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Technology is the Future and the Future is now.

  1. POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA COURSE IN DIGITAL MARKETING UNIT 1. EVOLUTION OF DIGITAL MARKETING. ASSIGNMENT 2 TASK 1. USAGE OF TECHNOLOGY AND ITS IMPACTS ON THE LIVES OF CONSUMERS. INTRODUCTION. Technology in all ramifications has taken over the global space and it keeps evolving to beat challenges and solve more consumer problems with relevant software being available on daily basis. Technology has allowed for expressions to consumers to have limitless reach to anything, how they want it, when they want it. The consumer drives technology to constantly move forward because companies tend to study the consumer’s behavior, improve on it by allowing faster reach to services through technology. Technology has affected the existence of human in many ways that right now it is impossible to do without technology. The usefulness is overwhelming that it solves practically all problems from business, health, education, transportation, medicine, constructions etc. Technology is so growing fast that everyone has no choice but to follow suit the pace of its growth. Also it has made consumers to be critical thinkers to leveraging on its advantages to get all desired solutions to problems that might be confronting them. Gone are the days that things are done manually and by this there is delays, shortages and cancellations but with the introduction of technology, the narratives have changed, and things are done better and faster e.g. better services, faster deliveries, access to information, securities checks etc. The ever increasingly population “(7.91billion) people in January 2022, with the annual growth rate of 1.0 percent suggesting the figure will reach 8 billion sometime in mid-2023 also well over half (57.0 percent) of the world’s population lives in urban areas. More than two-thirds of the world’s population (67.1 percent) now uses mobile with unique users now reaching 5.31 billion by the start of 2022, Global internet users have climbed to 4.95 billion as at the start of 2022, with internet penetration now at 62.5 of the world’s total population.” (datareportal).
  2. ACCESS TO THE INTERNET. One beautiful thing that technology has made possible for everyone is convenience and ease, at the comfort of everyone’s corner, internet can be accessed through technology faster and fast yielding results. This speed has been worked on overtime and keeps getting better with the new emergence of improved technologies. There are different gadgets that can be used to access the internet, these includes smart phones, desktops, laptops, iPad etc. Also, the growth of internet is event around the world.
  3. DIGITAL DEVICES USED BY AUDIENCES Devices used to connect to the internet are now sophisticated e.g. iPads, Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops etc. and they are very easy to move around unlike large and heavy computers designed in the past to connect to the internet. These devices are electronic and can “create, generate, send, share, communicate, receive, store, display, or process information, and such electronic devices shall include, but not limited to, desktops, laptops, tablets, peripherals, servers, mobile telephones, smartphones, and any similar storage device.
  4. HOW CONSUMERS SEARCH FOR INFORMATION Few years ago, consumers made buying decisions based on adverts, news, referrals from people etc. However, technology has changed the pattern. “A report by Econsultancy found out that 61 % of customers use search engines to aid them in product research before they can make a buying decision”. Anything can be researched for with one click, service rendered, goods ordered for, bills paid for, watch movies, conduct interviews, chat with family and friends, download music, buy houses etc.
  5. WHAT CONSUMERS BUY ONLINE The flexibility of online shopping has increased in recent times as consumers now explore to buy more online e.g. books, music, food, clothes, tech products, etc. The inclusion of technology has increased competition among service providers who want more consumers in their space, one advantage of technology is that it has given every business the equal opportunities to explore better services online.
  6. ONLINE VIDEO CONSUMPTION. Delivering adverts for products and services has taken a new turn as online stores have found video contents as an attractive force to bring consumers on board. “According to data collected by Statista, there were over three billion internet users watching streaming or downloaded video at least once per month in 2022.
  7. CONSUMER’S TREND Consumer’s trend is progressive as it has become imperative right now for anyone who wants to do business i.e. buy or sell to be part of the ever-evolving trend in the online space. The status quo cannot be maintained as technology will forever progress with more modern ways of doing things. Consumers have unlimited access to available information online and this has created avenue to ask for more and leverage on everything trending.
  8. Summary. Technology is a beautiful tool that has brought ease and development to consumers’ lives meeting all expectations, with the help of internet consumers are better connected, better reached and things done in a much faster way(s) such that consumers can have right access to information that will give them clear direction on where to go. The advancement of technology has also made business online build capacity and better connectivity with consumers thereby allowing seamless flow of transactions. Keeping data and working with them to know growth results has been made more simplified and this helps to have a robust track record of consumers. Technology has also been designed that transactions are safe for consumers to do online and thereby allow for more demand and speed of both technology and online businesses. The mark that technology has created in the lives of consumers is so significant that everyone moves with the wave and not catching up might be a major setback for both consumers and online business owners. Technology has come to stay, and technology is the future that everyone must live in. “Technology, the future of the human race”. Reference. Blogging wizard Checkout Arizona Data reportal Dave Chaffey Do Local Gerda Grauberg (formerly Raag) obligations-businesses Hootsuite Impulse Impulse Insider Jack Shephard Marketing Chart
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