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Acome_Symposium_HongKong_jmartin_2012 11 04_LI

  1. 1. Municipality of Oberhausen an der Donau (Germany) Best practice on FttH infrastructure for rural areas in Central Europe Juan Martin, Managing Director of sacoin Süd GmbH Hong Kong, 18Th. May 2012
  2. 2. Initial Position • Municipality has 1.264 households of which 770 households had no xDSL at all • Deutsche Telekom & Kabel Deutschland offered broadband connections of 0.3 to max. 6 Mbit/s • Deutsche Telekom & Kabel Deutschland declined to further invest • Feasibility study in spring 2009 sponsored by municipality Oberhausen recommended to invest in FttH • In summer 2009 the municipal council decided to build its own broadband infrastructure based on FttH and issued an European - wide tender
  3. 3. Key elements of the European-wide tender • All inhabitants of Oberhausen will have 50 Mbit/s (up and download) connections • The FttH network will be future-compliant and able to offer open access to 3rd party service providers • The municipality requested to become an equity holder in the investment The project was awarded in February 2010 to sacoin company holding
  4. 4. 16+ Manufacturers: One unique FFTH solution Status as of November 2011. Logos for ilustration purpose only. Trademarks belonging to them Compact -Tube Technology
  5. 5. FTTH for rural areas: Principal Headend (TV & Radio) Internet Point of Presence (PoP) Voice Each household gets 2 fibres 50 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit/s & up to 10Gbit/s possible
  6. 6. Key element of the FTTH solution 1. Guaranteed bandwidth vs. „up to XY Mbit/s“ 2. Symmetrical bandwidth for Download und Upload is the key • for all advanced services as of today & • in future indispensable 3. Active „switched“ Ethernet technology vs. shared passive (x)PON technology and/or xDSL 4. Investment protection a customer premise equipment (CPE; 1Gbits shipping) for FTHH solution built especially for this purpose 5. Solution backed by a strong multi-vendor association 6. Solution scales and is a profitable business case
  7. 7. All existing devices@home are being supported ! CPE for FTTH: Investment protection & speed IP: up to 1GBit/s synchron Telefon: analogue / digital (ISDN) TV & Radio: DVB-S / DVB-C / & analogue
  8. 8. Technical data of the project • 12+ Different permissions (right of way to cross roads, Donau, private ground….) needed • 62.5 km of fibre optical cable laid down • 55+ km of civil and underground engineering • 11.5 km backbone to connect Oberhausen with a long distance carrier, including crossing the Donau • 100+ km ducts and 70+ access & joining chambers • Own POP (Point of Presence) for the housing of all active & passive components
  9. 9. • 70+ volunteers (2.000+ working hours) helped to acquire the end-user contracts • First customer went live on June 3rd 2011. Currently 778 (out of 885) are connected; hereof 400+ users changed over to their „partly-owned“ rural service provider • Investment of 4’0 mio € financed by Raiffeisenbank Ehekirchen-Oberhausen – a local saving bank • Project did not receive any federal government grant because the long term business case is profitable Key data of the project
  10. 10. Private Public Partnership Municipality has a stake in Rural service provider (Public Private Partnership) Rural Service Provider offers triple play services to residential users and enterprises Backbone Long distance carrier Municipality owns the FTTH infrastructure Rural service provider
  11. 11. Public Private Partnership: Financial scheme • Figures in € w/o VAT • Figures are per user/month • Figures are for the residential part of the business only • Offering for enterprises not included in the chart Revenue Cost Cost Cost Payment Profit(Loss) re-finance the FTTH network
  12. 12. Oberhausen: „Live“ since 3rd June 2011 German TV (BR 3): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zXIrXQIljk&feature=player_embedded#at=12 Press: http://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/neuburg/Viele-wollen-es-Oberhausen-hat- es id15371831.html Homepage http://www.oberhausen-donau.de/Gewerbe/Glasfaser-in-Oberhausen YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw5TOB9zgEE