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Fake Kit SXSW 2017 - 7 things to fake your attendance

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Everybody has a good time at South by Southwest and you’ve been utterly annoyed by conference spam? This kit provides a way to fight back. Know what to tweet, comment and simply fake it with our 'Fake Kit'. Please share it if you like it. South by Southwest is a Conference in Austin, Texas, that celebrates the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. March 10-19, 2017.

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Fake Kit SXSW 2017 - 7 things to fake your attendance

  1. 1. #SXSW17FAKE KIT #SXSW17 7 useful things you need to know to fake your attendance at South by Southwest.
  2. 2. Note: Not everything is meant seriously. Use of recommendations may result in serious loss of clout.
  3. 3. First of all, you need to know what to complain about. Because, complaining is an important means to demonstrate your very high expectations. It can only reflect positively on you. Here is a list. #1#1 KNOW WHAT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT
  4. 4. COMPLAIN LIST WAITING IN LINES They were really not worth your time. 20-30 mins of waiting for each session? That are serious opportunity cost if you multiply it by 7 days. WRONG NAME BADGE Everybody thought you are a Travel agent as the registry wasn't able to change your premier company name on your badge. RAINY WEATHER Your wishful thinking made you pack summer clothes. But it rained all day, every day and there was a serious chance of getting the flu. CRAPPY INTERNET You had to buy Wifi credit for 120€ - 5,99€ per charge with ‚Tag‘ for 100 MB - since there was no working Wifi anywhere.
  5. 5. THE M A SLOW CO M PLA IN PYRA M ID O F SXSW Self Fullfillment WAITING IN LINES Social Needs CRAPPY INTERNET Physiological needs RAINY WEATHER Esteem Needs WRONG NAME BADGE …by the way, M aslow had it w rong
  6. 6. #2#2 BE FAMILIAR WITH THE LOCATIONS You only need to remember 5 places to chip into any conversation and show that you are part of the group. Even if you don't have anything valuable to add, dropping locations will show that you know.
  7. 7. PLACES CONVENTION CENTER The place to be for all big keynotes by speakers like Guy Kawasaki, Ray Kurzweil, Tim Ferris, Cory Richards. Room with the longest line: Ballroom D. JW MARRIOTT OR MARRIOTT? Yes there are two. They are very close to each other and host a lot of talks that start with ‚the future of…‘, ‚AI and…‘, ‚The UX of….' GERMAN HAUS AND HOUSE OF SMART The place to be for free beer, food & Germans. At day they host talks with speakers like Mark Cuban and Dr. Z. At night they host live music parties. 6TH STREET VS RAINY STREET Yuppies go out in the west, college students and tourists in the center, hipsters in the east. 6th Street is the center of the center. But you know what – that’s 2016 talk - rainy street is the new centre.
  8. 8. PLACES Beer Knowledge 6TH STREET JW MARRIOTT CONVENTION CENTER MARRIOTT Beer but not free GERMAN HOUSE HOUSE OF SMART Some good speakers and beer Many good speakers and beer Just beer and bull riding RAINY STREET
  9. 9. #3#3 KNOW WHAT PEOPLE LAUGHED ABOUT Laughing with other people or making them laugh is an extremely effective means to bond. So knowing what topics people were talking about is a must to fake it.
  10. 10. LAUGH LIST OBSCURE TITLES There were interesting titles. Almost too interesting. Would you go to a ‚how to suppress your feelings‘ meet up? We did. Want to know what it was? PM us! QUESTIONABLE CASES PeChat, a talking button to get control of your kids. It is attached to their favourite toy and says whatever you want to say. Imagine, when they find out… VR MOVES The vast versatility of VR opportunities created some funny films. There was a flying machine, a gold hunt with zombies and a bouldering spiderman experience. BIZARRE FOODS At lunch we discovered Soylent. It is a bottled meal replacement smoothie and includes all important nutrients. It tasted nice… but… 400kcal for nothing?
  11. 11. #4#4 BE ABLE TO DROP AN EXPERT'S QUOTE Using experts to undermine your point gives you ultimate credibility. Cialdini, who defined 6 drivers of ‚influence‘, calls it authority.
  12. 12. Don’t talk about it, be about it. It’s story doing. Tanarra Schneider, Fjord, on Social Content. The real challenge is translating data into insights. David Grant, Popsugar, on using data tools for insights. Pre-suation accellerates persuation. Robert Cialdini, Author of Pre-suation on Influence.
  13. 13. If chat is the new browser, Chatbots are the new websites. Messenger Kik on Chatbots. Good leaders are the ones who make you feel safe and included. Patrycja Slawuta on hacking yourself. Originals make the unfamiliar familiar. Adam Grant on creating innovations.
  14. 14. #5Its important to know all the buzzwords. But not to use them (that will make you look a little behind) - no, to bash them. That gives you extra smart points. #5 KNOW THE HYPECYCLE OF BUZZWORDS
  15. 15. Oh my god, I’m leaving with a PHD in futurism! What the 
 heck are they talking about? Wait, that’s… what’s this about? Sure i can explain that to you…noob! BLOCK CHAIN AI/HI CHAT BOTS MACHINE LEARNING NEW 
  16. 16. #6A book tip, a smart framework or a brilliant case are always good things to share. People will appreciate it. It’s about giving and getting (more) back. #6 SHARE SOMETHING VALUABLE
  17. 17. CASES VW Speed Camera Lottery - Social Influence gamification Pop Sugar - Multiform storytelling BOTS Romance Now - storytelling bot Tic Tac Toe - gaming bot Icon8 -  self expression bot CNN - convincing students bot Roll bot - group of people bot Murder mistery - role play bot LINKS yukaichou.com - Gamification 8 selfhackathon.com - Psychology of yourself BOOKS Hooked, Nir Eyal Originals, Adam Grant Pre-suation, Robert Cialdini Triggers, Marshal Goldsmith TOOLS Sli.do makerarm thimble Popsugar trendrank
  18. 18. #7Follow all experts from the event. Your sudden high activity will reflect in the feed and you will profit from the I am interested effect. #7 FOLLOW AND SHOW IT
  19. 19. PEOPLE Sara Dietschy YouTuber Adam Grant Innovation Specialist Patrycja_NYC Psychologist Brandi YouTuber Yakaichou Gaming Expert Mark Cuban Investor
  20. 20. Thanks for reading. Let us know what you think. And share it, if you like it. Chop, chop. Christoph Korittke Head of Strategy Liane Siebenhaar Director Digital Strategy