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Much ado about the future of customer service (Relate Live London)

Dominic Pasta, Senior Global Project Manager, Groupon and Gabriele Famous, VP of Product Marketing, Zendesk
As customer expectations continue to change, so do modern customer service organizations. It can be overwhelming, as there is much ado and much ‘to do’ with people, channels, and technology.

Just how will customer interactions evolve in the coming years? Gabriele from Zendesk hones in on three key trends in technology and customer support that not only appeal to your customers, but ensure your internal operations keep pace. Dominic from Groupon shares how with the help of some cool new technology they’ve broken away from traditional processes, delivered smarter agent tools, and created a better customer-agent relationship.

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Much ado about the future of customer service (Relate Live London)

  1. 1. #RelateLive #RelateLive
  2. 2. Dominic Pasta Groupon Global Senior Manager - CS Technology @Dom_Pasta Gabriele Famous Zendesk VP of Product Marketing @sffamous
  3. 3. #RelateLive
  4. 4. #RelateLive Mainstream mobile use impacts channel mix Photo credit: Sjoerd Lammers
  5. 5. Mobile, It’s not just for the kids 62% Of customers’ agents use mobile apps to deliver support 2.2M Tickets created, updated, chats started, and articles viewed via Zendesk SDKs Sources: Zendesk data Forrester Report: “European Mobile And Tablet Commerce Forecast, 2013 To 2018”
  6. 6. Mobile Impact in Customer Service Delivery Meeting the customer where they want to be met Knowing the customer before you even start engagement Fluent channel swapping Fast and agile in delivering on new channels as they pop up
  7. 7. #RelateLiveMachine Learning, AI & bots, Oh my! Photo credit: Michael Shwarzenberger
  8. 8. Not a human replacement, but an enhancement $3B The collaborative machine market by 2020 13M Satisfaction predictions made to date Sources: Zendesk data James Stettler, an analyst at Barclays Capital
  9. 9. AI & MLT Deployment Deliver Support & Sales AI using customer engagement channels Market customizable support channels Inform agents by support and sales generation Lay groundwork for the future of AI
  10. 10. Preparation for AI & MLT Cleaning Up the Infrastructure ● Allow rapid adaptation of new channels as they emerge ● Minimize issues when dealing across channels / platforms Knowledge Centralization ● Smart AI requires Smart Knowledge, across the entire organization
  11. 11. #RelateLiveFiguring out how to be customer centric Photo credit: Petra B. Fritz
  12. 12. It requires a little more flexibility 52% Sources: Zendesk data Eurostat British Telecom The Multi-Channel Swap shop 40% Of EU companies use social media to respond to customer opinion, questions and reviews 79% Of UK consumers want multi-channel options for customer service Of Zendesk Chat customers report they are blending support and sales use cases
  13. 13. Multifunctional agents Empower the customer to be in control Facilitate agents to go beyond support Bridge the support gap between customers and merchants Increase customer effort score
  14. 14. #RelateLiveThe future is now, check it out Photo credit: Ran Berkovich