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eCommerce 6 Simple Rules

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eCommerce 6 Simple Rules

  1. 1. Customer Retention Strategies Jonathan Murray Ling Liu
  2. 2. Micro-target customers with calls to action
  3. 3. Special Deal Highlighted Option to bargain the price with seller Secure Payment option Directly Contact with seller
  4. 4. Amazon Comfortable Colour Product Reviews Help Themselves 360 o Customer View
  5. 5. Competitor : webtogs Large icons Clear layout User direct contact with product
  6. 6. Micro-target customers with calls to action
  7. 7. Great to use
  8. 8. Cross-sell encouraging customer spending
  9. 9. Micro-target customers with calls to action
  10. 10. Personalised recommendations Improve quality of recommendations
  11. 11. Customer Review Customer Reputation advantages
  12. 12. Customer Satisfaction = Customer Retention Customer Retention = Repeat Business/€€€
  13. 13. Pull not Push!
  14. 14. Full scope with whom we can advertise Adventure Sports .com Blogs Clients’ Sites Facebook Twitter Adwords Newsletter Customer lists Affiliate Sites
  15. 15. Google Advertising Option 1 - Search Content Display
  16. 16. Google Advertising Option 2 - Display Network
  17. 17. Hiking shows this campaign is more successful However Running and Camping have higher ROI Campaign should probably focus on these areas
  18. 18. Three Campaigns focused on Customer retention 1. Ezine Subscription 2. Sale of Running Equipment 3. Sale of Camping equipment
  19. 19. Link your Site layout to Advertising Campaign Micro-target customers with calls to action Call to action generate leads and conversions
  20. 20. Pull not Push!
  21. 21. Social Media – Broadening your Customer Base Each activity area can be granted one each Measure the Value of a Facebook Fan? eConsultancy Your Blog sites should be using Google Adsense
  22. 22. Market Me Tweet Several Accounts geared towards your Customer interest type Brand tweets as AdventureSports.com Each Tweet lead to specific page Use social media to spread these call to action
  23. 23. Tweets can now appear on sponsored links – announced by hubspot 3rd Nov 2010
  24. 24. Example : Firebox.com Pays customer €50 for a winning photo/video Appears on twitter and facebook
  25. 25. eCommerce Tracking Option 1: Google Analytics Option 2 : Website optimiser in Adwords
  26. 26. Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking
  27. 27. Creation of m.AdventureSports.com Separate tracking process Smart phone customers purchasing running equipment perfect group map my run or health monitor
  28. 28. Product used with iPhone
  29. 29. http://www.outdooradventurestore.ie/ Excellent design – great link in to one of their customers http://www.53degreesnorth.ie/ Good use of Customer base – ezine – loyalty card http://www.gooutdoorireland.com/ Cost of a Cheap design – loss of customers Also your Competitors’ sites!
  30. 30. A must have as your competition is using it!
  31. 31. http://www.asics.co.uk/ Good online shop – running information http://www.runtheline.com/ Writers happy to review and promote your product Include them in your Display Content Search Also your Clients’ and Customers’ sites!
  32. 32. Safe Transactions
  33. 33. SLL Certs
  34. 34. Payment options : Paypal or Gateway Merchant Accounts V’s