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10 Digital Marketing Launch Examples from GrowthHit

Learn how brands like SPANX, ThirdLove, BOMBAS, & Halo Top were able to do successful digital marketing launch campaigns. Made by GrowthHit for a webinar at P&G.

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10 Digital Marketing Launch Examples from GrowthHit

  1. 1. Examples of Launching an Integrated Digital Campaign Jim Huffman GrowthHit CEO
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Jim Huffman CEO of GrowthHit, growth marketing agency • Grown two startups from idea to $10M+ in sales. • Spent $3M+ on Facebook ads. • Startup mentor at Techstars, General Assembly, and Sephora Accelerator. • Worked with Hot Wheels, Clorox, Panera Bread, FedEx & Happy Face on Netflix. Wrote a #1 Selling Book This book beat Seth Godin . . . for 72 hours. Website: growthmarketersplaybook.com/
  3. 3. About • A growth team that specializes in conversion rate optimization. • Our team has generated over $247 Million in revenue from CRO • We started, managed or consulted on CRO for 114 businesses Who We’ve Helped
  4. 4. What We’ll Cover Today (PART 1) 1. What’s the Business Goal of your launch 2. What’s the Message you want to get across with your launch 3. An Integrated Marketing Launch 4. Your Online Launch Framework 5. Examples of Launches
  5. 5. What’s Your Launch Plan
  6. 6. 627,000 new companies launch every year* How many did you hear about? * Chron
  7. 7. The RACE Campaign Launch Formula Plan your launch 1. Reach your market 2. Act through encouraging participation 3. Convert by turning casual surfers into customers 4. Engage by turning casual customers into loyal advocates
  8. 8. The RACE Launch Formula
  9. 9. Examples of Launches 1. Awareness Examples 2. Positioning Examples 3. Referral Examples 4. Activation Examples
  10. 10. AWARENESS: An Influencer for Brand Alignment OV x Man Repeller kit, $250. outdoorvoices.com. Company: Outdoor Voices Brand associate is valuable for young brands working to get ideal customers. Action: Collab with Man Repeller to make a customer kit.
  11. 11. AWARENESS: An Influencer for Reach Company: Bombas Brand was gaining traction from Shark Tank but needed to go mainstream. Action: Zac Efron for the “Efron Performance Test” video campaign
  12. 12. AWARENESS: Micro-Influencers & Packaging Company: Glossier Send stickers with each Glossier delivery & encouraging customers / influencers to share on Instagram. Glossier would repost the best ones. Launched affiliate program with brand amabassadors.
  13. 13. AWARENESS: Be Heard with Humor Company: Tommee Tippee Campaign: Turn baby advice books and articles into wipes with Advice Wipes. Result: 40,000 social shares, Brand mentions up 58%, Increased overall sales 11.6% YOY
  14. 14. AWARENESS: Educate with the “Use Case” • Company: SPANX • How to introduce a new category: Shapewear • It’s not about features, specs, benefits, or aspiration. • It’s about one USE CASE
  15. 15. POSITIONING: Not Better, But Different Company: Halo Top Ice cream has high calorie count leaving people feeling guilty when they finish a pint or unsatisfied after just one bite. Action: Lead with the calorie count and remove everything else.
  16. 16. POSITIONING: Not Better, But Different Company: Halo Top Digital Execution: Partner with micro- influencers to do a “category takeover” around one singular message. “The Healthy Low Calorie Ice Cream”
  17. 17. POSITIONING: Not Better, But Different Company: Halo Top 2.0 Digital Execution: Drive home positioning of healthy ice cream that their persona (adults) care about. “Ice Cream for Adults”
  18. 18. POSITIONING: Attacking Goliath to Show UVP Company: Third Love When launching a new product in an oversaturated market with a clear incumbent it’s hard to make noise. How do you stand out? Action: Digital and Print Campaigns that Bad mouth Goliath
  19. 19. POSITIONING: Attacking Goliath to Show UVP Company: Third Love Online Activation: The Fit Finder to outline the perfect bra for you.
  20. 20. REFERRALS: Incentives Worth Sharing How to activate a subscription? Get them to start a trial
  21. 21. REFERRALS: A True Incentive to Share 1) Clear CTA on the Landing Page Company: RobinHood Engineer virality with a waitlist and a true reason to share
  22. 22. REFERRALS: A True Incentive to Share 2) Clear CTA on the Landing Page
  23. 23. REFERRALS: A True Incentive to Share 3) Email Flow + Follow Links
  24. 24. FREE Growth Marketing Book Get The Growth Marketer’s Playbook Website: growthmarketersplaybook.com/ Plus, you’ll get the Growth Marketing Management Tool & 100+ growth tactics.
  25. 25. Thank You Jim Huffman jim@growthhit.com GrowthHit CEO