FCC Telehealth Grant Process

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10 Apr 2021

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FCC Telehealth Grant Process

  1. Excelsior Springs Hospital FCC Grant Application / Awarding / Process Troy G. Grizzle, MBA, MS Physician Practices Manager 1
  2. Agenda 1. Excelsior Springs Hospital 2. About Me 3. What is the FCC Telehealth Grant? 4. ESH Application Process with Timelines 5. Med Cart 6. Med Kit 7. Lessons Learned 8. Resources 9. Q & A 2
  3. We Are – Excelsior Springs Hospital 3 Excelsior Springs Hospital is a community-driven health system providing superior care through our team of passionate health professionals. We partner with our community to offer personalized, innovative health and wellness choices close to home. Our Mantra is: Empowering Strength and Hope
  4. ABOUT ME: 20 Year Navy Veteran (Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman), 1988 - 2009 Area Practice Manager with HCA Physician Services, 2009-2018. VP Operations, Examinetics, 2018-2020 Physician Practices Manager, Excelsior Springs Hospital, 2020 – Present *** TELEHEALTH GURU*** 4
  5. FCC TELEHEALTH GRANT What is it? 5 The Telehealth Program provides $200 million in funding, as appropriated to the FCC as part of the CARES Act to help eligible health care providers provide telehealth services to patients at their homes or mobile locations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Telehealth Program provides direct support to eligible health care providers responding to the coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic by funding the telecommunications services, information services, and devices necessary to enable the provision of telehealth services. The FCC will review applications on a rolling basis and commit Telehealth Program funds until exhausted or the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.
  6. ESH APPLICATION Process & Timelines 6
  7. ESH Application Process & Timelines 7 - Being a non-profit, critical access hospital in a rural community, our CFO, Cameron Myer was notified of the FCC/CARES Act Telehealth Funding opportunity by a frequently used consultant with Integrity Consulting Evolution,LLC on 4/7/20 and we quickly determined that we fit the FCC guidance on “who” would qualify for this grant. We began the grant submission process established by the FCC. - On 4/15/20 Excelsior Springs Hospital formally submitted our application to the FCC. It was imperative to our organization to submit as early as possible, the $200 million award was given out on a first come/first serve basis and once the funding had expired, no further funding was expected. - On 6/17/20 the FCC awarded ESH with an approved award in the amount of $995,000.
  8. HOW WERE THE FUNDS UTILIZED? 8 Excelsior Springs Hospital partnered with Henry Schein in the purchase of their Med Pod (Remote Patient Monitoring) Technology. We purchased: • 19 Med Carts • 12 Med Kits • Spot Vision Screeners X 5 • CBS System X 5 • EKG/Spirometer X 5 • Concussion Tests Annual X5 Total Cost = $995,000
  9. MED CART 9
  10. MED KIT 10
  11. CURRENT DEPLOYMENT: • Received equipment in August 2020. • Hired external implementation specialists, Telehealth Associates to assist with implementation plan for Excelsior Springs Hospital in Oct/Nov 2020. • Currently have equipment deployed/deploying: • 1 Unit in Express Clinic • 3 Units at Department of Youth Services Facilities • 8 Units at Home Health • Future planned deployment locations include: • Police/Fire Departments • Local School District • Community Center • Local Business (Walker Trucking) • Community Housing 11
  12. LESSONS LEARNED & FUTURE CONSIDERATIONS: 12 • Extend deployment timeline and try to anticipate delays. Real World events (COVID) and Operation Warp Speed have delayed deployments. • Existing infrastructure. This technology works well, but needs good existing infrastructure to operate to it’s full potential. • Staff training and education – This includes H/R (creation of new positions), billing & coding personnel, written policies for the new equipment, education for personnel/organizations not familiar with Telehealth or Remote Patient Monitoring. • Consultation with Telehealth Associates has been crucial. Utilize your local Telehealth Regional Office or look to consultants to assist with deployment and best use cases. • Marketing for buy-in by the customer/patient. This is new technology for them too. • Think outside the box. • You have 0% chance of receiving a Grant if you do not apply. If you qualify, apply and get assistance with applying.
  13. RESOURCES: 13 • FCC Grant: • Telehealth Resource Centers: • Telehealth Associates:
  14. QUESTIO NS Thank YOU!