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Welcome to Satya Detox

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Welcome to Satya Detox

  1. 1. Satya Detox's Passions Welcome to Satya Detox’s first blog entry! I am excited to share valuable information to all who visit. Satya Detox was founded to be of service to the world. My intentions are to genuinely support health, wellness, positive lifestyles, happiness and healing through the products, services and information we offer. As a huge proponent of positive evolution and doing things in new and progressive ways, I believe in the kindness of humankind and hope we can help bring together a movement of “goodness”. While we recognize no one can do this alone, Satya Detox has a passion to bring out the “best” elements in others. We fully hope this e-commerce site and information- sharing blog inspires you in many ways. Satya Detox is based upon a “Truthful Detox” of mind, body and emotions. Having this philosophy in my life has led me down exciting new avenues, like starting this business and writing this blog. Without having this philosophy in my life, I know in my "heart of hearts" that Satya Detox would not have been possible. I learned through my own personal healing and subsequent evolution that health born out of living a low toxin life is essential to healing and feeling good in this world. I have personally done many detoxes with the products on this site. I exercise regularly, engage in a multitude of activities and have experienced the benefits of living with a healthy and clean physical body. My intention is to be as balanced as I can in all areas of life--to share that, my experiences and encourage others to live a healthy life. Looking toward the future of Satya Detox, we plan to offer a healing space in the Denver, Colorado area to provide high-end footbath detoxes, meditation and workshops. We offer a blog to provide valuable information to anyone who visits our website. We also hope to offer in the upcoming months additional products and services including additional "Satya Detox" line of products that encourage wellness. We hope you enjoy our website, the products and services we offer, as well as our informational blog. Please do not hesitate to go to the Help Center with questions and feedback; we genuinely want to support you in your health, well-being and healing. Thank you for visiting!