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ISO 14001 General Awareness

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Great example of an ISO 14001 General Awareness Training

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ISO 14001 General Awareness

  1. 1. ISO14001 General AwarenessISO14001 General AwarenessTrainingTrainingABC Tier 1 is committed to itscontribution to a clean andhealthy environment.EHS Management Strategies, LLCwww.ISO14001-training.com
  2. 2. What is ISO 14001?• International Standard thatestablishes the frame work for anEnvironmental Management System• Similar to TS 16949 but focuses onenvironmental activities• Established in 1996 and amended in2004• Completely voluntary
  3. 3. Why get ISO 14001 Certified?• Customer Requirement– Help get new business• Control and Minimize EnvironmentalImpact of ABC’s operations• Insure ABC meets all legal andcustomer requirements• Reduce Costs
  4. 4. How does ABC Impact theEnvironment?Air Pollution– Use of Aerosol Cans– Welding– Heat Treat Off GasWaste– General Trash– Used Oil– Waste Alcohol– Recycle – Cardboard– Light Bulbs / BatteriesWater Pollution– Parts Washer– Air Compressor Condensate– Sanitary WasteUse Natural Resources– Electricity Use– Natural Gas Use– Oil UsePotential Spills– Chemical / Oil Storage
  5. 5. Typical EnvironmentalTypical EnvironmentalAspectsAspects• General trashGeneral trash• Spent aerosol cansSpent aerosol cans• Welding fumesWelding fumes• Waste paint & solventsWaste paint & solvents• Automotive exhaustAutomotive exhaust• Paint spray emissionsPaint spray emissions• Car wash waterCar wash water• Compressed air useCompressed air use• ElectricityElectricity• Natural gasNatural gas• Wastewater dischargeWastewater discharge• Storm water runoffStorm water runoff• Storage tanksStorage tanks• Contaminated landContaminated land
  6. 6. ABC’s SignificantEnvironmental AspectsABC’s Significant Aspects• Electrical Usage• Waste Alcohol Disposal (Hazardous)Environmental AspectAn aspect of ABC’s business that can impact theenvironment
  7. 7. ABC’s EnvironmentalManagement System• ABC has integrated our EMS into ourQuality system• Environmental Policy• Procedures• Work Instructions• Environmental ManagementRepresentative is Mike Owner
  8. 8. EHS Management StrategiesEHS Management StrategiesEnvironmental PolicyEnvironmental Policy•CContinous Improvementontinous Improvement•00bey the Lawbey the Law•PPrevent Pollutionrevent PollutionRemember “Remember “COPCOP””ABC’s Environmental Policy is posted in the breakABC’s Environmental Policy is posted in the breakroomroom
  9. 9. How do I Prevent Pollution?• Control my Electrical Usage• Proper Waste Disposal– Recycle Cardboard, Plastic, Steel, Batteries– Waste Alcohol Disposal• Minimize Scrap• Promptly Report any Spills or Leaks• Properly Label and Store Chemicals
  10. 10. How do I obey the LAW?MDEQ/EPA• Keep the Alcohol Drum Closed & Labeled• Minimize Materials Stored Outside• Report spills to SupervisorOSHA• Proper Container Labeling
  11. 11. How do I help ContinuousImprovement?• ABCs current improvement project isto reduce electrical usage byinstalling NEW lighting• Employees can help by looking fornew ways to conserve energy orimprove recycling and providethese to your supervisor
  12. 12. Environmental GoalsABC’s Environmental Objectivesinclude:•1•2•3
  13. 13. RecyclingPaperCardboard PlasticKeep Wastes out of the Landfill
  14. 14. RecyclingLight Bulbs BatteriesKeep Wastes out of the Landfill
  15. 15. Waste Alcohol - HazardousLegal Requirements• Keep Sealed• Labeled• Date on labelwhen full• ApprovedWaste Hauler
  16. 16. USED OIL – Non-HazardousLegal Requirements• Keep Closed• Labeled• ApprovedWaste Hauler
  17. 17. Spill Response• YOU = Notify your supervisor ASAPSpill Kit for Oil SpillDrain Cover Spill Kit in Labfor Acid Spill
  18. 18. Fire Evacuation Procedure• How will the be notified? Alarm, PA, other• Evacuate building through nearest exit– See Posted Evacuation Plan• Meet at XXXXX• Supervisor will take head count• Receptionist will bring visitor book to account forvisitors• NO SMOKING – during evacuation
  19. 19. Severe Weather Procedure• How will they be notified??• Take cover in the XXXXX• XXXXX will monitor weatherconditions• XXXX will call the “all-clear” and youcan then return to work
  20. 20. Power Outage Procedure• Ask mark to develop procedure
  21. 21. Environmental AuditsABC will periodically conduct audits to verifywe are conforming to our systemInternal Audits– Next Week3rdParty Audits– Intertek– Stage 1 to see if ABC is ready for certification– Stage 2 for certification
  22. 22. Typical Audit Questions• Does ABC have an Environmental Policy?– Yes, posted in break room, remember COP• What are ABC’s significant environmental aspects (activities)– Electrical Usage, Waste Alcohol Disposal• What are the environmental aspects of your job?– Electrical Usage, Waste Disposal, Recycling• How do you help prevent pollution– Control Electrical Usage and Proper Waste Disposal / Recycling• What would you do in the event of a fire or spill?– Evacuate/meet where? Or notify supervisor• Does ABC have any continuous improvement programs?– Yes, reducing electrical usage with new lighting– I can help by controlling electrical usage and notifying my supervisor of any ideasto reduce electricity or improve recycling• Who is the Environmental Management Representative– Mike Owner, Quality Manager
  23. 23. When Speaking to an Auditor• Don’t be nervous, they areevaluating the system NOT you• If you don’t understand the questionask the auditor to clarify• If you don’t know the answer tell theauditor – I don’t know• If you can’t answer a specificquestion it will NOT stop ABC fromgetting certified
  24. 24. EHS Management Strategies, LLCEHS Management Strategies, LLCServices we provide includeServices we provide include::•Certification Support & TrainingCertification Support & Training– ISO 14001, TS 16949, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001•Internal AuditingInternal Auditing•Auditor TrainingAuditor Training•Compliance Auditing (Legal & other)Compliance Auditing (Legal & other)•Air & Water Permitting & ReportingAir & Water Permitting & Reporting•OSHA Training & AuditingOSHA Training & Auditing•Problem Solving & Root Cause TrainingProblem Solving & Root Cause TrainingEHS Management StrategiesEHS Management Strategies
  25. 25. EHS Management Strategies, LLCEHS Management Strategies, LLCJames Charles, PEJames Charles, PESenior ConsultantSenior ConsultantJames.Charles@iso14001-training.comJames.Charles@iso14001-training.com(616) 666 – 5490(616) 666 – 5490www.ISO14001-Training.comwww.ISO14001-Training.comEHS Management StrategiesEHS Management Strategies
  26. 26. EHS Management StrategiesEHS Management StrategiesQuestions?Questions?