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  1. Georgetown ISD Substitute Teacher Orientation Vision: Home of the most inspired students, served by the most empowered leaders.
  2. Welcome! Thank you for joining our team! Good Things... 2
  3. Agenda 3 ● Helpful Numbers and Daily Campus Procedures ● Standards of Conduct & Confidentiality ● Classroom Management ● Safety ● Payroll & Human Resources ● Professional Learning ● Frontline ● Technology ● Q&A
  4. COVID Protocols 4 ● Individuals who test positive for COVID should: ○ Quarantine for 5 days from the onset of symptoms (Count the day symptoms start as Day 0) ○ May return to work on Day 6 provided you are fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications and have an improvement of symptoms. ■ Example: Symptoms start on a Sunday - This is Day 0. Day 5 would be Friday and you could RTW on Monday. ○ Days missed for COVID are unpaid days.
  5. Helpful Numbers 5 ● Substitute Secretaries Direct Line ● Administration Phone List ● Campus Personnel and Phone Numbers
  6. Parking Permit Must be displayed at all times when parking at campuses. 6
  7. Campus Sign In and Out 7 ■ Sign in/out sheets will be printed at each campus – please remember to sign in & out daily ■ Emergencies – who is in the building ■ Questions about days worked - this is our back-up
  8. Top 10 Tips for Substitute Teachers Maintain Confidentiality Don’t Gossip Be Professional with Fellow Teachers Don’t Wait till the Last Minute to Call in Sick Accept & Keep Assignments Be on Time Dress Appropriately Be Flexible Follow the School Rules Plan Ahead Befriend the office staff 8
  9. Campus Information 9 ■ Campus sub handbook/guideline ■ Classroom guidelines ■ Dress code for assignment ■ Parking ■ Lesson Plans ■ Begin/End of day information ■ Meet your teacher next door ■ Know your substitute coordinators ■ Wear your badge ■ Never leave classroom unattended ■ Discipline problems – refer to campus administrator
  10. Standards of Conduct 10 ■ Recognize and respect the rights of students, parents, other employees, and members of the community. ■ Maintain confidentiality in all matters relating to students and coworkers. ■ Report to work according to the assigned schedule. ■ Notify their immediate supervisor in advance or as early as possible in the event that they must be absent or late. Unauthorized absences, chronic absenteeism, tardiness, and failure to follow procedures for reporting an absence may be cause for disciplinary action. ■ Know and comply with department and district policies and procedures. ■ Express concerns, complaints, or criticism through appropriate channels. ■ Observe all safety rules and regulations and report injuries or unsafe conditions to a supervisor immediately. ■ Use district time, funds, and property for authorized district business and activities only.
  11. Confidentiality 11 ■ What you read, observe, or hear as a result of your employment with GISD ■ Conversations with adults or students (email, text, public places, pictures) ■ Don’t even gossip about students, even if what you say is true ■ Reports, lessons, grades, medical, family information ■ Easily identifiable – the redhead in band 3rd period ■ District employees/substitutes see and handle privileged information ■ FERPA – Family Education Right & Privacy Act ■ Share information only with those who have a legitimate educational need to know
  12. Electronics/Social Media 12 ●Leave personal computers/ipad devices at home ●Electronic Media – text, Facebook, blogs, posts, tweets, video sharing, messaging, etc. ●No videos or pictures of students ●Do not share or use others email/computer access
  13. Classroom Management 13 ■ Greet students as they arrive ■ Getting and keeping students on-task ■ Maintaining positive teacher-to-student interactions ■ State expectations ■ Walk around ■ Ask for help ■ Avoid power struggles with students Watch for an email from for a classroom management video!
  15. Texas State Texas School Safety Center 15
  16. 5 Key Safety Items ● There should be a rainbow cheat sheet in every classroom space. (Emergency Response Guide for Faculty, Staff, and Substitutes) Check for it when you arrive - if you don't see it, ask for one before the day starts. Read over it to familiarize yourself with our emergency plans. ● Best practice is for classroom doors to be locked during the school day. Check with the campus when you check in to see if you are in a space where that isn't possible and ask what the evacuation plan is for that space. ● Exterior doors must NEVER be propped or left open during the school day. If you see a door propped open, close it immediately. ● Every adult in the building should be wearing visible identification. Staff must be wearing a GISD ID badge. All visitors must be wearing a visitor sticker. If you see someone without identification - ESCORT them to the office or call for an administrator to help. ● If something seems out of sorts, say something to an administrator. It takes ALL of US doing our part to keep our schools and our students safe. See Something? Hear Something? Say Something. If you are not sure how to contact an administrator, ask the substitute coordinator on the campus how to reach an administrator.
