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Cialdini's 6 Principles of Influence

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Conversion optimization is really about influence. You are influencing people to convert. You are understanding how the mind works. In order to become better at CRO you need to learn from the master of influence and psychology, Robert Cialdini.

How to Apply Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence to Your Website (http://www.jeremysaid.com/how-to-apply-cialdinis-six-principles-of-influence-for-cro/)

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Cialdini's 6 Principles of Influence

  1. 1. WEB PSYCHOLOGY Principles of Influence 6Cialdini's
  2. 2. Principles of 1 Influence Reciprocity How does it work?
  3. 3. Reciprocity If you do something nice for someone, they’ll do something nice for you — return the favor, tit for tat…you get the idea. How do you apply it?
  4. 4. Reciprocity E-BOOK FREE Regardless of your business, there’s probably something you can give away TIME CONTENT AN ESTIMATE
  5. 5. Reciprocity
  6. 6. Principles of 2 Influence Commitment & Consistency HHooww ddooeess iitt wwoorrkk??
  7. 7. Commitment & Consistency When people are presented with an idea or appeal that fits their self-image, they are very likely to convert. People who make commitments tend to follow through with those commitments. How do you apply it?
  8. 8. Commitment & Consistency Understand who's your customer Target their desires and self image Ask for some action
  9. 9. Commitment & Consistency
  10. 10. Principles of 3 Influence Social Proof How does it work?
  11. 11. People will buy, see, do what other people buy, see, and do. How do you apply it? Social Proof
  12. 12. Social Proof Create content that gets commented on. Use Testimonials. Show Facebook likes and Twitter followers.
  13. 13. Social Proof
  14. 14. Principles of 4 Influence Authority How does it work?
  15. 15. Authority figures wield enormous influence: People will respect and listen to authority figures who have an important message, an effective style, and a platform from which to speak. *INFLUENCE BY AUTHORITY IS AN INCREDIBLE SOURCE OF POWER. How do you apply it? Authority
  16. 16. Authority ONLIN E It's Possible to Gain Authority THROUGH CONTENT MARKETING WIth more content you will begin to grow your platform, assert your expertise, and gain the respect of others within that niche.
  17. 17. Authority
  18. 18. Principles of 5 Influence Liking How does it work?
  19. 19. The people most likely to buy from you are people that like you. How do you apply it? Liking Why? Because you have established relationships with them.
  20. 20. Liking Use people pictures. Use a normal human voice in your writing. Create a positive and active social presence.
  21. 21. Liking
  22. 22. Principles of 6 Influence Scarcity How does it work?
  23. 23. If people think that something is going to run out, they will rush to buy it. (SCARCITY DOESN’T NEED TO BE A REALITY. PEOPLE SIMPLY NEED TO THINK THAT SOMETHING IS SCARCE IN ORDER TO BE COMPELLED INTO ACTION.) How do you apply it? Scarcity
  24. 24. Scarcity Put a timeline on it. Tell users that signup is closing on Friday If it’s a sale, put an expiration date on it. Put a number on it Declare that your webinar will be capped at 500 attendees. Your sale is limited to the first 200 purchasers
  25. 25. Scarcity
  26. 26. NOW YOU CAN CAN TURN what Cialdini said INTO CONVERSIONS Cialdini’s principles can and should affect every area of our digital marketing experience– From landing page design, to branding, to social interaction.
  27. 27. Cialdini's 6 Principles of Influence Click for MORE INFORMATION BLOG ON CRO