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Zaporizhye is European city

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Zaporizhye is European city

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Zaporizhye is European city

  1. 1. Zaporozhye – is European city! Zaporozhye is not only my hometown, but also very beautiful, interesting city that has a long history. Zaporizhzhya Cossacks lived here in the glorious place - Zaporizhzhya Sich. And that's why this place attracts Europeans from all over Europe Silent rails - it is a modern invention of Europeans which came to Zaporozhye and helps to reduce noise levels in the city. European gasoline - the key to a successful trip at any distance, continuous operation of the engine and the car as a whole. In Zaporozhye for several years running a European network of gas stations. Another important issue is the humane treatment of animals. In my town every season comes a program from Europe. Where volunteers specially sterilized stray animals. And not euthanized, and do not kill them! This is our smaller brothers. Thanks to these people :) Have you ever heard of the so-called electric car? Just recently, two years ago in Zaporozhye brought first electric cars! Which is powered by electricity! I think, it is useful invention of 21 century, cause such cars don`t pollute the environment and drive a lot quieter! I also want to talk about education in my city. I proud of my city because of the large number of universities and colleges! Students come to us from many other countries. The most popular is a medical institution that is located in the city center. And of course, as in many cities in Europe in Zaporozhye operates recilrculation sorting rubbish to the tanks - plastic, glass and household waste. Veronika Dmytrieva, form 9-B