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FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                    VOL. # ONE      ISSUE #8 ...
Page 2                                        REFLECTIONS 2011                                 “Time to Reflect…Time to Ce...
Page 3         From The DRR’s DeskDear Friends,                                                                         TH...
Page 4                                      CLUB                COGNIZANCE                                             ROT...
Page 5          CLUB                 COGNIZANCE         ROTARACT CLUB OF DADRI CITY        Rotaract club of Dadri city wa...
Page 6                                        CLUB                     COGNIZANCE                                         ...
Page 7                                                    February Club Performance                                       ...
Page 8                 EDITORIAL          Just JottingDear Friends,Warm Rotaract greetings.  Hope all of you are doing ...
Page 11                                                                                                                   ...
Page 11                                                   BITS ‘n PIECES              ROTA CONFERENCE: RC MANIPAL         ...
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  1. 1. FEBRUARY 2011 VOL. # ONE ISSUE #8 ROTARACT DISTRICT 3010 SHOWCASE Reflections 2011 : District Conference In this issue Rotaract District 3010 celebrated the successful completion the first half of its tenure at the District Conference “REFLECTIONS 2011”. It was a time to showcase the achievements  Reflections 2011 SUBHEAD. SUBHEAD. SUBHEAD. …Page 2 and endeavours undertaken during the past six months. The event was a fun-filled gathering of Rotarians and Rotaractors from all over the district.  DDR’s Desk …Page3  Club Cognizance …Page 4  Points To Ponder ...Page 7  Just Jotting …Page 8  Rotary International News ...Page 10 Rotaract District Conference: Reflections 2011Reflections 2011 was sponsored by the Rotaract Club of Pilkhuwa Disha and the Rotaract Club of Dadri City .The conferencesaw participation from many clubs from across the district. Special guests from the Rotary Blood Bank also graced the occasion.The event was not all talk and discussions but a cultural extravaganza as well. This helped in developing a friendly atmosphere inthe gathering.For more details turn to page 2. Stay Connected !!!!! Facebook Group:**Rotaract District 3010** www.rotaractdistrict3010.com
  2. 2. Page 2 REFLECTIONS 2011 “Time to Reflect…Time to Celebrate!!!!!!!!!”Rotaract District 3010 completed six months of this Rotaract year. Its was atime to celebrate our achievements and review our future plans for theupcoming months. District conference is a perfect opportunity not only to meet fellowrotaractors from all over the district once again and share your visions , butalso enhance your bonding of friendship with each other. The event isbelieved to have an indispensible share on the Rotaract calendar, as it is trulyan embodiment of reflection. It is about reflecting upon the changes that havebeen instilled until now during the tenure of the current DRR. It marks anopportunity to ponder over the developments which were planned at theinstallation of the DRR."REFLECTIONS" ,the Mid-year District Conference 2010-11 was held on12th February at Riverside Club Mayur Vihar-I. The event began with thefelicitation of experienced Rotarians and Rotaractors. The occasion wasgraced by the presence of Rtrn. Ajay Narayan(Director, New Generation),Rtrn. G.S. Bansal, Dr. Tejinder Singh, Rtr. Manik Gupta(DRR), Rtr. VirPhilip(DRR Elect), Rtr. Prateek Ahuja(District Secretary) and Rtr. SiddharthGupta(DRR Nominee for the year 2012-13).There was an open Question-Answer session as well; where Rtrn. AjayNarayan, Director of „New Generation‟ Organisation addressed a plethora ofissues faced by the rotaractors within the clubs and welcomed theirsuggestions with open hearts.Rtn.Tejinder Singh from the Rotary Blood Bank also presented a shortmovie on Thalassemia awareness.The occasion was not only constrained to discussions. There was a culturalextravaganza as well, where the rotaractors from Rotaract clubs of ASET,Biijwasan and IILM, Noida gave splendid performances. Later, they werelauded for their spirits to pluck up the courage to perform. After this, a JAMsession made the event even more lively, where all the people swayed to themusic, as one big family.The highlights of the event were:  Presentation of the work done in district in past 6 months by DRR Rtr.Manik Gupta: All events undertaken by the District and plans for the future were illustrated.  Review of Club performances: The clubs with the best performances were applauded while those lagging were told to share their problems.  Cultural programme by Rotaractors of RC IILM and RC ASET: All participants were awarded with tokens of appreciation.  Fellowship Meet: The fellowship meet included a jam session followed by lunch.
