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Kakadu Testimonials video transcript

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This is a great natural health product I highly recommend from Kakadu International.

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Kakadu Testimonials video transcript

  1. 1. Kakadu Testimonial Video transcriptWe cant make claims but were very happy with the all the testimonials thatcome in from people taking Kakadu Complex . . . . Michael Dennis: One of the biggest benefits are that Im finding I have a lot of energy that I didnt have before.Debbie Dennis: Kakadu has given me back a lot ofenergy that I was missing. Ive just found theyre somany benefits. Im just really grateful I found theproduct. Judith: Ive been on Kakadu for about 2 years now. Im a Type 2 diabetic and I was undiagnosed for over 4 years and had a heart attack about every four to five weeks. I ended up having to have heart surgery. I had massive high blood pressure. So yes, I got onto the Kakadu and found that my blood sugar levels have gone from eighteens down to sixes and sevens. My blood pressure has gone down from 195 down to 140s and still dropping. Ive got a lot more energy. I feel a lot morestable. I finally feel like Ive got a life back.© 2011 Copyright Kakadu International
  2. 2. Bevan: If anyones willing to have a go at fixing themselves up and getting a bit of repair happening for their whole system, get onto Kakadu. Its one of the greatest things going around at the present moment. David Monkland: Id like to acknowledge my family links. My mother is from Bundjalung clan in Northern NSW. My father is from the Gubi Gubi clan on the SunshineCoast area. Ive been using Kakadu for7 months now and one of the benefits,one of the immediate benefits has beenmy energy level. Ive actually lostweight over the last 7 months.Emily Kahuna: Ive actually lost a lot of weight, which is quite evidentwhen I show my drivers licence, which does not lie. And Ive got familyphotos and my arms are twice the size of what they are now. So Ive lostseveral dress sizes. And generally my health has been picking up week afterweek, month after month.© 2011 Copyright Kakadu International
  3. 3. Common testimonials:Greater mental clarityLots of energyBetter healthLowered Blood pressureMore staminaBetter skin toneStronger immunityWeight lossNo more goutImproved blood sugerLowered PSA levelsIt doesnt matter if you live life to the MAX! . . . if you work out or party hard, or dont do much at all, if you eat a modern diet, or work too hard, or if youre sick or old . . . You could use a boost.© 2011 Copyright Kakadu International
  4. 4. Supercharge the whole family withKakadu.Because weve loaded Kakaduwith the most nutrient richsuper foods . . .So YOU can be super healthy.Never before has a drink beenthis good for you.Drink Kakadu to boost yourhealthand get your energy back!© 2011 Copyright Kakadu International