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On Demand Customer Service

Antony Brydon, Directly, Co-founder & CEO

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On Demand Customer Service

  1. 1. #RelateLive On Demand Customer Service
  2. 2. Antony Brydon Directly Co-founder & CEO @Directly
  3. 3. Simple Apps, Smart Network On Demand Customer Service
  4. 4. Simple Apps Fast growing companies give on demand customer service apps to their expert users
  5. 5. Smart Networks These simple apps build smart networks that amplify more strategic support centers and open new ways of engaging with customers Survive a surge Support free users Go global – add languages Support 24/7 Leverage high skill sets Reduce response times Staff seasonal spikes Increase engagement
  6. 6. CSAT First Call Resolution Recruiting Omni-Channel Staffing Technology Integration Budget Constraints Onboarding Forecasting Reporting Response Time Retention Workforce Management Employee Satisfaction Process & Workflow NPS Customer Experience AHT Social Performance Management Training Mobile Outsourcing From Surviving to Thriving These networks alleviate pressures that are crushing support centers, allowing them to focus on more strategic issues
  7. 7. Results And deliver speed, expertise and efficiency that let you engage customers at scale 92% Customer satisfaction 4.5Minute first response 2xMore cost effective
  8. 8. Key Takeaways Actionable advice Simple apps Do you have passionate, knowledgeable users?1 2 3 4 Smart networks What if you plugged them intelligently into your support infrastructure in an on-demand model? Start with a test Start small, define directional metrics, prove the potential before selling up Transformative potential Calculate how much an on-demand network could help over time
  9. 9. #RelateLive
  10. 10. #RelateLive