Drones Webinar Medea Benjamin 20Nov2012

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Medea Benjamin's Powerpoint presentation on research and action on drones, part of the November 20, 2012 Webinar sponsored by Fellowship of Reconciliation. See http://forusa.org/militarism-watch

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  • AUVSI membership $85 for individuals / $15 for students
  • Ck site of AeroVironment (http://www.avinc.com/) and AeroVironment in wikipediaMiniature UAV and Micro air vehicle in wikipedia
  • See Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (http://www.avinc.com/)Become a member…
  • How to reach pilots? Talk to them at bases, restaurants near bases; twitter
  • Slide: add sources (NickTurse?; anything from military or AUVSI?
  • List place to go for pictures droneswatch
  • According to Bureau of Investigative Journalism – 175 killed… many die by shrapnel, you won’t see them in US media
  • Put cover???
  • Add sources
  • Map?
  • Contact your police department; ask for PR person? Ask for meeting? Ask questions re EFF
  • 60 individuals (bi-partisan: mainly republican but democrats as well) Donations from drone companies to drone caucus members from border states, 2009-2012 Representative Amount Buck McKeon (R-CA) $124,500 Jerry Lewis (R-CA) $108,000 Ken Calvert (R-CA) $106,500 Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) $97,000 Duncan Hunter (R-CA) $96,225 BrianBilbray (R-CA) $54,500 KevinMcCarthy (R-CA) $52,500 DarrellIssa (R-CA) $45,000 LorettaSanchez (D-CA) $43,500 Trent Franks (R-AZ) $34,500 Mike Conaway (R-TX) $33,000 Pete Olson (R-TX) $32,500 Henry Cuellar (D-TX) $32,400 Michael McCaul (R-TX) $30,500 David Dreier (R-CA) $16,000 Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) $16,000 Gene Green (D-TX) $8,000 Blake Farenthold (R-TX) $4,000 Elton Gallegly (R-CA) $2,000 Paul Gosar (R-AZ) $1,000 Steve Pearce (R-NM) $1,000 Total$938,625Source: Center for Responsive Politics, Investigative Newsource, Fronteras Desk
  • Medea’s action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXj7YfLRx5IAirbases being used
  • Drones Webinar Medea Benjamin 20Nov2012

    1. Predator/Reaper/Avenger drones SOURCES: Google ‚Drones‛ and make yourself a ‚drones‛ google alert Wikipedia (general atomics, predator, reaper, avenger) US Airforce Official Site www.af.mil AUVSI www.auvsi.org
    2. AeroVironment(http://www.avinc.com/)andAeroVironment inwikipediaMiniature UAV andMicro air vehicle inwikipedia
    3. Non-military uses:• Drug interdiction• Forest fires• Finding illegal loggers/whalers• Search and rescue missions• Commercial purposes• DIY Drones hobbyistswww.diydrones.comwww.auvsi.com
    4. Remote control pilots
    5. USAF Report
    6. Where has the US conducted drone strikes? • Iraq • Afghanistan • Libya • Pakistan • Yemen • Somalia • Philippines • Mali?Where does the US have overseas drone bases?Afghanistan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia (forYemen), Djbouti (for Somalia), Seychelles (off coast of EAfrica), Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi, Turkey, Australia (CocosIslands)
    7. Some US Overseas Drone Bases
    8. Best statistics for Drone Strikes: Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia  Bureau of Investigative Journalism  New America Foundation  The Long War Journal*Be cautious about the usage of the word ‘militant’
    9. Maezol Khan, 8 years old, killed Feb 14, 2009Ground Zero of Drone War- Pictures (http://tinyurl.com/c7coz25)
    10. August 23, 2010Syed Wali • 5 houses targeted believed to be of Haqqani network • Killed mostly woman and children • No prominent Taliban/AQ leader was killed
    11. Bismillah family, killed by drone strike on August 23, 2010
    12. Nasir Khan (left), Naeem Khan
    13. List of photos/victims’ namesPictures of Drone VictimsList of names from DroneStrike that killed manyciviliansWe will be providing linkfor a list of names of thevictims from severalcountries atdroneswatch.org
    14. ‘I was made an orphan by drones’
    15. Legal IssuesIssues:• Self-defense is limited to imminent threat• Non-military organization (CIA) cannot legally employ lethal force Drones are illegal outside combat zones• Targets must be directly participating in hostilities• Nations cannot violate another nation’s sovereignty• 2001 AUMF is for those “associated with 9/11”Other sources:Mary Ellen O’Connell is on the front lines in the battle against the legalityof drone strikes. ArticleMadea Benjamin’s book Drone WarfareLiving Under Drones: http://livingunderdrones.org
    16. Global Proliferation• 76 countries possess drones (GAO report)• Main producers US, Israel, China• Israel is number 1 exporter, exporting 85% of drones to 50 countries• Iran has US spy drone; helping Venezuela build drones• Unprecedented growth in market: projected value over the next 10 years is over $70 billion.
    17. GAO Report : http://tinyurl.com/bodpq73
    18. Some 300 Permits given to: Homeland Security, Border Patrol, FBI, Universities, Companies, PoliceFAA Drone Authorizations (Red: active; Blue: expired; Yellow: disapproved )
    19. ShadowHawk drone with Montgomery County, Texas SWAT team members
    20. Drones Invade Campus Link to Map
    21. Congressional Unmanned Vehicle Systems CaucusMission statement of the drone caucus: to address “The urgent needto rapidly develop and deploy more unmanned systems in support ofongoing civil, military and law enforcement operations.” Feb. 14, 2012 new legislation passed, signed by ObamaLeadership: Donations from drone companies to drone caucus members from border states, 2009-2012 Representative Amount Buck McKeon (R-CA) $124,500 Jerry Lewis (R-CA) $108,000 Ken Calvert (R-CA) $106,500 Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) $97,000 Duncan Hunter (R-CA) $96,225 Henry Cuellar
Co-ChairBilbray (R-CA) Buck Brian $54,500 (CA-25) Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) $52,500 Co-Chair Darrell Issa (R-CA) $45,000Contact your congressperson Source: http://tinyurl.com/d3fan8phere : www.opensecrets.org
    22. www.knowdrones.comFor $350 you can get your own model of a drone Contact: nickmottern@earthlink.net
    23. What can we do about drones?• Educate yourself— buy Drone Warefare book  CODEPINK• Educate others- get Occucards• Protests at bases, manufacturers• Contact police departments and pass Drone-Free Zones resolutions• Outreach to Faith CommunityCheck Out:Drones WatchNo Drones NetworkUpstate Drone ActionKnowdronesVeterans For PeaceCODEPINKWorld Can’t Wait