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Dashride app clone

There are many on-demand taxing apps in the market but dashride App clone is one of the best on-demand taxing app. with the help of this app drivers can earn money on their own. For more visit us at https://www.uberappclone.com/

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Dashride app clone

  1. 1. Transportation Business with Dashride App Clone www.uberclone.com
  2. 2. Overview ❖ About Us: ❖ Benefits of Dashride App Clone ❖ Steps to Develop Dashride App Clone ❖ Contact Us
  3. 3. About DashRide Clone ❖ Uber is a name that all riders are synonymous with especially when we talk ridesharing so as to say as this has helped riders almost in all parts of the world to commute with considerable ease without any kind of hassles whatsoever keeping their safety intact to say the least. ❖ Also it has given support to the taxi companies to keep a record of their daily work, dispatch the rides in a smooth manner and so on and so forth and has made the industry a multibillion dollar industry and finally encouraged new ridesharing industry owners to build similar solutions so as to bring enormous popularity their way and also attract huge revenues as well at the same time.
  4. 4. ❖ To help riders in and around the USA to get access to quick rides as and when they may be in need of the same led to the launch of Dashride in the year 2014. ❖ Available on iOS and Android respectively, the app gives access to a vast array of ride kinds to the kinds, provides support to the drivers by helping them perform their daily operations in a smooth manner and through this has built a very profitable empire. ❖ Thereafter it has encouraged new ridesharing industry owners to adopt the customizable white labelled and ready to launch Dashride app clone.
  5. 5. Benefits of Dashride App Clone ❖ Gives access to innumerable ride kinds to the riders ❖ Provides support to the drivers to streamline their daily operations, and earn a good sum of money as per the availability set by them ❖ Helps the industry to keep track of the daily operations and rides and know the profits they make on a daily basis.
  6. 6. Steps to Develop Dashride App Clone ❖ Incorporate a large number of ride kinds to give ease to your riders in terms of choosing the kind of ride suiting them ❖ Find the features that if incorporated will help drivers and riders both, the former in performing their daily tasks and the latter with getting access to quick rides ❖ Identify the platform, iOS or Android where you will be able to find the maximum number of riders ❖ Study your competitors and target market to locate the services that will accelerate revenues for you.
  7. 7. Contact-Us Website: https://www.uberappclone.com/ Contact US: sales@uberappclone.com Phone No: +1 (858) 427-0668