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Hacks/Hackers Lagos

Introduction to the Hacks/Hackers Africa network, at the 1st meetup of 2014 in Lagos

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Hacks/Hackers Lagos

  1. 1. Hacks/Hackers Lagos! 11 January 2014
  2. 2. NETWORK: ! HacksHackers Currently 13 active African chapters 2014 target to grow 20 chapters across Africa ! ! SKILLS PROGRAMME: ! 10x annual d|Bootcamps 10x annual d|Masterclasses 5x DataLiberation scraperthons 5x Code4Democracy hackathons 1x annual pan-African TechCamp ! IDEAS MARKETPLACE: $1m/yr in seed grants thru ANIC $500k/yr in story grants thru TASC A new Nigeria fund & fellowships will launch soon
  3. 3. ! Nairobi Data Bootcamp 2012 Digital + Data Literacy Skills: ! We host data literacy bootcamps and masterclasses, develop course materials, and convene strategic policy roundtables + catalytic hackdays across Africa to develop data skills & knowledge.
  4. 4. Hacks/Hackers Building Community! We're creating a diverse community of civic hackers, data activists and data narrators through a pan-African network of Hacks/Hackers chapters, with CitizenLabs in tech incubators, and 'kickstarter' Code for Democracy cocreation events.
  5. 5. !d|Roundtables strategy sessions ! International sponsorships ! d|Clinic project planning ! #EditorsLab hackathons
  6. 6. Funding to Scale:! Hacks/Hackers serves as an ideas factory + ! team-building machine for our venture funding partners, who offer seed grants + angel & earlystage impact investment, to initiatives that have achieved meaningful traction, and that offer scalability, sustainability and replicability.
  7. 7. Knowledge Sharing:! We network the global Hacks/Hackers community to share our skills, our successes & our mistakes with the world
  8. 8. WANT TO JOIN? ! Sign-up on our Google Group at: http://bit.ly/HHlagos Join the umbrella Hacks/Hackers Africa community on Facebook at: http://bit.ly/HHAfrica
  9. 9. Thank You ! @seunOnigbinde