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From Pre-Production to Film Production to Post-Production to Distribution

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about Film production stages: Details, Links, Software Applications, and Sheets.

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From Pre-Production to Film Production to Post-Production to Distribution

  3. 3. Production Brief Hollywood Movie - Timeline Sample 3
  4. 4. Development brainstorming ideas, writing scripts, choosing the crew, and planning everything before the pre-production takes place. ● Idea, Plan, & Brainstorm ● Treatment/Pitch/Spec - samples ● Script - WriterDuet.com, Plotbot.com, Adobe Story ● Screenplay/Teleplay - how-to online template ● Script Breakdown - sample ● Target Audience ● Crew/Team 4
  5. 5. Pre-Production preparing everything - fromcasting actors,choosing locationsto handling papers &schedules beforethe production takesplace. ● Storyboard - template ● Financials/Projections - template sheets ● Location - sheets ● Casting Calls - sheets ● Costumes Design - sheets 5
  6. 6. Pre-Production ● Contracts & Forms - templates ● Set/Props - 3d design, FrameForge ● Shot List - visual, script ● Gear (Camera/Lighting) - vloggers ● Pilot (for TV Show) - samples ● Marketing Plans ● Pre-Production Paperwork - all samples 6
  7. 7. Production going to locations, setting up equipments, acting, recording, shooting, directing, before the post-production takes place. ● Setup: Cam/Lighting/Props - vloggers ● Production Artists - list ● Filming ● Acting 7
  8. 8. Production ● Sound Recording ● Directing ● On-Set Paperwork - templates ● Catering ● Logging 8
  9. 9. ● A/V Rough Editing ● Re-Shooting ● Recording VO/Foley/ADR/OD ● Compositing: Still & Motion Graphics ● Compositing: VFX ● Compositing: Animation Post-Production editing and mastering the film before the marketing, distribution, or exhibition takes place. 9
  10. 10. ● Music Composition ● Sound Design ● Fine-Tuning The A/V Editing ● Color Correction/Grading ● Assembly and Mastering Post-Production 10
  11. 11. ● Quality Control ● Output: The Master Copy ● Deliverable Conversions Post-Production 11
  12. 12. Distribution/Exhibition distributing the Movie/Short Film/TV Show/vlog Clip/Edu-Clip... ● Theatrical ● Television ● Internet ● Archive ● Blu-ray/DVD ● VOD ● Marketing and Publicity 12
  13. 13. FREE RESOURCES For all filmmakers templates and paperwork samples, please visit ➔ Joenasr.net > Mediashare Viral Media links for Filmmakers, Producers, Editors, Designers, Composers,...etc. ➔ Joenasr.net > Resources Templates and samples needed in a professional Film production environment. ➔ AudioVideo361.com Free toys for post production artists 13
  14. 14. THANKS!
  15. 15. THANKS! WRITER DUET www.writerduet.com Back
  16. 16. THANKS! PLOTBOT www.plotbot.com Back
  17. 17. Briefs read as short stories - You register a treatment as your written idea Treatment Back Paperwork Templates Samples How To
  18. 18. STORYBOARD Next >> Paperwork Templates Samples
  19. 19. STORYBOARD SAMPLE Back Paperwork Templates Samples
  21. 21. SHOT LISTS Folder Templates Samples BACK
  22. 22. 3D DESIGN NEXT >>
  24. 24. TV SHOW PILOT SAMPLE - GREY’s ANATOMY Folder Templates Samples BACK
  25. 25. ADOBE STORY - http://story.adobe.com BACK
  27. 27. SCOUTING LOCATIONS LOCATION SHEETS: ● Location Scouting ● Location Fact ● Request Letter ● Location Agreement ● Shooting Authorization BACK
  28. 28. SCRIPT BREAKDOWN BACK It is the process of breaking down the script...
  30. 30. PRE-PRODUCTION SHEETS Forms Check Request Invoice Template Simple Invoice Expense Report Cast & Crew Lists Crew Contact List Cast and Crew List Cast List Crew Memos, Contracts, and Agreements Crew Deal Memo Writers Deal Memo Deal Memos Producer Contract Producer Video Release & Contract Contractor Agreements Photographer Work For Hire Producer Agreement (Short Form) Producer Agreement Producer’s Royalty Attachment Executive Employment Agreement Cast Forms Basic Actor Info Sheet Casting Sheet Cast Scene Number Breakdown Cast Deal Memo Actor Contract Freelance Actors Contract Script Director’s Worksheet Guide to Formatting a Screenplay Literary Option & Purchase Ultimate Creative Brief Cinematography Pre-Production Checklist Buyer Persona Template Budget Sample Budget Budget and Invoice Template Film Budget Top Sheet Questions & Budget Creation Inflow Amount Received Cash/Sales Receipt Promissory Note Outflow Daily Cost Overview Cash Flow Sheet/PO Log Final Cast List BACK
