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Evolution part III

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Part 3 of lecture slides for Mr. Mason's Biology I, Hon. class.

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Evolution part III

  1. 1. Theory of Evolution part III
  2. 2. Case study: Anole lizards of the Caribbean ongoing examples of evolution among living organisms can be observed, recorded and tested In convergent evolution organisms that are not closely related resemble each other because they have responded to similar environments
  3. 3. Natural selection of the Anole Twig dwelling species evolved independently (not related) on each island -convergent evolution each island had closely related twig dwelling, trunk dwelling and ground dwelling forms - divergent evolution
  4. 4. Adaptive Radiation A new population in a new environment ( like an island) will undergo divergence until populations fill the various parts (niches) of the environment
  5. 5. Artificial Selection Dog breeding was an example used by Darwin to explain the idea of selection DNA analysis today supports the idea that humans first selected domestic dogs from a wolf population about 15,000 years ago.
  6. 6. Coevolution When two or more species have evolved adaptations to each other’s influence. Examples: bacteria evolving a capsule to resist your immune system antibiotic resistance Animal toxins and prey resistance