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Connecting Digital Ecosystems

  1. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 1 E2E Service Orchestration for Smarter Health Draft
  2. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 2 Catalyst Members Champions Participants
  3. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 3 Catalyst Description The digital economy is evolving and Service Providers constantly seeks to expand beyond their traditional services and revenue streams. In Emergency Healthcare, their Operations management expertise, combined with Health expertise partners, results in a vertically integrated health and communication eco-system providing significantly improved lifesaving services.
  4. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 4 Catalyst Challenges  Business Challenges  Supporting Service providers with providing new digital services, medical services in our case  Technical Challenges  End-to-End management of digital services in a hybrid environment of domain management systems and OSS/BSS systems  Answering the dynamic requirements of the specific digital consumer  Near-real-time tracking of the required spots of attention, dynamically ensure resources allocation, while monitoring their lifecycle and QoS  Supporting micro-services
  5. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 5 The Medical Service Definition  A patient is checked via a mobile Medical device on a daily routine  Irregularities identified:  For a low severity/suspicion level – the rate of the measurements will be increased to hourly  For a high severity – an ambulance will be sent to the location of the patient  SOS call – The device may include a SOS button to request for urgent medical support.  A video call with a doctor at office hours (optional)  A video call with a doctor 24x7 (optional)  Ambulance enhanced support – when the patient is moved through the busy city in the best route possible by the ambulance, the doctor can guide the paramedic in the ambulance to carry out any procedure to cut down risk (optional)
  6. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 6 Telecom Assurance Systems End-to-end Orchestrator Medical Teams Medical Operations Center Network Operations & Engineering Medical Operations Network Operations Center  Network & Service orchestration providing the right QoS for this operation (and possibly additional SLOs), using dynamic resource allocation  Additional information/Services to support the process, such as Geolocation data, traffic data, weather data, etc. Medical Operation center (cross-vertical orchestration) • Manage the SOS calls, coordinates: ambulances, Medical staff, any additional human coordination • Automated Medical Monitoring & Analysis – This should be using a Medical software system • Emergency Medical Services – providing Ambulances • Medical team services – The availability of doctors or nurses Smarter Health Service Roles
  7. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 7 Smarter Health Architecture Policy based backhaul Route orchestration (Physical & Virtual) Predictive Capacity Analysis Medical IoT Device Patient Customer Monitoring E2E OSS Resource & Service Orchestration Telco Hybrid Network ( Physical & Virtual) Non-Telco Expert System Fault / Performance / Configuration Data Digital Services Orchestrator Medical Operation Center Medical Data Analytics Engine User Device Service Specialist Diagnosis Service Hospital Coordination Ambulance Coordination Ambulance Route Planner Ambulance Service Patients Call Center Telecom Coordination Policy based Mobile Core Orchestration Dynamic QoS Policies (Assurance) Device Mgmt.
  8. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 8 Patient alert Medical Operations End-to-end Orchestrator Assurance Systems • Service Instance state change • Service ID • Customer ID • New state • Description Changes in Resource Policy Changes in QoS Policy Patient Medical Device Medical Application Scenario #1 – Technical Flow Service Instant state change
  9. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 9 Patient Medical Application Patient alert Emergency Medical Service Orchestrator Digital Service Orchestrator Hospital Status Information Service Specialist Diagnostic Service Ambulance & Route Planning Service Telco Service Predictive Capacity Analysis Dynamic QoS Policies (Assurance) Policy Based Orchestration Scenario #2 – Technical Flow
  10. © 2016 TM Forum Live! 2016 | 10 Functional overview Digital Service Orchestration Digital Service Orchestration E2E Telco Service Orchestration SDN/NFV/SON Orchestration Orchestration Platform for integration non Telco vertical services Single point Integration with Telco Services Platform for creation of adhoc smart X flows across services from different verticals Fee billing support for multi-vertical smart X services Ensure Security and Privacy and Consistency Identity Monitor and manage E2E SLAs for cross vertical services Support for marketing and promotion of new smart X services Interleaving & Interworking Closed Loops of Automation