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Relate Live NYC: Jeff Toister

Customer service expert Jeff Toister on creating a culture that shapes positive relationships.

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Relate Live NYC: Jeff Toister

  1. 1. #RelateLive Create a Culture That Shapes Positive Relationships
  2. 2. #RelateLive Jeff Toister,CPLP Toister Performance Solutions, Inc. @toister President
  3. 3. 1. Vision 2. Engagement 3. Alignment
  4. 4. What happens when the phones go down?
  5. 5. At Rackspace, a support analyst decided to tweet his personal phone number. Then another followed suit. And another. They weren’t told to do this. Nobody even asked permission. Image Credit: Thomas Hawk
  6. 6. Customer Service Vision Definition A shared vision that describes the 
 relationship we want to have with customers. This statement may do double-duty as something else: •Mission •Vision •Values •Service Standards •Credo •Etc.
  7. 7. Example Vision: Rackspace Fanatical Support Promise We cannot promise that hardware won't break, that software won't fail or that we will always be perfect. What we can promise is that if something goes wrong we will rise to the occasion, take action, and help resolve the issue.
  8. 8. Three Criteria for a Customer Service Vision: • Simple & easily understood • Customer-focused • Present & future Create your own: www.serviceculturebook.com/tools
  9. 9. 1. Vision 2. Engagement 3. Alignment
  10. 10. What happens when employees aren’t engaged:
  11. 11. Everyone Should Answer Three Questions: 1. What is our vision? 2. What does it mean? 3. How do I contribute? Engage your employees: www.serviceculturebook.com/tools
  12. 12. 1. Vision 2. Engagement 3. Alignment
  13. 13. How could this happen?
  14. 14. Alignment Check Rating Scale: 1 (Almost Never) to 5 (Almost Always)
 1. We set business goals that represent progress towards our customer service vision. 2. We hire agents who are passionate about our customer service vision. 3. Agents are given sufficient training to teach them how to deliver service that fits our customer service vision. 4. Agents are empowered with the authority, resources, and work procedures they need to fulfill the customer service vision. 5. Organizational leaders reinforce the customer service vision with their agents on a daily basis.
  15. 15. Alignment Check Total Score Result 21 - 25 Alignment 15 – 20 Partial Alignment <15 Out of Alignment Check your alignment: www.serviceculturebook.com/tools
  16. 16. What happens when the phones go down?
  17. 17. Take the challenge: Learn more: toistersolutions.com/thankyou
  18. 18. #RelateLive Jeff Toister,CPLP Toister Performance Solutions, Inc. @toister President
  19. 19. presented by #RelateLive