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Casper presentation

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This was a presentation created for Casper, a mattress company. Here are the recommendations and in-depth research for their online marketing presence.

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Casper presentation

  1. 1. Justin Ashley, Michelle Carignan, Tricia Grudens, Jillian Koehnken & Julia Kohn
  2. 2. What is Casper?
  3. 3. Executive Summary Casper is an e-commerce company specializing in the sale of mattresses online. One mattress, one set of sheets, one pillow. Big name Investors 2013-Today “Casper”- The Name
  4. 4. Agenda Company Research Analysis and Recommendations SEO & SEM Website Social Media Email Budget recommendation
  5. 5. SWOT Strengths Convenience factor Free shipping/returns/100 night trial Good for the environment Easy bed-in-a-box packaging that has turned into a unique “experience” Weaknesses A “one-size-fits-all” business practice Only 3 showrooms to test out products Company founded in April 2014, no strong brand loyalty as of now Not very cheap- lowest mattress price $500
  6. 6. SWOT cont. Opportunities Open more physical locations Expand into international markets 2014 startup company→ room for larger brand awareness/loyalty Room for more investors Threats The amount of other high-quality competitors Difficult economic conditions Only dependent on customers from the US and Canada
  7. 7. Competitor Analysis
  8. 8. Main Target Market Celebrities posting 25-30 years old Most individuals are moving into new homes Based on retargeting tech Uses mobile devices access instagram/ facebook. Always on the go.
  9. 9. SEM & SEO
  10. 10. SEO Strengths & WeaknessesBlog Posts + Frequency + Keywords - Missing key elements - Poor length Website + GTmetrix 85% Site speed score & 78% Yslow score - Image dimensions & redirects Backlinks - Number/Amount
  11. 11. Search Retargeting Mediamath.com Third party extension Very strong strategy Ex) Uses Instagram and Facebook Utilizes their on-the-go target market
  12. 12. SEO Recommendations Blog Posts Add H2 tags, bulleted lists, meta descriptions, and tags Increase the length of each post by 250 words Website Height & Width elements Limit new sites, broken URL’s, A/B testing of a new webpage to limit redirects. Backlinks Backlink Building Create more Value Associate yourself & partner with other companies Engaging videos
  13. 13. SEM- Paid Search Search ‘Casper’ First paid search that comes up Includes sitelinks extensions Added customer reviews Used to be the dream team Quality score Click-through rates: ranks 4,319 for their traffic Paid ads are relevant to the brand Landing pages: brings viewer to Casper’s homepage-not always effective
  14. 14. Ad groups & Keywords Ad Group: Matress Best mattress Best mattresses Cheap matress Cheap matresses Matress Matress firm Matresses Ad Group: Mattress Better sleep mattress Caspers mattress Mattress companies Mattress in a box Mattress retailers Mattress startup Sleep mattress Ad Group: Pillow Best pillow for side sleepers Best pillows for side sleepers Casper pillow Pillow for side sleepers Side sleeper pillow
  15. 15. SEM Recommendations 1. Bid on the ad groups/keywords listed previously. Competition is high, if quality score is strong, Increase traffic Brand awareness to their target audience. 2. Increase Quality Score: Lacked relevant landing pages. Advise changing keywords searches to a more relevant page Reducing clicks
  16. 16. Website
  17. 17. Summary Intuitive and accessible Strategically organized User-friendly Top tab is static, ideal for scrolling Shopping, Product Testing, Reviews, Customer Service Chats, and FAQ Proper Care and Troubleshooting Returns Giving back to the community Financing Refer-A-Friend Rewards Program
  18. 18. Current Functionality Features reviews on top tab Most reliable Clear call to action Click to call “See the product” as a blue button, against gray background throughout each page Attentive staff Chat window Quick and friendly Nice use of animation to attract attention Graphics showing bed
  19. 19. Current Functionality Site features videos Watch how mattress, sheets and pillows are made Test the mattress in select locations Features carousel with pictures of the apartment in each locations Picture sets the scene for both day and night FAQ page sorted by product and functionality Drop down menu for maintenance, problems use, cleaning, shipping and accommodations Quality Promise Try out the product for 100 days If you don’t like it it will be donated to local charity Accommodating Financing program as a payment plan Refer-A-Friend program of $50 off and $50 gift card
  20. 20. Third Party Extensions 17 extensions Heap analytics Cloud sponge Sift science Pingdom Cloudfare Cloudfront: is another delivery network Google commerce MediaMath Olark doubleclick keywee Optimizely Imgix Extole Converto Google tag manager Segment
  21. 21. RecommendationsAdditions to Navigation Bar Include social icons Customer reviews Product Return site Currently has very clear instructions “Try the Product” tab “Make an Appointment” via drop down menu Reviews Tab Seem ingenuine All 5 Stars then terrible review, sorted chronologically Should showcase its reviews in popular publications The New York Times and The Huffington Post Distinguishes credibility
  22. 22. Social Media
  23. 23. Social Media Basics 85.5% of millennials (ages 18-49) use social media regularly Houzz Twitter→ 40.1K followers Facebook→ 215.1K likes Pinterest→ 2.6K followers Instagram→ 25.9K followers LinkedIn→ almost 2K followers YouTube→ 467 subscribers Great for millennials
  24. 24. “Unboxing” “YouTube mega-trend in which consumers film themselves opening everything” Featured on Instagram accounts of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kat Graham, Emmy Rossum, and Ashley Greene Shows prospective customers a lot about Casper
  25. 25. Various Campaigns “The Nap Tour” (4 months, 7 cities) Valentine’s Day (Twitter) Labor Day (Uber) ‘Casper in the Wild’
  26. 26. What They’re Doing Right They answer you! Main goal is to form relationship with existing/prospective customers, not make an immediate sale Search retargeting Paid social media
  27. 27. Recommendations Increase brand engagement Facebook Augmentation/more paid social media Create more questions on social media sites for followers to answer and/or comment on Create more shareable videos and “listicles” Make better efforts to create relationships without marketing to people
  28. 28. Email
  29. 29. What they’re doing right Casper sends out regular emails Spaced out every 2 - 4 days Variety of content “Snoozeletter” Access via the website Layout & design
  30. 30. Sign-up Recommendations ● More clear location to sign-up for more information ● This is a way to sign-up for their emails
  31. 31. More Recommendations Timeline of “Snoozeletter” Blog content via email Message disconnect
  32. 32. Budget & Our Request Relies on WOM Spends little on advertising Making about $75 million 2015 Taking 10% of revenue = $7.5 million for advertising