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  1. 1. Evolution of Information Humans are different
  2. 2. Twitter allows you, yesYOU tocommunicate withthe world inReal Time
  3. 3. Let’s Be Real here…
  4. 4. Tahrir Square - 18 Days Of EgyptsUnfinished Revolution
  5. 5. Twitter Equalstext messaging + instant messaging + blogging
  6. 6. Features Soup@ reply: a comment aimed at one user , but visible to publicMention just mentioning a user’s name with an @ will helpensure that user sees your noteDirect Message: A direct message sent in private to anotheruserRT: Retweeting holds for sharing someone else’s postHashtags: Words beginning with a # to help you track specificconversations
  7. 7. HELPINGBUSINESSESIs FUNOfcourse through Twitter
  8. 8. Go marketingon TwitterRaise AwarenessOffer Proactive Customer ServiceAnswer QuestionsPromote Events, Products, Services
  9. 9. driving traffic @120mph Make Your Website Social-friendly Share Your Blog Posts on Twitter Share Some More Listen and Share Your Content Thank Those Who Share Create Content Worth Sharing
  10. 10. 6 friends The Newbie. “What am I doing?” The Brand. “What can I get away with?” The Smore. “What’s in it for me?” The Bitch. “What can I complain about?” The Maven. “What’s interesting in my niche?” The Mensch. “How can I help?”
  11. 11. Become a TwitterDad to manageCustomer relationsCrisis managementCorporate reputation managementEvent CoverageProduct promotion and salesIssue advocacy
  12. 12. Share ThoughtsSpread Communications Real Time