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Spelling Quiz ( Commonly Misspelled English Words)

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How far can you go? This 50-item quiz about commonly misspelled English words may sharpen your mind and boost your knowledge about correct spelling of words. Try now and see what you got!

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Spelling Quiz ( Commonly Misspelled English Words)

  1. 1. 50 items
  2. 2. Complete each sentence by looking for the appropriate word and its spelling on every numbered item. Get a pen and paper to count your correct answers. Good luck!
  3. 3. 1. More or less thirty ______ people were affected by the Black Plague. a) million b) millioon c) mellion d) miliuon Answer: a) million
  4. 4. 2. What an amazing courage to fight the _______! a) opresors b) opressors c) oppressors d) oppresors Answer: c) oppressors
  5. 5. 3. The British and French colonizers came to the _______ of the Qing regime. a) assistance b) asistance c) asistence d) assistans Answer: a) assistance
  6. 6. 4. I live there, just ______ the Oakley Street. a) accross b) acros c) across d) accros Answer: c) across
  7. 7. 5. _______ boxers are only allowed to join the boxing competition for this year. a) Ameture b) Amateur c) Amature d) Ameteure Answer: b) Amateur
  8. 8. 6. Waste segregation is _________ for sustaining the cleanliness of every household. a) benificial b) benefichial c) bineficial d) beneficial Answer: d) beneficial
  9. 9. 7. Isn’t it scary that we have to meet in front of the gate of _______? a) cematery b) crematery c) cemetary d) cemetery Answer: d) cemetery
  10. 10. 8. Give me an ________ reason why you were absent yesterday. a) acceptable b) accepteble c) aceptable d) accepptable Answer: a) acceptable
  11. 11. 9. ________ makes us admit our wrong doings to the people we’ve hurt. a) conscience b) conscence c) conciense d) concience Answer: a) conscience
  12. 12. 10. Full _______ to the job is the reason why she finished her quarterly report early. a) comitment b) committment c) commitment d) comittment Answer: c) commitment
  13. 13. 11.Are you _______ enough not to break up with that irresponsible man? a) desparet b) desperate c) dasperate d) dasperet Answer: b) desperate
  14. 14. 12. We ______ in front of the altar and bow our heads as we pray for good health and guidance. a) knil b) neel c) kneal d) kneel Answer: d) kneel
  15. 15. 13. I do not have the right to be ______. a) jealous b) jalous c) jelous d) jealos Answer: a) jealous
  16. 16. 14. I have a _____ job but my salary is not enough to pay our home bills. a) permement b) permanent c) parmenent d) permenent Answer: b) permanent
  17. 17. 15. ________ of illegal drugs was the case being thrown at him. a) possession b) possesion c) posesion d) posetion Answer: a) possession
  18. 18. 16. Our friendly ________ Mike invited us to his birthday party. a) neighbur b) neighbor c) neghbour d) neybour Answer: b) neighbor
  19. 19. 17. When ________ knocks, grab it! a) opurtunity b) oppurtunity c) opportunity d) oportunity Answer: c) opportunity
  20. 20. 18. According to the recipe, we must _____the egg yolk and the egg white. a) seperate b) separate c) saperate d) seperete Answer: b) separate
  21. 21. 19. A birthday _____ was given to Mike last night. a) surprise b) surprize c) suprise d) suprize Answer: a) surprise
  22. 22. 20. I know you will become a ________ engineer someday. a) sucesfull b) succesful c) successful d) sucesfool Answer: c) successful
  23. 23. 21. Due to bad ______, her flight to Moscow was cancelled. a) weathar b) weather c) wedther d) weathear Answer: b) weather
  24. 24. 22. Their newly-bought _______ was named after their dog. a) yatch b) yacth c) yact d) yacht Answer: d) yacht
  25. 25. 23. The prescribed drugs will give you a ______ relief from pain. a) temporary b) temporarie c) temperary d) temparory Answer: a) temporary
