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Powering our customers: the innovation story behind Microsoft’s earnings

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Microsoft announced Q4 earnings that delivered double-digit revenue growth across all segments anchored by the growing success in our commercial cloud as technology helps our customers power their innovation. Across industries and solution areas, here are some of the latest examples.

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Powering our customers: the innovation story behind Microsoft’s earnings

  1. 1. www.elineugeboren.com
  2. 2. One of the world's leading theme parks built smart birdhouses with Azure IoT Edge and computer vision to learn and inspire a new generation of conservationists. https://news.microsoft.com/transform/disneys-smart- birdhouses-reveal-the-secret-lives-of-purple-martins/
  3. 3. AI and IoT on Azure are helping the world’s 4th largest brewer bring more science to the craft of beermaking, increase speed to market and improve quality control. https://news.microsoft.com/transform/can-ai- help-brewers-predict-how-new-beer-varieties-will-taste- carlsberg-says-probably/
  4. 4. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft- 365/blog/2018/07/16/lilly-strives-to-speed-innovation- with-help-from-microsoft-365- enterprise/?ms.o365url=lilly
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