  3. 3. Page 3 From The DRR’s DeskDear Friends, THE FOUR WAY TESTWarm Rotaract Greetings!! Of the things we think,First of all I want to acknowledge all clubs for participating in the District say or do…Conference 2010 – REFLECTIONS. Your participation in district events , 1. Is it the TRUTH?shows your passion towards the Rotaract Movement. It gives you a chance 2. Is it FAIR to allnot only to meet and know about the activities of the fellow friends fromother clubs in the district but also a platform to showcase your talent. My concerned?special thanks to rotaractors who performed and showcased their talent on 3. Will it build GOODWILLstage. Rotaract being a program consisting of people below 30 years of age , and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?its not easy to sponsor an event like this. District really appreciates Rotaract 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL toClub of Dadri City and Rotaract Club of Pilkhuwa who sponsored and madethis event happen. all concerned? Clubs like Delhi South , Dadri city , Vivek , Noida who have beenreligiously participating in the Polio Ravivar camps needs special Service Above Selfrecognition for outstanding service to the society. We all must work towardsthe Eradication of Polio and participate in Polio camps in underprivilegedsections of the society and not only vaccinate but also educate them of thisdreadful disease.Last but not the least , Wish you all a very Happy Holi. This Holi , spread Rotary International Themethe colors of your life among the underprivileged section of the society. For 2010- 2011Best of Luck!!Rtr. Manik GuptaDRR Dist. 3010 – Learning Through Fellowship Rotaract District 3010 Theme For 2010-2011 Rtr.Manik Gupta, DRR 2010-11
  4. 4. Page 4 CLUB COGNIZANCE ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI SOUTH  The month of February began with the General Body Meet held on February 6th, 2011 wherein the various events to be executed throughout the month were discussed and new ideas were introduced. Around thirty five young and innovative minds were present.  An Indo-African meet was organized by the Rotary Club of Delhi South with the assistance of Rotaract Club of Delhi South in Jawaharlal Nehru University on Monday, 28th February, 2011. It was a great event whose aim was to bring together representatives from India and Africa.Indo-African Meet by RC DELHI SOUTH  A Pulse Polio Campaign was held at Madrassi Village, Jangpura, New Delhi (Nizammudin Station) on Sunday, February 27 th, 2011.  “Aasha Campaign” is an initiative taken by the Rotaract club of Delhi South wherein the rotaractors visit different residential societies and collect old newspapers from the residents of the society which are later sold and whatever collection is obtained that is donated to the organizations such as Cheshire homes.  A group of fifteen Rotaractors visited the Cheshire Homes on Sunday, February 20th, 2011 and donated a sum of Two thousand Rupees to them. ROTARACT CLUB OF ASET End Polio Now  Members from the club attended the District Conference Reflections 2011. Rtr.Aayush Makker performed in the cultural meet and won accolades.  A visit to Ozanam Old Age Home was conducted on 18th February 2011. A team of fifteen rotaract members went to the old age home. There are about 25 members i.e. senior citizens in this home which is being run by society of St. Vincent de Paul. The rotaractors thus planned a lot of surprises. They arranged for a lunch which included cake as dessert. They also entertained the esteemed members with special performances in singing and dancing.  Three students from the club were selected for the next DAC team to be designated as Director of Community services, District editor and ZRR (West).OZANAM Home visit, RC ASET
  5. 5. Page 5 CLUB COGNIZANCE ROTARACT CLUB OF DADRI CITY  Rotaract club of Dadri city was CO-SPONSOR of the District conference “REFLECTIONS” & Five members of the club participated in this conference .The Club paid its district dues as well.  R.C. Club Dadri city organised a meeting for discussing about upcoming event “HOLI MILAN SAMAROH” & other projects.  Five members of the club participated in THE ART OF LIVING program “BHAKTI” at Siri fort Auditorium with Z.R.R. Rtr. Himanshu gupta. RC Dadri City, at “BHAKTI” ROTARACT CLUB OF AMITY PHYSIOTHERAPY REFLECTIONS- DISTRICT CONFERENCE 3010: It was indeed a pleasure to attend the conference held on 12th February as the club came up with some new ideas on how to enhance their performance as a rotaract member. The club is planning to organize a free health check up camps at amity sector 44, probably in the second week of March. RC Amity Physiotherapy at Reflections 2011 ROTARACT CLUB OF NOIDA  The month was started by organization of an EYE CAMP on 21st February, in collaboration with the Rotary club of Noida at Sector 2, Noida.  The club had set up a POLIO BOOTH in Sector 40 noida on 27 th February , Sunday, which was a “Polio Ravivar”.  The month was ended by a GET TOGETHER of The parent Rotary club and the Rotaract Club to celebrate the completion and inauguration of The Rotary Noida BLOOD BANK. We’re this close to Ending Polio Campaign Rotary International
  6. 6. Page 6 CLUB COGNIZANCE ROTARACT CLUB OF DELHI VIVEK  Counseling Camp – “ Keep smile avoid stress, Be scholar”  Eye check up camp –“Project-“Healthy Eyes, Healthy Feature...”  Blood Donation & Thalessimia Awareness Camp – Project :-“ Donate Blood, Save life ”  Awareness on the Benefit of Blood Donation and Healthy nutrition for gain it.  Reduce the Myths & conception on Blood Donation. Health Camp, RC Delhi Vivek  Awareness on Thalassimiya Major Disease.  Awareness camp on Mohalla Sabha, RTI, Women Empowerment & Save Environment Project- “Pahchaan”  “Youth Personality Development & Life Skills Training Program” For Adolescents. ROTARACT CLUB OF IILM  REFLECTIONS – 12 feb, 2011 o 6 members participated o Song and guitar performance by members  Computer awareness drive for underprivileged children of Greater Noida – 20 feb,2011 sunday - 19 students of daffodil public school, greater noida are provided practical exposure of vast computer application and basic softwares in IILM CMS campus, greater noida - 4 hour class on computer, ms office and internet - individual computer are provided to each student with independent volunteer - 12 volunteers participated - students are from class 6-9 - lunch and travel facility is provided to students and volunteers - cost effective measure by spending only Rs.1500RC IILM, Computer Awareness Programme
