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Relate Live NYC: Tiffany Apczynski

Tiffany Apczynski, Zendesk’s Vice President of Social Impact shows how Zendesk’s community-driven company culture has led to trustworthy and authentic relationships with customers.

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Relate Live NYC: Tiffany Apczynski

  1. 1. CustomerSupportin
 theTrustEconomy Tiffany Apczynski
  2. 2. Tiffany Apczynski  Vice President, Public Policy and Social Impact at Zendesk @Tifferatti
  3. 3. Tenderloin
  4. 4. CSR ASAT
 (Advocate satisfaction) 80% CSAT
 (Customer satisfaction) 95%
  5. 5. Trust
  6. 6. But your customers don’t trust you CSR is how you recover trust You want your business to grow
  7. 7. Trustworthy Brokentrust
  8. 8. Trust isincrisis
  9. 9. Trust in key U.S institutions is declining Banks
 Big business
 Congress 2001
 26% 2016
 9% Source: Gallup
  10. 10. In the future, shared values is a top priority for customers Millennials believe staying true to ethics/ values is a competitive advantage Consumers more likely to purchase from companies with active CSR programs Millennials more likely 
 to purchase from an 
 ethical company 81% 92%82%
  11. 11. Business is expected to lead 75% AGREE “A company can take specific actions that both increase profits and improve the economic 
 and social conditions in the community where it operates” Source: Edelman
  12. 12. #RelateLive Slide #11 - Here I am trying to say that business has been going about CSR the wrong way. Like taking headache medicine for a stomach flu. But the analogy that I want to make instead is: You want to be a Yankees fan, but you keep showing up with your dang Red Sox shirt...so if you could do a fun photoshop of a Red Sox fan in the heart of a Yankees audience, it would be awesome.
  13. 13. Yoursupportteamis
  14. 14. Our vision to be the benchmark of the people-first support experience.
  15. 15. Putpeople
 ofacustomer experience
  16. 16. NewStudy:
 CSRImpactson FrontlineEmployees Commissioned study with Drexel University
  17. 17. Daniel Korschun Professor and researcher on corporate political activism, 
 author of WE ARE MARKET BASKET @DanielKorschun
  18. 18. DoesCSRenhance
  19. 19. PhaseOne PhaseTwo Interviews with managers Focus groups in San Francisco and Madison Survey of 73% of company advocates Quality assurance scores for empathy Satisfaction ratings from customers
  20. 20. What we heard “I applied for this job because I wanted to help people [Volunteering] very much affects me mentally, physically, in every way.” Madison
  21. 21. What we heard “Getting out into the world and interacting with people a little different from us… I think it’s always a good exercise no matter where you are.” Madison
  22. 22. What we heard “Just knowing that everyone is also [volunteering] across the company is important…like seeing pictures of other departments helping out in different capacities…” San Francisco
  23. 23. What we heard “Even if you don’t have a relationship with some of your colleagues—and they’re just sitting a few desks away from you —but when you guys go out and [volunteer] now you have something in common. “You might be more inclined to help them out or hit them up personally if you’ve met them [volunteering].” San Francisco
  24. 24. Zendesk empathy scores 3x 11%
  25. 25. Key takeaways Need for continual involvement CSR more than 
 just a “feel good”
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