  31. 31. PRODUCTION DOCUMENTS Production Papers Production Tracking Form Filming Notice Production Requirement - Film Contracts Daily Tracking Shot Log Scene / Take Log Daily Production Report Continuity Log Sheet Actors Production Time Report BACK
  32. 32. ALL PRODUCTION ARTISTS Concept Artist Construction Buyer Construction Coordinator Costume Assistant Costume Designer Costume Illustrator Color Timer Dialogue Editor Digital Colorist Production Buyer Production Manager/Superior Property Master Prop Maker Props buyer Props Production Coordinator Publicist Score Editor Score Engineer Score Producer Scoring Crew Screenwriter Script Supervisor Set Carpenter Video Operator Visual Effects Artist Visual Effects Coordinator Visual Effects Producer Visual Effects production Assistant Visual Effects Art Department Coordinator Art Director Art Educator Assistant Director Assistant Editor Assistant Producer Audio Engineer Best Boy Boom Operator Camera Assistant Camera Operator Casting Director Casting Assistant Lighting Technician Location Manager Location Scout Makeup Department Head Makeup Artist Music Editor Painter Pre-visualization Producer Production Assistant Production Coordinator Chief Lighting Technician Cinematographer Digital Compositor Digital Scanning & Recording Director Storyboard Artist Stunt Coordinator Stylist Title Designer Transportation Coordinator Director of Photography Executive Producer Field Supervisor Film Editor Film Promoter Foley Artist Gaffer Graphic Designer Grip Illustrator Leadman Lighting Console Operator Set Designer Set Decorator Set Dresser Draughtsman Set Lighting Technician Set Production Manager Sound Editor Sound Effects Designer Sound Effects Editor Sound Effects Recordist Special Effects Technician Sound Mix Technician Sound Re-recording Mixer Special Effects Coordinator Special Effects Technician Steadicam operator Still Photographer Colorist Post-Production Coordinator Post-Production Supervisor Unit Production Manager VFX/CG Supervisor Supervisor BACK
  33. 33. ACTORS SHEETS ● N.D.A. ● Contact ● Casting Call ● Audition Form ● Evaluation Form ● Shortlist ● Contracts ● Schedule BACK
  34. 34. x
  35. 35. CONTRACTS & FORMS Actors Contracts Actor Contract Freelance Actors Contract Appearance Releases Personal Release Actor Release Freelance Performer Agreement Actor Player Casting Agreement Nudity Rider for Casting Agreement Location Location Contract Production Location Contract Location Release Production Location Release Location Agreement Music Composer Contract Music Release BACK
  37. 37. For Vloggers; enough lighting, a proper mic, and a still mobile can go long way. BACK
  38. 38. CAMS ● Canon’s triple-digit EOS DSLRs is great, but there’s no need to go for the latest: the earlier 700D and even 650D have everything you need. ● Canon PowerShot G7X Digital Camera (20.3 MP, 4.2x Zoom) is good as well. BACK
  39. 39. ● BTSKY™BM-800 Condenser Microphone and The Blue Microphones Snowball iCE USB are budget mics. ● RODE NT1-A Condenser Microphone Bundle or Audio-Technica AT2035 are amazing mics esp. for closed places. LAVALIERS: ● The omni BOYA (cheap), ● The unidirectional MIC BPSCA CM-501 (For better quality) MICS BACK
  40. 40. The Cowboy Studio lighting kit is a fantastic option at only 165 AED on Amazon. It comes with 3 stands, three bulbs, two umbrellas and a carrying bag so it’s everything that you would need for a proper three point lighting setup. A three-point lighting setup is ideal and very easy to setup and LIGHTING BACK
  41. 41. For a bit higher standard, go for the LimoStudio Photo Video Studio 2400 Watt Softbox Continuous Light Kit about 400 AED LIGHTING BACK