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Azure Container Service

Intro to Docker/Docker Compose,
Creating ACS cluster with DC/OS orchestrator

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Azure Container Service

  1. 1. 1CONFIDENTIAL Introduction to Azure Container Service DECEMBER 2, 2016 Alex Feschenko, SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER
  2. 2. 2CONFIDENTIAL AGENDA Containers are not VMs1 Working with Docker (Build, Ship, Run)2 Container architecture3 Azure Container Service4 Q&A5
  3. 3. DECEMBER 2, 2016
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. • • • • Infrastructure Windows Server 2016 Bins/Libs App Docker Engine Bins/Libs App Bins/Libs App
  6. 6. • • • Infrastructure Windows Server 2016 Bins/Libs App Docker Engine Bins/Libs App Bins/Libs App WS Kernel Windows containers Hyper V container
  7. 7. DECEMBER 2, 2016
  8. 8. Docker Image The basis of a Docker container. Represents a full application Docker Container The standard unit in which the application service resides and executes Docker Engine Creates, ships and runs Docker containers deployable on a physical or virtual, host locally, in a datacenter or cloud service provider Registry Service (Docker Hub or Docker Trusted Registry) Cloud or server based storage and distribution service for your images
  9. 9. Developers IT Operations BUILD Development Environments SHIP Create & Store Images RUN Deploy, Manage, Scale
  10. 10. DECEMBER 2, 2016 Docker basics: run/build/compose
  11. 11. + +Agility Portability Control State of App development Survey: Q1 2016, Cornell University case study 13XMore software releases 62%Report reduction in MTTR 10XCost reduction in maintaining existing applications Eliminate “works on my machine” issues 41%Move workloads across private/public clouds 65%Reduction in developer onboarding time
  12. 12. 1 Containerize Legacy Applications Lift and shift for portability and efficiency 2 3 Transform Legacy to Microservices Look for shared services to transform Accelerate New Applications Greenfield innovation
  13. 13. • • • • Available in the Powershell Gallery Bins/Libs App Windows Server Bins/Libs App Windows Server Docker Engine Bins/Libs App Physical or Virtual Virtualized workloads running on premises Containerized and moved to virtual or bare metal on cloud Accelerate and simplify cloud migration Microsoft Azure
  14. 14. Docker Universal Control Plane Integrated Security Docker Engine Docker Trusted Registry Config Mgt Monitoring LoggingCI/CD ..more..Images Networking Volumes Virtual Public Cloud • • • Physical
  15. 15. DECEMBER 2, 2016
  16. 16. DECEMBER 2, 2016
  17. 17. Azure Container Service (ACS) provides a way to simplify the creation, configuration, and management of a cluster of virtual machines that are preconfigured to run containerized applications Using an optimized configuration of popular open-source scheduling and orchestration tools, ACS enables you to use your existing skills or draw upon a large and growing body of community expertise to deploy and manage container-based applications on Microsoft Azure.
  18. 18. DECEMBER 2, 2016 Deploy containerized app to ACS
  19. 19. 33CONFIDENTIAL Thank you!