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Marketing Tips for Abbey Guest House

  1. @AbbeyGuestHouse   October  2015  
  2. ü  Save time! ü  Save money! ü  Get more guests! Unfortunately we don’t have enough time to figure out how to save time in everyday organisation.! But we believe with more guests and less costs, Abbey Guest House could on a mid-term basis hire one more employee, and therefore give additional time to Terry.! [Abbey  Guest  House  main  issues]  
  3. [How  to  get  more  guests?]   A specific target to reach: ! People w/ impairments! Guests mostly come to Abingdon because they have to.! But once they came here, they know that Abbey Guest House is cosy and is a good place to stay.! ! So why not make them aware of all they can do around the destination on week-ends? Or even week-time for those who are retired?! It’s well known that as there are not a lot of accommodations able to welcome correctly people with impairments, all the efforts and solutions that have been implemented in Abbey Guest House represent a serious asset to communicate.! Increase guests loyalty and repurchase rate:! Valorising the destination!
  4. What messages ? ü  Simply present the Guest House and its solutions to welcome people with impairments.! ü  Communicate specifically the solutions implemented for each type of impairments. ! ü  Emphasize on the destination you are part of: Oxfordshire, White Horse, Abingdon.! ü  Eventually conceive special offers for past clients.! How to communicate? ü  It’s more information than really communication.! ü  People with impairments seems to be an easy-to-reach target, and at no cost, if you know how to generate word of mouth.! ü  Videos and images surely are the best media to inform with.! Where to communicate? ü  It’s a community based communication, so one of the best ways to reach the target must be social networks.! ü  We have to find the specific networks to inform.! ü  Your clients database is your first and most powerful marketing tool.! [How  to  get  more  guests?]  
  5. [How  to  get  more  guests?]   Websites to send information to or to register: ü! Maybe register for membership (35£/year –VAT Exempt) + enhanced entry on (£25/year + VAT)! ü (blog + register to be in the list of places to go) ! (, ! ü (European Network) ! (! ü (register)!! ü! ! ü  Abingdon + regional media! ü (register)! 1.  Create an Excel spreadsheet with name of organisation + contact info! à30 min (one shot)! 2.  Use it once a month or every 2 months to send ½ page information on what’s new at Abbey Guest House or what special event took or will take place.! Ex: 10 years anniversary; new equipment for impaired people.! à1h every time for writing + sending.! >Specific  networks  
  6. [How  to  get  more  guests?]   >Social  networks   How to be efficient using social networks? 1. Open a spread sheet and make a 3 to 6 months planning with:! •  date! •  subject (AGH global news / Disability / Destination)! •  If relevant: page of your website you link to! •  social network you should post on! à 30 min! 2. Open and organize a file with all the pictures / videos related to:! •  The guest house! •  The various disabilities! •  Clients experiences! •  The destination! à  1h (one shot) + 20 min every 2 weeks to gather new pictures! 3. Respect the planning!
  7. [How  to  get  more  guests?]   >Twitter   A post on Twitter It’s only 140 characters so you need to make it as short as possible :! ü  Use #. Cf. list of key words provided in this document! ü  As often as possible, join a picture (clic on the camera sign).! ü  If posting any link, use to shorten it and copy paste the short link.! ü  Include Tweeter IDs of relevant target audience (cf. IDs provided in this document).! ! Ex: “New #Mobility equipment tested today #AccessibleTravel @AccessibleB @WheelchairTravel @DisabledGo @Wctravelorg @tourismforalluk Come Visit!”! ! With a picture of a client using the equipment.!
  8. [How  to  get  more  guests?]   >Twitter   Global access: ü  @EUaccesstourism! ü  @DisabledGo ! ü  @access4everyone! ü  @Compassdis! ü  @AccessAllRooms! ü  @AccessNowGuides! ü  @Travability! ü  @Handiscovercom! ü  @tourismforalluk! ü  @AccessChamp! ü  @DHorizons! ü  @VE_Awards ! ü  @SensitiveTravel! ü  @BrianMSeaman! ü  @EcoWatch! ü  @AccessibleB! ü  @parability2! ü  @DisabilityNow! ü  @DisabilityUK! Mobility / older: ü  @spinalinjuries! ü  @RicaUK! ü  @WCTravelOrg! ü  @WheelchairTrav! ü  @SurreyWheels4Al! ! Others: ü  @asthmauk! Deaf: ü  @deafnation! ü  @DeafAction! Tags to use in your tweets: ü  #AccessibleTravel! ü  #AccessTourism! ü  #AccessibleHoliday! ü  #AccessibleRoom! ü  #Mobility! ü  #VisualImpair! ü  #HearingImpair! ü  #Abingdon! ü  #Oxford! ü  …! Twitter accounts to communicate with: 1.  Implement your Tweeter address in all corporate documents and communication, including confirmation reservation mails.! à30-45 min! 2.  “Follow” all the Tweeter accounts mentioned on this page as well as any Tweeter account related to your destination.! à20 min! 3.  Tweet twice a week relevant info to your target audience. ! à5 min + 5 min / week! 4.  When you’re tweeted at, “ReTweet” (RT) the post or add it to your favorites. ! à1 min! 5.  Once in a while, look for new relevant accounts to follow.! à10 min!
  9. [How  to  get  more  guests?]   >Facebook   A post on Facebook The rules are mostly the same as Tweeter except that you have no characters limit. ! ! Must do: ü  Introduce the subject by a “[#key word]”. ! If you always use the same ones, at the end one will be able to click on a key word and see all the posts related. ! ü  Always put either a picture, a video or a link. I makes it more visual.!
  10. [How  to  get  more  guests?]   >Facebook   Facebook accounts to like: ü ! ü! ü! ü! ü! ü! ü! ü ! ü  Other Abingdon / Oxford tourism or catering actors. ! 1.  Implement you Facebook address in all corporate documents and communication, including confirmation reservation mails.! à30 min! 2.  “Like” relevant Facebook accounts.! à20 min! 3.  Post news dealing with your marketing strategy and target audience once a week.! à5 min / week!
  11. Abbey Guest House should implement a quarterly bulletin to be sent by e-mail to its guests.! ! Subjects to be mentioned in the newsletter:! ü  News from Abingdon and around, special events and occasions coming up.! ü  New @AbbeyGuestHouse ü  Calls to action: make a booking | share information! It should remain very simple and short.! Eventually, if you feel like sending a bulletin more often, it’s of course better! But maximum once a month.! ! NB: make sure to put all the mail addresses in “cci”…! ! à1 to 2h (writing + sending the newsletter).! [How  to  get  more  guests?]   >Client  database  
  12. [How  to  get  more  guests?]   >Client  database   Where  to  get  the  news  from  Abingdon  and  around?   ü! ü! ü! ü! ü! ! à  Subscribe to newsletters : 15 min!
  13. Contacts : Justine : +33 (0)6 19 92 35 02 | Mahery : +33 (0)6 99 02 62 82 Your  Turn!  ☺   In order to receive marketing tips designed for you regularly:! ü  Join the group “Marketing Tips with Hopineo” on Facebook ü  Go to the “HopPlus” part of our website, on the marketing page.!