  26. 26. 24. Let me first check my _______ before I go with you tomorrow at the movie house. a) skedule b) shcedule c) schedule d) schedulle Answer: c) schedule
  27. 27. 25. As a _______ of this class, I take full responsibility of this misunderstanding. a) representetive b) representative c) representitive d) represantitive Answer: b) representative
  28. 28. 26. Always ask for an official _______ when buying at department stores and supermarkets. a) reciept b) recept c) receit d) receipt Answer: d) receipt
  29. 29. 27. It is such a ______ to work with you all. a) privelege b) privilege c) privilage d) privelage Answer: b) privilege
  30. 30. 28. Their research team gave us ________ to be answered after class. a) questionnaires b) questionaires c) questionnares d) questionares Answer: a) questionnaires
  31. 31. 29. Sigmund Freud is one of the remarkable persons in the field of child __________. a) psichology b) psycology c) psychology d) phsychology Answer: c) psychology
  32. 32. 30. She wears that dress only for special ________. a) occations b) occasions c) ocassions d) ocasions Answer: b) occasions
  33. 33. 31. John is the ________ child of Mr. and Mrs. Reyes. a) ligitimate b) legitimeet c) legitimate d) ligetimate Answer: c) legitimate
  34. 34. 32. Background ___________ is called schema. a) knowlege b) knawledge c) knowlage d) knowledge Answer: d) knowledge
  35. 35. 33. Safety ________ should be done before riding a rolling coaster. a) precautions b) precushions c) precaucions d) precoutions Answer: a) precautions
  36. 36. 34. To drive up the hill was _______. a) imposible b) impossible c) impassible d) imposible Answer: b) impossible
  37. 37. 35. Do not _______ her from doing her project. She might get mad. a) inter-apt b) interapt c) interupt d) interrupt Answer: d) interrupt
  38. 38. 36. The ______ company will give you enough money to start a new life after the fire. a) insurence b) insiurance c) insurance d) inciurance Answer: c) insurance
  39. 39. 37. Do not be ________ by the looks. a) deceived b) deceipt c) diceived d) decieved Answer: a) deceived
  40. 40. 38. Their family _______ is the reason why they can afford a two-week vacation in Japan. a) bisness b) bussiness c) business d) bisness Answer: c) business
  41. 41. 39. President Duterte’s ________ against drugs was taken seriously by the police force. a) campaign b) campagne c) campayne d) campaighne Answer: a) campaign
  42. 42. 40. Smoking ______ may lead to lung cancer and emphysema. a) cigaretes b) cigarettes c) cigrretes d) ciggarettes Answer: b) cigarettes
  43. 43. 41. For room _________, kindly contact us through our e-mail address. a) accommodations b) accomodations c) acommodations d) acomodations Answer: a) accommodations
  44. 44. 42. I want to join the __________ on props. a) commitee b) comittee c) committee d) comitee Answer: c) committee
  45. 45. 43. The ________ store was closed due to sanitary issues. a) convienience b) conveenience c) convinience d) convenience Answer: d) convenience
  46. 46. 44. Kindly look for the ___________ of literature. a) difenition b) defenition c) definition d) diffenition Answer: c) definition
  47. 47. 45. Self- ________ is important when you are on a diet. a) disciplene b) discipline c) discipleen d) disiplene Answer: b) discipline
  48. 48. 46. Do not ___________ how you tell your story. Some people might get irritated. a) exaggerate b) exagerate c) exagerrate d) exaggerrate Answer: a) exaggerate
  49. 49. 47. Your joke was quite ___________. a) humurous b) humorous c) humourus d) humoorous Answer: b) humorous
  50. 50. 48. One of the most _______ people in show business is Stan Lee. a) influentcial b) influwential c) influencial d) influential Answer: d) influential
  51. 51. 49. No man is an ______. a) island b) isleland c) iceland d) ileland Answer: a) island
  52. 52. 50. She was afraid of thunder and __________. a) lightening b) lighting c) lightning d) lightenning Answer: c) lightning