more Customer Service Escrow / Optional Insurance Management Investor Accounting / Reporting Reports and System Management
  6. 6. LoanDynamix™ also offers optional modules so you can configure the system to your business requirements. Choose what you need to support your priorities and know that the rest are there when you need them. Optional Modules [ 6 ] • Multiple balance types per loan (e.g. check, debit card, cash advance) • Multiple loan types including HELOC, LOC, signature loans, loans secured by intangibles • Multiple payment calculation versions at the balance type level with user-defined parameters • Separate draw and repayment period tracking • Draw period extension process • Borrower checkbook ordering capability supports both Deluxe™ and Harland™ formats • Incentive points capability for “rewards” related to accounts • Variable interest rates at the balance type level with teaser periods • Monthly billing statements • Borrower dispute processing • Separate bank accounts for draw processing • Draw Lockbox functionality available • Convenient 24/7 account access to account information: Account Summary, Transaction History, Escrow Analysis Statement, Tax Information, Year-End Statement, Payoff Statement, Insurance Information, Monthly Statement and Recent Correspondence • Ability to link to 3rd party payment providers such as Western Union™ • Client-defined frequently asked questions section Consumer Credit Servicing Online Customer Service Portal
  7. 7. [ 7 ] • Generates needed transactions within the loanDynamix application to post the modification • Supports client-defined business intelligence rules, with various loan modification plans using corporate and regulatory requirements based on modification type • Can potentially reduce delinquency ratios and may generate fee income by providing customers with the tools they need to pay their obligations • Provides enhanced mapping facilities for moving loans from LOS to LoanDynamix • Data field conversion features • Multiple if/then decision constructs to handle value conversions • Date reformatting • Outputs to multiple LoanDynamix tables from only one pass of the LOS input data • Uses standard payment file format • Stop file transmission to available • Uses client-defined payment posting business rules hierarchy • Provides functionality for manufactured housing dealer tracking • Eliminate the need for mortgage assignments and thereby improve the process by reducing the cost of transferring and tracking the ownership of mortgage rights • Increase the efficiency of the lien release process Loan Modification Enhanced Information Transfer System Bridge Western Union Originator Master Mortgage Electronic Registry Service (MERS)
  8. 8. What we offer Doc. # DYN001br. ©2015 ISGN. All rights reserved. ISGN and all other marks identified herein are trademarks or service marks of ISGN Corporation and may be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. Other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners. Origination Servicing/Default Vendor Services Compliance Consulting Technology • LoanDynamix™ Loan servicing software • Tempo™ Default managing software • The Construction Lender™ Construction loan servicing software • Gators® Settlement services & vendor management software • CFPB Compliance RiskCheck™ Online compliance self-assessment tool Services • Fulfillment Services • Correspondent Fulfillment Services • Wholesale Fulfillment Services • Quality Control • Routine Servicing • Default Servicing • Quality Control • Valuation Services • Title & Closing Services • CFPB Mock Audit™ • Procedure Review • Quality Review • Training • Process Improvement Contact Us www.isgn.com sales@isgn.com 800.462.5545