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Facebook Open Graph - The Semantic Wallet

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This deck covers how Facebook is becoming a hub for consumer devices, apps and services to connect to each other in a secure manner to share data.

Facebook's allowance for the input and retrieval of structured data based on semantic web principles is positioning them to be the gold standard in the management of a unified digital identity.

This deck covers:
- What Social Means to Developers
- What is the Semantic Web
- Facebook's Evolution into Structured Data
- The Semantic Wallet
- Some Questions

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Facebook Open Graph - The Semantic Wallet

  1. 1. Facebook Open Graph - The Semantic Wallet By: Jonathan Laba W/ help from BNOTIONS
  2. 2. Prelude:App Hero AppHero*Icon and *ScreenShots* AppHero was developed by AppHero Inc. with assistance from BNOTIONS
  3. 3. MarkettoYourself
  4. 4. Thesis1. The web is becoming more ubiquitous and passive, with structured data as the unseen driver.1. Facebook’s Open Graph and Graph API are protocols that handle data passively to allow for automated interactions with your Facebook profile.2. Based on a number of factors, Facebook is the only platform capable of building & providing access to a type of unified machine readable digital identity; a “Semantic Wallet”.
  5. 5. Roadma Prelude p Developer’s View of Social The Semantic WebFacebooks Evolution Beyond Social Semantic Wallet Discussion
  6. 6. A Dev Shop BNOTIONS= Technology + EnthusiasmMobile:Building with SDKsAPI/Web:Building a platform Social: Building to interact with an ecosystem
  7. 7. Loving socialStanding on the Shoulders of GiantsNew Tools (APIs) All The TimeMammoth Data StoresGreat supportFree
  8. 8. Scumba g SocialTiered SystemHidden GremlinsThe Whims CEOSFeature Deprecation
  9. 9. SocialArtists IndustryWritersDesignersEngineersEducatorsInventorsAnimatorsMarketersProducersStrategistsSociologistsTechnologistsProgrammersWeb DevelopersFamily & FriendsCulture CuratorsActors & PersonalitiesInformation ArchitectsCommunity Managers
  10. 10. Web of Things Videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfK-D6e3DdQ
  11. 11. SemanticWeb
  12. 12. Semantic WebQuery - Expecting data to be in a set formationVocabularies - Adding value to terms usedLinked Data - All data can lead to more dataInterfacing - Feeding new information to the systemVertical Applications - Large systems that build valuefrom semantic relationships
  13. 13. Semantic WebQuery:Who is the author of Transmet?VocabulariesAuthor does not equal illustrator, it equalswriter/creator.Vertical ApplicationsLarge systems that build value from semanticrelationshipsLinked DataNeed something to connect to, like adatabaseInterfacingFeeding new information to the systemthrough RelFinder http://www.amazon.com/Transmetropolitan-Vo 6-Gouge-Away/dp/1563897962
  14. 14. SemanticWeb
  15. 15. Semantic WebResource Description Framework)
  16. 16. Semantic WebRDF Schema (expandable)Sort of like standardized tagsacross the webrdfs:label - a human-readable name for the subjectrdfs:domain - a domain of the subject propertyrdfs:comment - a description of the subject resourcerdfs:seeAlso - further information about the subject resource
  17. 17. Rymble By Simpliohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWAryzdOKfU&feature=related
  18. 18. Facebook HistoryMay 2007 -- Applications launchDevelopers got involvedJuly 2008 -- Facebook ConnectFacebook exists outside of Facebook by allowing you to sign intoapplicationsApril 2009 -- Publish to StreamApplications can generate social chatterApril 2010 -- Like buttonVery easy to tie “Pages" back to Facebook
  19. 19. What’s in a Like?On the page its self:Open Graph meta dataAn iFrame Widget (Facebook actually in that page) *html5 option tooWhat happens when you click:Pushed to your feedAdded to your personal profileFor the first like a page is created.May be sorted based on Open Graph info
  20. 20. Some FB Connections2011 Facebook Connections:Apps you usePages you likeGames you playContent you postCommunities you belong toVideos/photos you’re tagged in .
  21. 21. F8 2011
  22. 22. Timeline
  23. 23. FB Actions Subject == Predicate > Object expressionNetflix:Jonathan > Watched > SherlockWords With Friends:Jonathan > Achieved > 600 Points in 1 Game
  24. 24. GranularActions
  25. 25. Easy ToMakeApps
  26. 26. Open Graph InteractionsYou & Friends
  27. 27. ExperimentStep 1: Go to og.bnotions.comStep 2: AuthenticateStep 3: ?????????Step 4: og.bnotions.com/stats http://scienceblogs.com/deepseanews/2008/06/wear_your_science.ph
  28. 28. Limitations Of ActionsOnly users can be the subjectThere has to be a host applicationYou can’t go wild with your actionsYou cant build and deploy quicklyNot all data can be pulled, this includes time stamps.
  29. 29. FB on Structured Data“What you’ve seen of Open Graph so far is just a small taste of thehttp://venturebeat.com/2012/02/08/facebook-overall vision… … We’ve created a dynamic where more structuredplatform/information is more interesting.” -- Facebook product chief Carl Sjogreen http://venturebeat.com/2012/02/08/facebook-platform/
  30. 30. Why Google Plus? By XKCDhttp://xkcd.com/918/
  31. 31. Google Tracks Through CookiesGoogle tracks mostly through cookies, which arepicked up by ads.It also provides based on the context ofcommunication or location. http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Is_Cookie_Monster _now_the_Veggie_Monster%3F
  32. 32. Opt in Vs. Opt OutCleaner (less incidental)Can share it with partnersClarity on what is public and what is private
  33. 33. FB PrivacyDefault Privacy PermissionsGranular App PermissionsPost Authorize App Permissions and Settings By Norebbo http://www.norebbo.com/?p=454
  34. 34. Summation of Why FBOpt in DataStructured DataEasy auth with clear permissionsSystemic and predictable updatesTotal adoption by users and brands
  35. 35. The Semantic WalletOpt in DataStructured DataSystemic and predictable updatesEasy auth with clear permissionsTotal adoption by users and brands
  36. 36. The Semantic Wallet There will be a fading assumption that sharing with Facebook equates to socializing information between peopleFacebook will be the conduit consumer technologies will connect with to understand you and people on mass as identities
  37. 37. The Semantic WalletPerfect ToastingTemperature for Brown Rye Toaster: www.inventables.com/
  38. 38. The Semantic Wallet• First Facebook Marketing Conference• Timelines for business• What’s going to happen in mobile!?
  39. 39. QuestionsIs there a better term than “Semantic Wallet” or “Digital Identity”?Have you seen any cool apps you want to bring to our attention?Is there or will there ever be an open source alternative?Jonathan@bnotions.com@J_LabPostCyberPunk.com