  17. Departments - Campus and Student Services
  18. LOCKDOWN • If you hear “this is a lockdown” take action immediately. • Children are quickly pulled into classroom if situation allows, door locked, lights out, and remain quiet. • Red card if any problem in classroom, injury or missing student – Green all students are accounted for & okay. • Stay away from windows & wait until Police or identified first responder releases Lockdown & Lockout
  19. • Where is the nearest fire extinguisher? • How is this building set up and how do I exit? • Do any of my students need help and what is that plan? • Where is the fire alarm and the AED? • Where is the nurse and what is the number? • Make sure you check who is next door/across the hall as they are there to help make your day easier by being a resource. • Look at Teacher flipcharts for all other emergency response situations all have maps and phone numbers. Situational Awareness
  20. General “Rules of the Road” • Do not give any OTC (over the counter) medicine to a student. • Review your sub folder for any student with severe allergy or medical needs. • When in doubt call/ask the nurse – do not hesitate to call as the nurse is there to keep you and the student safe and well. • If a student looks ill or you are concerned send them to the clinic – the nurse will assess and get them back as quickly as possible. • Should you feel ill or become ill, let someone know – do not try to push through, get assistance. Never come to school with fever. Medical Reminders
  21. FINAL THOUGHTS 21 ● You are a valuable part of our team. Please be safe in your classroom, watch for hazards, get help to lift, ask questions. ● If you have any questions regarding emergency response check with your school nurse.
  22. Payroll / Human Resources Skyward HR/Finance Employee Access
  23. Substitute Pay 23 ■ Substitutes are paid $115.00 per day ■ Full time Substitute are paid $135.00 a day after day 11 and will get retro pay back to the first day. (Long-Term continuous in the same position) ■ Dates for payroll are on GISD website: Human Resources / Payroll / Substitute Payroll Schedule ○ Substitutes are paid bi-monthly - typically around the 15th and 30th of each month
  24. Place your screenshot here 24 Skyward HR/Finance Employee Access ➢ Paystub ➢ W-2 ➢ Address, Phone ➢ Accept online forms
  25. 25 Username: Last Name + First Initial + a number Password: Initial Password: gisd + MMDDYYYY or The password you created at home GISD Login
  26. 26 Reset GISD Password: SSRPM ● ● Technology > Reset Your GISD Password in SSRPM ● Click first link: Forgot my password ● Password Requirements: 8 characters ○ 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 special character
  27. Need to make changes ? Direct Deposit Change Address Change Name Change 27 These changes can be made Online in Skyward HR/Finance You will need be bring new Social Security Card to Payroll for a name change
  28. W-4 Changes W-4 changes are completed online from the Business Office > Files and Forms page. * Link included on 28 Deferred Compensation Form ● Required- unless we can verify that you are a TRS or ERS retiree ● 7.5 deducted ● If you leave or get hired full time - you can withdrawal ● Keep with tax documents each year
  29. Signing Online Forms You will receive an email indicating you have online forms to sign. This includes: the Substitute and Employee Handbook, WC, and Letter of Reasonable Assurance 29
  30. 30 You will receive an email notification that your onlines forms are completed. OR You can go back into Skyward and check your status.
  31. 31 Professional Learning Vector Solutions
  32. 32 Vector Solutions Courses Bullying Recognition & Response Child Abuse Health Emergencies - Life Threatening Allergies Health Emergency for Seizure Human Trafficking & Awareness Password Security Basics Sexual Harassment - Staff to Staff Sexual Misconduct - Staff to Student Student Mental Health Awareness Title IX Compliance
  33. Bullying 33 ■ Bullying can start with teasing, taunting, or any physical aggression. ■ David’s Law - legislation intended to combat cyberbullying ○ Requires schools to notify parents if their children have been bullied and to notify the parents of children accused of bullying. ○ Requires all school districts to have a system for students to report bullying anonymously. Here in GISD, we have implemented an anonymous online reporting system called Stay Safe! ■ Report any concerns to the Assistant Principal or Principal – do not ignore them. There could be ongoing problems between kids and more prominent problems when there is a sub. “Teacher’s away..the kids wanna play” . ■ Substitutes don’t always want to report any issues. Even though you are not going to be a part of the solution – you need to REPORT the concern to the Assistant Principal or Principal – even if it seems really minor. Also, it is good practice to leave a note with the substitute coordinator outlining the incident/concerns.
  34. Sexual Harassment New Title IX Regulations Effective August 14, 2020: What is Sexual Harassment? Unwelcome conduct on the basis of sex that is so severe, persuasive, and objectively offensive that it effectively denies a person equal access to the school’s education program or activity. Schools will be found in violation of Title IX if they are “deliberately indifferent” to such conduct. Schools are required to respond when they have "actual knowledge" of a complaint of sexual harassment, which can include a report to any employee of an elementary or secondary school. 34
  35. Place your screenshot here 35 Frontline Absence Manage- ment (AESOP)
  36. Frontline Login Phone (continued) 36 Your phone number Example: 5129435013 - no dashes & include area code Your Unique Pin # - given to you and you may re-set it thru Absence Mmgt. Frontline # -1-800-942-3767
  37. JOBULATOR 37 ■ Not associated with GISD ■ GISD does not support or require you to pay or have this system, however Jobulator does require a fee ■ They offer a 30 day free trial ■ Support for Jobulator –
  38. Technology
  39. 39 Gmail & Google Suite ● ● Technology > Gmail & Google Suite ● Username: entire email address ● Password: same password used to login to laptop
  40. 40 Classlink GISD’s Single Sign- on Web Portal ● Bookmarks bar > GISD > Classlink ● Username: GISD username (NOT entire email address) ● Password: GISD Password
  41. Shut Down 41 Lock
  42. 42 ■ Main Line 512-943- 5000 ■ Tracey Jennings – Substitute Coordinator 512-943-5013
  43. 43 Thanks! We are excited to Lead, Grow and Serve with you!