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When Cloud Native meets the Financial Sector

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We live in our own bubble of microservices and endlessly horizontal scaling infrastructure, but there is still critical infrastructure that runs the world of financial systems depending on Windows boxes, FTP servers, and single-threaded protocols. This talk is about how to glue these two worlds together, what works for us and what doesn't.

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When Cloud Native meets the Financial Sector

  1. 1. Victor Tuson Palau @victorpalau victorpalau.net What Borders? Transactional Banking/FX
  2. 2. What I loved about moving to Cloud Native Decouple services from infrastructure Encapsulation of running process (incl code, framework, state) Clean interfaces Elasticity and horizontal Scaling FAST PACE OF DEVELOPMENT
  3. 3. 4 If you find yourself alone, riding in the green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled. For you are in Elysium, and you’re already CLOUD NATIVE!
  4. 4. Finance sector key infrastructure FIX (Quoting) SWIFT (Moving money)
  5. 5. Fun facts about FIX · Originally authored in 1992 · Built for speed, used everywhere! · Point to Point protocol, one client per connection · Open Standard · Open source implementation - http://www.quickfixengine.org/ · Physical wire option available for purchase!
  6. 6. Fun facts about SWIFT · Funded in 1973 · Connects over 11k+ entities in 204 countries - We are one of them! via: · Physical Window servers in data centres · Physical security tokens plus encryption keys · sFTP for data upload · MT messages are Magic Number based messages · New standard based on XML coming in 2021
  7. 7. Containeraise all the things (even when you can’t be elastic) · Packaging and immutability · Recovery: Quicker restart and migration to new AZ · Testability · Loosely vs strong coupling to infrastructure · [k8s] (anti-)affinity and taints
  8. 8. Adapters | Ambassadors We write services that behave Cloud Native, and “adapt” or become “ambassadors” for others SQS consumer that balances between SWIFT boxes AWS S3 to sFTP sync [k8s] Sidecar container for QFX that provide Prometheus endpoints
  9. 9. Encapsulate Keep quirks within a service! Transformer is a REST api input into an MT or other quirky standards Mapping is defined as code Json is pass across payment services and translated before sending out https://www.tracefinancial.com/transformer
  10. 10. Asynchronicity with Message Brokers Protect against delays and down-times spreading through the systems, enable some horizontal scaling Separate your queues, take into account processing times of actions (clogging) Update dispatcher via call-backs, pub/sub, webhooks Async REST is also a good option (202 - Accepted)
  11. 11. We don’t live in a bubble But you can do things to keep floating peacefully Encapsulate Adapt Decouple
  12. 12. Want to know more? http://labs.ebury.rocks Follow us on our technology blog ¡¡GRACIAS!!