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Keys to Creating an Engaged Community

Jonathan Keane, Republic Wireless, Director of Customer Support

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Keys to Creating an Engaged Community

  1. 1. #RelateLive Keys to Creating an Engaged Community
  2. 2. #RelateLive Jonathan Keane Republic Wireless Director of Customer Support @jtkeane1
  3. 3. #RelateLive Republic Wireless Provide remarkably simple and affordable ways to stay in touch with anyone, anywhere, in any way. We are the world leader in WiFi first cell phone technology.
  4. 4. #RelateLive Keys to Creating an Engaged Community • How do we interact • Example of how this practice has worked • Insights into our Zendesk process
  5. 5. #RelateLive Keys to Creating Engaged Community
  6. 6. #RelateLive Ask Engage with active customers •Customers love to be consulted •Customers speak the truth •Create a feedback channel for ambassadors •Talk to everybody, listen to a few
  7. 7. #RelateLive Listen Put together a clear communication path for customers: •Listen to what is being said •Be active and engaged •Ask pointed questions
  8. 8. #RelateLive Create Make Decisions and Test •Make decisions quickly •Execute and communicate out the decision •Ask questions and listen for feedback
  9. 9. #RelateLive Evaluate Measure effectiveness of solution •Make Evaluate performance •Ask pointed questions •Key metrics for us include: • CSAT • Response times • Escalation wait times
  10. 10. #RelateLive Business Case – Peer-to-Peer Support Problem: Response time to low priority tickets was too slow Solution: Peer-to-peer support
  11. 11. #RelateLive Process for Sending to Experts
  12. 12. #RelateLive Key Takeaways Four-Up Ask and engage with active customers New meaningful info that is provided by our customers in an open environment where they can talk about anything. 1 2 3 4 Listen Themes will be created and need to be actively listened to. It will be clear that a path needs to be created. Create – Make decisions Work together to come up with options and possible solutions Build and test the first path Choose a solution, put it into place. Test, ask and listen. Do it all over again.
  13. 13. #RelateLive
  14. 14. #RelateLive