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muusette Pitch Deck (English)

  1. Recycled Bicycle Tire Belts
  2. Who am I? ALEXANDRE REYMOND co-founder I am Alexandre, passionate about sports and, more particularly, cycling. I grew up in a small village in the Vaudois countryside where I could practice my favorite activities (running, mountain biking, road biking, and Triathlon). My engineering studies in renewable energies and participation in various technology and sustainability projects have opened my mind and made me sensitive to ecology.
  3. Why muusette? I noticed that my bike’s tires and air chambers, which allowed me to move around, mostly ended up in household waste. Unlike car tires, there is no recycling for bicycle rubber. The environment is one of the main reasons for creating muusette, which collects air chambers and tires from bicycle workshops and seeks to upgrade them by creating a range of belts and various accessories Made in Italy.
  4. Why muusette? With muusette, Swiss bicycle shops can, for the first time, quickly reduce their ecological footprint by giving tires and air chambers a second life by relying on value-added recycling. They contribute to reducing waste and thus contribute to a sustainable solution for our planet. Each product is entirely designed, developed, and manufactured by us within a maximum radius of 350 km. We are keen to combine the local, circular, and solidarity economy (1% of the profit is donated to a Swiss NGO)
  5. Bicycle waste… ...becomes raw materials.
  6. The environment is one of the main reasons for the creation of muusette, which collects air chambers and tires from bicycle workshops and seeks to recycle them. muusette sees raw materials in this "waste" that can still be used for other applications. Air chambers and tires are excellent materials for creating belts and accessories. It is robust, flexible, and water-resistant.
  7. muusette products
  8. Pre-ordering muusette means investing in the following: Swiss upcycling, Made in Italy The production will be carried out in Turin, Italy. First series of belts and accessories made of recycled tires and air chambers. muusette comes in different colors and accessories. Kilos of tires and air chambers will be recycled. We collect the recycling material from the bike shops once a month.
  9. Did you know? According to the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, more than 1.3 million bicycle tires (and as many inner tubes) are sold in Switzerland each year, most of which are replaced every 2 to 3 years. Tires and inner tubes are mostly burned or thrown in the trash. Every year, 14,000 tons of macro and microplastics end up in the environment in Switzerland. The most significant part comes from tire wear (8900 tons), followed by littering, with 2700 tons. Sources: OFEV & Oceancare
  10. Did you know? Around 55 tons of plastic land in Lake Geneva each year, a large part of it in microplastics. Another problem is the direct consumption of plastics. Each Swiss uses 127 kilos annually, of which 85 to 95% would be incinerated and not recycled or reused. Switzerland produces more waste per inhabitant than its direct neighbors, Germany, Austria, France, and Italy. Sources: OFEV & Oceancare