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Justin Oliver

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Justin Oliver

  1. 1. Patient, professional and people- oriented, Justin Oliver has exper- ienced great success in the real estate industry. Originally from England, he got his start in London while he pursued a career in golf. He received an internship at a local firm and it took off from there. Before he knew it, he was a broker, building his business exponentially and loving every minute of it. Today he is with Urban Real Estate in Chicago, serving Chicago’s metropolitan area. He specializes in investment properties and distressed properties, but is always open to all types of clients and properties. It is Justin’s patience and availability that sets him apart from his peers. His experience also proves beneficial, as he has worked in many facets of the industry. “People like doing business with me because they like talking real estate with me. I have a wealth of knowledge, in combination with my experience in international property markets, so I’m a very well-rounded pro- fessional,” he says. Vibrant and outgoing, he’s also a great person to have around, and his clients enjoy that he makes the process fun and relaxed. With his focus on service and making his clients comfortable, most transactions are smooth and painless. But when a difficult situation comes up, he excels at dealing with it in the appropriate manner. “People can get very emotionally attached to the transaction. So I’m extremely patient with everyone, and I get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible,” he explains. Understanding how important this purchase is to his clients, he always makes himself available. Whether it’s through email, phone or text, he is reachable and ready to talk to them. During the process, he’s their best friend, and focuses on making the client feel well taken care of and appreciated. His clients continually praise him for his work, leaving him glowing testimonials that rave about his skills and knowledge. One recent client said, “Justin is the best at finding you exactly what you need in a property! He is very responsive, flexible and accommodating, and Copyright Top Agent Magazine will make sure your task at finding the perfect place to live is as effortless as possible. If there was an option to rate him 6 stars, I'd definitely do it because he takes the extra step to ensure all your needs are met! Can't thank him enough for his kindness and hard work.” In addition to Justin’s passion for real estate, he is also passionate about the community. He’s involved in many charities and associations, including the Chicago Area Realty Association, a charity that focuses on eliminating bullying, and the Chicago Emergency Fund. For every sale his brokerage completes this year, the agents are donating a portion of their commission to the Chicago Emergency Fund, helping people whose homes were damaged from flooding and other disasters. Years into his career, Justin can’t imagine himself in any other career path. When asked what he loves the most, he has difficulty naming just one aspect, because he loves it all. But what seems to stand out above everything is the rewards Justin finds in helping others. “I love seeing people fulfill their dreams, whether it’s helping investors build their portfolio or getting a first- time buyer a home. The fact that I can get to know people, understand them and get them what they want is so rewarding.” JUSTIN OLIVER FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT JUSTIN OLIVER OF URBAN REAL ESTATE IN CHICAGO, PLEASE CALL 773-425-8662 OR EMAIL JUSTIN@URBANRE.COM