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About Nishiwaki.rb and Kobe.rb

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A short introduction about Nishiwaki.rb and Kobe.rb.

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About Nishiwaki.rb and Kobe.rb

  1. 1. About Nishiwaki.rb and Kobe.rb And Kobe, Nishiwaki and me.
  2. 2. Welcome!
  3. 3. Let me introduce ourselves and cities.
  4. 4. About Kobe city
  5. 5. Capital city of Hyogo Prefecture Kobe is the sixth-largest city in Japan. The capital city of Hyogo Prefecture
  6. 6. Famous for the Port of Kobe The Port of Kobe is the fourth busiest in Japan. Kobe has been international hub for trade since old era.
  7. 7. Other big cities near Kobe Osaka and Kyoto are also the biggest cities in Japan. We call “Kansai region” around these cities.
  8. 8. About Nishiwaki city
  9. 9. 50km north from Kobe Nishiwaki city is 50km away from Kobe. About 1 hour by car. 50 km = 31 miles
  10. 10. The navel of Japan Nishiwaki city calls itself "The Navel of Japan." Located at the crossing of the 135° East meridian and the 35° North parallel.
  11. 11. Rural area Textile industry plays important part in Nishiwaki. But it is safe to say rural area. Much smaller than Kobe city.
  12. 12. About me
  13. 13. Junichi Ito Pronounces my name like June + itchy. Rails developer. Twitter = @jnchito
  14. 14. Me and English Translated ebook Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec. Formerly working in American semi-conductor company
  15. 15. Remote worker Living in Nishiwaki city with wife and two children. My company is located in Tokyo. Working remotely in my house.
  16. 16. About Nishiwaki.rb and Kobe.rb
  17. 17. About us Both Nishiwaki.rb and Kobe.rb are regional Ruby communities in Japan. Started activities since March 2013. Hold meet-up every month. Founders are Junichi and Aki.
  18. 18. Two as one? Junichi and Aki started together. Junichi in Nishiwaki and Aki in Kobe Both wanted including city names. So we started to call ourselves as Nishiwaki.rb and Kobe.rb.
  19. 19. Write code, review code In our meet-up, Attendees write code by themselves. Attendees review code each other.
  20. 20. Ruby code camp 2014 4th-5th Oct., we went on a code camp. Enjoyed coding, eating, drinking and horse riding!
  21. 21. Small, but fun. Nishiwaki.rb and Kobe.rb
  22. 22. Thank you.