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Relate Live NYC: Matt Harrington

Matt Harrington on how the best brands build trust and credibility with Millennials.

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Relate Live NYC: Matt Harrington

  1. 1. How the Best Brands Can Build Trust & Credibility 
 with the Millennial Generation Millennials,
 Brands,&Trust Matt Harrington
  2. 2. #RelateLive Matt Harrington Author, Speaker & Trainer @MvrkLeader GrowingMillennialLeadership.com
  3. 3. WhyAre
  4. 4. Today’s Discussion ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership • Define what a generation is and why Millennials are important to your brand • What is trust and how is it built • What are the best brands doing to build trust • How can you take lessons from today and build stronger trust 
 with your Millennial customer
  5. 5. For your consideration… ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership Thesis#1 Thesis#2Thesis#3 The Best Version of Your Brand
  6. 6. Thesis#1 ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership
  7. 7. Defined not by the time period in which they were born but by the life experiences that have shaped their outlook & behavior. Generations ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership
  8. 8. BabyBoomers (1946–1964) GenerationX (1965–1979) Millennials(Y) (1980–2001) Generations • Loyal to an organization • Is idealistic, optimistic, and driven • Focuses on consensus-building • Places work at the center • Can be critical and challenging • Individualistic • Just get it done • Bends the rules to get things done • Values personal and professional lives equally but separate • Little need for supervision • Schizophrenic (social yet independent) • Extremely adaptive • Natives to change • Inherently social • Values input into decisions and actions • High expectations • Tech literate • Difficulty with self- criticism
  9. 9. Why are Millenials Vital • Represent 75% of the workforce by 2025
 • Loyal if trust is gained
 • Social sharers of good news and reputation of the organization
 • Adaptive Innovation - Ability to handle VUCA environments
  10. 10. Dharmesh Shah, founder of Hubspot “Sohere’stheonlymajordifferencebetweenMillennialsand everyothergeneration:Millennialsdemandasenseof purpose,demandtransparency,demandaccessto information,demandfeedback,demandinspirational leadershipandmeaningfulworkandareasonablework-life balance.Theynotonlydemandthesethings—theyexpect them.Othergenerationswantthosequalitiesintheir workplacetoo,buttheygenerallydon’tdemandthem”
  11. 11. Thesis#1 ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership RIGOROUS DEMAND FOR EXCELLENCE
  12. 12. Brand Titans ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership • Pursuit of Excellence • Quality Customer Care • Rigorous attention to detail; superior products • 2017 - Apple still top brand for Millennials (Ad Age) • “Why” - Think Different • Scandinavian Airlines • Jan Carlzon - “Moments of Truth (1986)” • 50,000 moments of truth with a customer • Refuse to walk by “shoddy” (or crappy) product without saying something • Economic Patriotism - Tom Peters
  13. 13. “Beloved Brand Triangle” ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership Thesis#1: RigorousDemand ForExcellence Thesis#2Thesis#3 The Best Version of Your Brand
  14. 14. QUESTIONS TO ASK: 1.Areweapproachabletoourcustomers? 2.Areweexcellentatlisteningand lookingforourmomentsoftruth? 3.Whereareour“excellence” breakdowns&what’sourplanto remedythem?
  15. 15. Thesis#2 ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership
  16. 16. The firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone 
 or something. Authentic Trust ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership
  17. 17. • Trust is the act of building credibility based on two factors: 
 character and competency. 
 • Character is built based on integrity and intention
 • Competency is built based on capabilities and results   Authentic Trust ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership * Adapted from Stephen Covey’s Speed of Trust
  18. 18. TheTrustBank ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership
  19. 19. Thesis#2 ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership REPETITIVE PERFORMANCE IN 
  20. 20. Brand Titan ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership • Tranformation Agenda • 7 Big Moves • Regained Trust: product enhancement, “technology acuteness”, Lean techniques, social and community standards, staff development, and quality customer service and engagement standards
  21. 21. Beloved Brand Triangle ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership Thesis#1:
 RigorousDemandFor Excellence Thesis#2:
 RepetitivePerformance inCompetency& Character Thesis#3 The Best Version of Your Brand
  22. 22. QUESTIONS TO ASK: 1.Doesmybrandhaveahistoryofbuildingintegrity? 2.Doesmybrandfocusonbestintentions&mutual benefits? 3.Doesmybrandinspireconfidencethrough capability? 4.Doesmybranddeliverresultsbyshowingup,on time,readytogo,everytime?
  23. 23. Thesis#3 ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership
  24. 24. The intangible sum of 
 a product’s attributes Brand ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership
  25. 25. A Combo ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership NARRATIVE/ STORYTELLING BELONGING
  26. 26. “True belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are. It requires us to be who we are. It is not something we negotiate or accomplish with others; it’s a daily practice that demands integrity and authenticity.” - Brené Brown True Belonging ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership
  27. 27. Narrative Belonging ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership The ongoing effort by a brand to continually tell the story of how each customer that comes into contact with the brand needs to have a sense of belonging to the product and service which enhances the customer’s existence and experience.
  28. 28. Thesis#3 ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership NARRATIVE BELONGING
  29. 29. • Boundaries • Reliability • Accountability • Security • Integrity • Nonjudgement • Generosity Elements of Belonging ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership
  30. 30. Brand Titan ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership • An anomaly in a dying industry • 46% increase in Morning News • 26% more listenership in the 25-65 age group • Fast Company #10 for Brands That Matter • Most Trusted News Service Brand - 2017 Harris Poll • Hyper local • Collective, group support (fundraising, marketing, sharing)
  31. 31. Beloved Brand Triangle ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership Thesis#1:
 RigorousDemandFor Excellence Thesis#2:
 RepetitivePerformance inCompetency& Character Thesis#3: NarrativeBelonging The Best Version of Your Brand
  32. 32. QUESTIONS TO ASK: 1.Havewedeployedtheelementsof belongingineveryinchofourbrand? 2.Havewecreatedanarrativeorstory thatbelongstoourcustomers? 3.Arewemeasuringoureffectiveness?
  34. 34. ©2017 Growing Millennial Leadership GROWINGMILLENNIALLEADERSHIP.COM Part 1: Millennials and Their Rigorous Demand for Excellence Part 2: Why Millennials Need Authentic Trust in their Products Part 3: Narrative Belonging Defines Today’s Brands
  35. 35. presented by #RelateLive