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Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Math VI

Problem Solving involving Water Meter Consumption

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Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Math VI

  1. 1. Tanauan Institute Inc. Tanauan City, Batangas Semi- Detailed Lesson Plan in Math VI Prepared by: Justine M. de Castro BEED III-A
  2. 2. Objectives: 1. Read and interpret water meter consumption. 2. Solve for the water consumptions. 3. Apply what they have learned in real life. I. SubjectMatter: Topic: Solving Water Meter Consumption Value Focus: Cooperation, Integration, Accuracy References: http://iwb-resources.blogspot.com/2012/04/electric-and-water- consumption.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX-SLJKqhuQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4ZR53n0D8I Materials: Powerpoint presentation, dices, envelope, answer sheets, video presentation Curriculum Links: English, Science, Values Education, Makabayan II. Procedures: A. Routinary Activities Teacher tell students to stand up and pray and ask them to clean up unnecessary things under the desks. And teacher greet students, “Good morning grade VI!” B. Preparatory Activities 1. Drill Teacher organized the game that is similar to “Snake and Ladder” but this game was changed the content which includes Philippine money. Teacher will read the mechanics of game. All have to do is to roll the dice and point of what it turns and solve it, for example number three box is Php50-Php20=?. 2. Review Teacher ask students of what is the lesson yesterday about electric consumption. Including to find consumption it goes present reading minus previous reading. 3. Motivation Another exciting game wherein teacher organized the game entitled “Who is your best friend”, a name was derive from “Sino Ang Nanay Mo?”, a segment in television series which is Showtime. Teacher read mechanics of game. The questions that will going to ask is about subtracting numbers in cubic meter and liter unit. Mechanics of this game was similar to the noon time segment which is to ask student who press the buzzer first, the clapping of hands, and if the answer is correct, he/she calls his/her best friend in room and give a message of motivation. C. Activity Teacher shows the picture of digital water meterand asks if they have an idea of what it is because it is related in group’s activity. She will group students in to three. Each group having envelope. Inside the envelope are the answer sheet includes problem solving of five problems each group.
  3. 3. Each problem had situation of previous and present reading. All you have to do is to subtract the bigger number which is the present reading to previous reading. Example 6610-6540=_____. Then, teacher asks each group to present their work to each class. And post rubrics and choose for the best group. D. Analysis Teacher ask students about findings in their group activity. Then ask questions about the problem in answer sheets. Then teacher asks each group of what are the answers in their answer sheets. Finally, she explains elaborately of how to find the consumption of water by subtracting present reading to previous reading. E. Abstraction Teacher asks of how volume of water consumption be computed. She added another idea that in 0420473, numbers from the left which is 0420 is always read in cubic meters. And tell students to take note cubic meters are always in four digit numbers from the left. Also gives reminder that do not read zero from the left, so it read as 420 cubic meters. Then ask that what are the numbers from the right are called? Tells that the answer is liter. Give another examples to read in cubic meters and examples to find volume of consumption, answers always express in cubic meters. Generalization To generalize the lesson for today, teacher asks that what water consumption is. Water consumption is the portion of water use that is not returned to the original water source after being withdrawn. Also asks of how to compute consumption by? Then tells of what is bigger, present or previous reading. And asks of what unit of measurement to use in computing water consumption. Values Integration Teacher shows video presentation entitled “Water Conservation Animation”. And asks to take down notes of what they’ve learned in video. After that they will read their notes in front. F. Application Find the volume of water consumption for each month. Reading September October November December Previous 2947 2999 3060 3124 Present 2999 3060 3124 3199 𝒎 𝟑 consumed ? ? ? ? Assignment 1. Masinop family monitors closely their water consumption this month the reading on their dial is 00431071, last month is was 00308013. How many cubic meters was used? 2. Compute water consumption from present to previous in your household from the month of August, September, October and November.