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Save money by being more eco-friendly, by Hopineo

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Justine and Mahery did a HopTrip at the Abbey Guest House. This is one of the document they made. It includes some tips to cut costs on water and energy and some HopSolutions (good practices for a more responsible tourism) that could be implemented.

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Save money by being more eco-friendly, by Hopineo

  1. 1. [Save money being more eco-friendly] What are the (almost) investment free improvements you could make to save (a lot!) of money?
  2. 2. [Savings]
  3. 3. [Energy]
  4. 4. Light bulbs LEDs can cut your lighting cuts by up to 85% Insulation Avoid thermal bridges (windows, doors,…) [Cut costs-Energy] Thermostat Turn it down by just a degree and slash 10% of the energy used heat the guest house. Domestic appliances  Chose models of class A+ or A++  Run your fridge between 3 to 5°  Turn down hot water to 60°  Set you washing machine to 30 to 40° [Tips] [Products] LED bulb Verbatim LED Classic 9W £6.45 – last 20 000 hours Even if you use it 4 hours a day, you save up to £8.94 Energy saving bulb are twice as energy consuming than LED.
  5. 5. Hansgrohe Croma 100 Vario hand  £26.45  9L/minute flow rate  Spray pattern : rain, normal, shampoo, massage. Neoperl Male or Female  £4.96  3.5L/minute flow rate  Measure your tap diameter to pick the right one. [Cut costs-Water] Ecosmart Shower They reduce water usage by more than 60%. This will help you save both water and energy. Tap aerator This will reduce the amount of water you use by more than 60%. Older taps can flow up to 18L a minute. With the aerator, this goes down to 3,5. Quick payback. Monitoring the water consumption It allows to detect abnormal consumption due to a leak for example, detect excessively low consumption that could reflect a counter failure, measure the savings you made thanks to the system you implemented. http://bit.ly/1Wcau9C http://bit.ly/1OZAi8E
  6. 6. Soft mobility Promote public transport instead of private car for your staff and guests. More info: http://hopineo.org/en/ince ntives-soft-mobilities/ Minimize tumble drying When possible, don’t use tumble drier. More info: http://hopineo.org/en/solar -dryer/ Table Napkins Sew the room numbers on them (or a specific drawing) so you don’t have to wash them every day if the guests are staying several nights. Local recruitment Staff knows better the area, and spend less carbon going to work! More info : http://hopineo.org/en/local -recruitment/ 3 R’s Always keep those three words in mind : reduce, reuse, recycle. An hold sheet can become napkin, old napkin can become rag. Less housekeeping Offer you guests a discount or a free beer in the closest pub for examples if they don’t need you to make the room every day, Bulk Prefer bulk products than individual (for ketchup and HP sauce for example): way less expensive and a lot less waste. Dishwasher Most of them have a drying function that uses quite a lot of energy. Instead of using it, open the door after last rinse, that works as well. Repair leaks A leaking tap is 4L/h, 35000L/year. A leaking flush is 219000L/year. To spot leaks in the flush, put some food coloring in the tank. Minimize flush If you don’t have double flushes, another option is to put a full bottle of water in the flush tanks so less water goes away with each flush. Light policy Define with your staff a light policy (in the rooms and in common areas): when should it be on, when should it be off and dust off the bulbs often. [Easily doable]
  7. 7. AGH branded products Sell guest house branded products like towel, bathrobe, slippers, or your homemade natural cleaning products ! Gift cards Encourage your guests to refer new customers by giving them the opportunity to acquire a gift card for friend or family. Make meringues What to do with you egg whites? Meringues for your guests. http://hopineo.org/en/recy cling-egg-whites- meringues/ Bicycle available Offer your guest bicycles to get to town (Abingdon or Oxford-40 minutes) http://hopineo.org/en/bicy cle-availability-cleaner- transport/ Training center Become a training place where people from other guest houses, or other institutions can learn all about your ‘access to all’ policy. Visual fire alarm Because the hearing- impaired might not hear the fire alarm… http://hopineo.org/en/fire- alarms-for-the-hearing- impaired/ The Shower Timer An hourglass in the shower to raise awareness. More info : http://hopineo.org/en/the- shower-timer/ [To go further]
  8. 8. This document has been made for Abbey Guest House, Abingdon, England. What is missing? Let’s improve it all together ! YOUR TURN ! @
  9. 9. Together, towards a better tourism Hopineo.org /hopineo.org @HopineoTrips /company/hopineo contact@hopineo.org Sources : Hoteleconews.com Hopineo.org Savemoneycutcarbon.com Photo credits : Liliane Clément Photography K.H.Remchert