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Sometimes Your Patients Need a Different Voice

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Many times people do not listen to their health providers because of fear, confusion, or anxiousness. Other times because they do not like to be lectured. Get your points across using digital patient education. That independent third party voice can hammer home your message.

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Sometimes Your Patients Need a Different Voice

  1. 1. Sometimes Your Patients Need a Different Voice Reinforce Your Treatment Philosophy Before, During and After Their Appointment
  2. 2. Funny Story  We received a great call this week from a new partner. They were talking to one of their patients who said that they finally understood how the rest of the life was affecting their heart issues. This was after having numerous episodes, being readmitted to the hospital four or five times, and “being educated” by their staff about heart disease.  When the nurse asked what changed, they said that “your new TV channel explained it to me in a way that I could understand and that I now realize what changes I need to make to avoid coming back.” As the creator of that new channel, I welled up with pride and felt that our whole program was justified.
  3. 3. Most People Are Like This Patient  When they hear how to live better from their health system, they probably hear white noise.  Of course they want me to do those things, they think, that is how they make money.  However, when an independent source like his TV tells him the same information, it is suddenly relatable and true.
  4. 4. The Key is the “Packaging”  The funny thing is that the channel is customized to be health system branded; utilizing doctors from their health system to deliver the message and using information readily available on their website.  The channel is made to look like Discovery Health or another mainstream education network.
  5. 5. Keep the Education on Their Schedule  The fact that the content plays in their room 24/7 and repeats numerous times during the day enables the patient to watch the content on their terms.  Studies show that it takes 3-7 times for a person to remember a fact.  These channels afford the patient to learn at their pace, not the pace of the educator.
  6. 6. Because Sometimes, They Just Need to Hear Another Voice  When looking at your Patient Education, look at someone like Halo Health who makes your health system the star but does so in a way that makes it seem like an independent source is telling your patients the information.
  7. 7. To Learn More, visit www.haloheals.com, email jim@haloheals.com or call 856-520-8655