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  1. 1. Event SURVEY St. Lucy’s High School Assembly 1/30/2013 Please help us Evaluate our Event by completing this short survey.We will use your feedback to determine how we may improve our future events. 1. Before the Relational Aggression Assembly have you ever been bullied? Yes No 2. What did you find most useful and enjoyable? 3. Was this RA Assembly informative for you? Yes No 4. Did you learn more about the consequences of Relational Bully? Yes No 5. Comments and Recommendations? 6. Overall, how would you rate the event? Satisfied Neither Satisfied nor Unsatisfied Very Satisfied Juliet Gipson, MA Young Ladies With Potential/ANTS, INC. Twitter: JulietGipson@Jewelcannes Email: Jewelcannes@hotmail.com