  7. 7. Page 7 February Club Performance 2500 2000 Clubs Of The Month 1500 1000 500 Points To Ponder 0 February Club Performance Here’s a tally of points awarded to theRotaract clubs based on the projects done,participation in district events,communication level and the quality ofthe reports sent. Communication with District Star Club Of The Month 300 250 200 Rotaract Club of 150 100 50 Communication with Delhi Vivek 0 District Projects Of The Month Donation to Cheshire Homes through Total Performance Level Collection and selling of Newspapers - By Delhi South 3000 Donation of Medicines to underpriviliged 2500 2000 - By Delhi Vivek 1500 1000 Participation in eradication of Poilo 500 through Polio Ravivar campaign- By RC 0 Total Performance Noida and Delhi South Level Well Done Rotaractors . . .!!! Keep UP The Good WOrk
  8. 8. Page 8 EDITORIAL Just JottingDear Friends,Warm Rotaract greetings.  Hope all of you are doing well and planning formany more exciting projects. Most of youseem to be busy with exams. Here’s wishingyou all the very best!!So here we are stepping into the second half of Rtr.Jyoti Bhatt District Editor 2010-11this rotaract year. Thanks to all those who veryhard day and night to make “REFLECTIONS2011” our district conference a major success.It was nice meeting all of you again and theJam session proved to be fabulous! Hope for Comic Cornermany more such interactions in the nearfuture.!!!But all the news is not good. We are allsaddened by the calamity that has recentlystruck Japan. It is time for all of us to unite andmake efforts to help all those affected by it.Hope all of you will come forward with someplans soon.God bless us all!! Rtr.Jyoti Bhatt District Editor 2010-11 The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.
  9. 9. Page 9MONTHLY MOSAIC
  10. 10. Page 11 Page 10 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL NEWS Foundation sets up disaster fund for Japan By Ryan Hyland Rotary International News -- 15 March 2011 In response to the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March, The Rotary Foundation has established the Rotary Japan and Pacific Islands Disaster Fund, which will support long-term recovery projects in affected areas. Rotarians and non-Rotarians can donate online. Clubs and districts can contribute cash and District Designated Fund (DDF) allocations to the fund. The 9.0-magnitude quake, Japans largest in history, and the tsunami that followed it caused widespread devastation, paralyzing much of the northern coast. More than 10,000 people have been killed, and thousands are missing. Millions have been left without clean water or power, and at least 550,000 people have been forced from their homes. A series of explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, 140 miles northeast of Tokyo, damaged reactors and forced the evacuation of tens of thousands. The Japanese government is working to contain the situation. Damage from the earthquake and tsunami is estimated at US$170 billion. RI President-nominee Sakuji Tanaka, of the Rotary Club of Yashio, Saitama, was in Lisbon, Portugal, on Rotary business during the disasters. He was able to reach his wife, Kyoko, on the phone to confirm her safety. People carry their furniture from their ruined home 15 March in "She said it was the most horrifying experience shed ever had," says Tanaka. Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, four days after "The northern region of Japan is still in chaos. We are unsure when this chaos will end or when things will get better. However, I am most thankful toan earthquake and tsunami devastated Japans northeast coast know that Rotarians around the world care for us." towns. AP Photo/Kyodo News Japanese RI directors Masaomi Kondo and Masahiro Kuroda, as well as staff at Rotary Internationals Japan office, are confirmed to be safe. Rotary clubs and districts worldwide are mobilizing efforts to bring urgently needed aid to victims. "Ive received many messages from Rotarians all over the world," says Noriko Futagami, the Public Image Resource Group coordinator for Zone 2. "I also have reports that Rotary clubs have begun to start planning projects for immediate help. Unfortunately, there are many Rotarians and families who havent been able to be contacted. Rotarians in Japan worry for their safety." To donate log on to : https://riweb.rotaryintl.org/donor_xml/ContributionMenu.asp
  11. 11. Page 11 BITS ‘n PIECES ROTA CONFERENCE: RC MANIPAL For Details Contact : Rtr.Jyoti Bhatt, Jo_groove@yahoo.com http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=132376810117069Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. Rotaract clubs are either community or university based, and they’re sponsored by a local Rotary club. This makesthem true "partners in service" and key members of the family of Rotary.Through the Rotaract program, young adults not only augment their knowledge and skills, but theyalso address the physical and social needs of their communities while promoting internationalunderstanding and peace through a framework of friendship and service.Membership starts with you! Invite friends, family and co-workers to become members of Rotaract Got A Story ? Email your creations to Jo_groove@yahoo.com before 10th April 2011 Its easy to make a buck. Its a lot tougher to make a difference.