Can I Use Twitter to Help My Career - TweetCamp San Antonio

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4 Mar 2013

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Can I Use Twitter to Help My Career - TweetCamp San Antonio

  1. TweetCamp San Antonio July 18, 2009
  2. Who Am I? Process Improvement Champion – I want things to work better for YOU!
  3. Can I Use Twitter (and other Social Media) To Help My Career?
  4. YES! (the short answer)
  5. (the long answer) •Branding & Exposure (make yourself easy to find!)
  6. (the long answer) •Community
  7. (the long answer) •Opportunity & Serendipity
  8. (the long answer) •Communication
  9. What could go wrong? 1.Technology Over 8 million users, most of whom sent multiple messages a day, to dozens or hundreds of followers. What happens when its all a little too much?
  10. Fail Whale
  11. 2. Like any tool…. …There is a right way and a wrong way… 2w
  12. So how do we do it right?
  13. Find the right people to follow!
  14. How do I find them? •People you know – LinkedIn!
  15. How do I find them? •People who blog in your knowledge domain
  16. How do I find them? •Who are they following?
  17. How do I find them? •And – oWho is Tweeting in your areas of interest?
  18. Your Target Companies!!!!!!
  19. Target Company Example MichaelPBrennan: @bellware Overwatch received official buy off from the VP to sponsor Lean Software Austin, and wants to help put an event together Opportunity knocks!
  21. Make Yourself Easy To Find •Make your Tweets Public •Make sure your bio is available •Make sure your resume is public (-job, -jobs, -apply, -sample, -samples) •Give them ways to contact you •Make yourself identifiable •Cross-branding is important! Link them all!
  22. Be sure to fill out Bio and URL
  23. Picture Yourself! hhh
  24. Cross Branding
  25. Cross Branding
  26. What to Tweet? •Tweet about things you know •Tweet about things you learn •Tweet links to Brand U •Personal stuff is OK, but BE PROFESSIONAL! •Limit your output to what matters
  27. Serendipity •I Tweeted about author Neil Gaiman RT From Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) via Twitter: Read (and please pass along) this by @Doctorow NOW: US, UK, Canada et al vs the blind on copyright. I'm with the blind. •A person whom I had a job interview with a couple of weeks back Tweeted About his 3-year-old son’s love of Ice Road Truckers •Things happen….
  28. Serendipity Get Hired Event @dlairman Have a great time. Looks like it's hosted by @ScottIngram, who I've met a few times, great guy.
  29. Organization
  31. Seesmic Desktop
  32. Bits of Twitter Wisdom Around the Web Twitter's got versatility s/silverman/6255196.html All You Need to Know to Twitter ogy/personaltech/07basics.html?_r=4&em Articles that helped me get started
  33. Bits of Twitter Wisdom Around the Web The One Thing Twitter Forces Us To Do
  34. Bits of Twitter Wisdom Around the Web Time Article - Using Twitter and Facebook To Find a Job, 8599,1903083-1,00.html
  35. A Contrary View Why Twitter has Jumped the Shark ists/Posts/Post.aspx?List=9c93c708%2De5c e%2D4714%2Dbdea%2D499330361130&I D=199 •Spam •Short Attention Span •The “Next Twitter”
  36. Twitter and Malware Twitter message could be cyber criminal at work
  37. Questions?
  38. Don’t Hesitate to Contact Me!