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  1. 1. Respect by Room 13
  2. 2. Share with your friends. By Anika
  3. 3. I’m not going to be greedy. By Adam
  4. 4. Put your rubbish in the bin. By Brenna
  5. 5. Do not throw sand in the sandpit. By Caitlin
  6. 6. Help people when they are sad and cheer them up. By Josh
  7. 7. Treat the computer nicely. Don’t hit the keys hard or the screen. By Kerry
  8. 8. By Georgia
  9. 9. Be kind to others. By Stella
  10. 10. Take turns. By Joel
  11. 11. Open the door for other people. By Keelee
  12. 12. Be nice to a friend and they will be nice to you. By Lleyton
  13. 13. Don’t hit others. By Jakob
  14. 15. Be kind to your friends. By Sam
  15. 16. Say hello to others and they will say hello to you. By Hannah B
  16. 17. Work hard. By Danielle
  17. 18. Help others when they are hurt. By Madison
  18. 19. Walk and don’t run to the classroom. By Ella
  19. 20. You play nicely and you don’t leave somebody out. By Hannah
  20. 21. We use please and thank you. By Emma
  21. 22. Be friends. By Matthew
  22. 23. Be nice to others and they will be nice to you. By Chloe
  23. 24. Please use your manners. By Liam