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Halo Health Patient Education App

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You need a customized, tailored to your practice patient education app. It makes getting your patients to understand their disease and how to manage it easier and more effective. You need to contact Halo to have a demo today! info@haloheals.com

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Halo Health Patient Education App

  1. 1. Patient EducationAPP NowAvailable for Health Systems,Office Practices, and More
  2. 2. Introducing the First Customized App forYour Health System and Patients!  Finally there is a Patient Education solution for tablets that is easy for both the patient and caregiver to use. Introducing the Halo Health Patient Education App.  This application, which works on your tablet, smartphone or home computer, allows you to show videos of the 7 most common disease states on demand before, during and after hospitalization or an office visit. 2
  3. 3. Branded to Personalize Experience!  The home page is branded for your health system or practice and you choose from over 140 topics and thousands of videos from our library or include ones that you already created.  Your patient touches the category that they need to learn about and the education experience starts. 3
  4. 4. Touch orClick to RunVideos- AllAd Free! YouAre the Expert!  Simply use the touch screen display to show each video.  They are patient friendly, easy to understand, and are up to date. Your patients only see videos that you approve.  No advertising for drugs or medical devices, just pure information on living healthier. 4
  5. 5. Patients Learn atTheir Pace! You Direct Behavior by Educating TheirWay!  Direct your patients to watch the specific videos on how to manage their disease state or recovery.  Keep your patient focused on what’s important on getting better.  If they miss something, simply replay the video. Give your patients their patient education questionnaire to immediately fulfill that obligation. 5
  6. 6. Content Stays Fresh, Exciting and Pertinent! AddYour Videos to Personalize Even More!  All of Halo Health’s content is sourced from trusted places- the AHRQ, the CDC, AMA, American Heart Association and others.  Halo also integrates your education materials to personalize the experience even further.  Content changes monthly to stay fresh for your staff and frequent patients. 6
  7. 7. From Demo to FirstUse in < 1Week!  It is fast and painless to get started.  Simply contact Halo Health (856-520-8655 or info@haloheals.com) to schedule a demonstration.  Once you see the demo, we only need to choose disease states, sub-topics, and upload your assets. 7