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How to Optimize Your Business Website for the Holiday Season

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During the holidays, consumer spending is at an all-time high, and you want your business to be prepared as your customers start swiping their credit cards.

Your business website is often the first calling card that potential customers look to when deciding to spend. Even if you don’t have an eCommerce website with a shopping cart, potential customers are online researching where to shop, who has the products they’re looking for, and what discounts are available.

Whether you sell online or at a brick and mortar business, you need to optimize your business website for the holidays (and beyond). This webinar will help you with the tools to do just that. Our guest speakers, Josh Steimle, CEO of MWI and Hassan Bawab, CEO & Founder of Magic Logix, will cover:

-What every small business website must include
-How to use use past holiday website data & capture new data to spot trends
-Tips on holiday digital marketing: SEO, PPC, social media & content
-How to optimize your website for increased holiday traffic
-Must-dos to prepare your business website for the mobile revolution
-Website design tips – home page design, shopping carts

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How to Optimize Your Business Website for the Holiday Season

  1. 1. Andres Thomas Customer Success Kabbage, Inc. Meet the speakers… Josh Steimle, CEO MWI Hassan Bawab, Founder & CEO Magic Logix • Website data to spot trends • MODERATOR • Website holiday promo9ons • Tips on holiday digital marke9ng: SEO, PPC, social media & content • Op9mize for increased holiday traffic • Mobile revolu9on • Website design 9ps
  2. 2. Watch the entire webinar live… • The next SlideShare slide will feature an embed of our live video webinar on YouTube. • All of the presentation slides are located after this video embed
  3. 3. Josh Steimle CEO MWI
  4. 4. Your Website is Not Just an Electronic Business Card
  5. 5. Your Website is Not Just an Online Brochure
  6. 6. Your Website is a Lead Generation Machine
  7. 7. Website Marke,ng → Traffic Traffic → Conversions Conversions → Leads Leads → Sales
  8. 8. Conversions Are Why Your Website Exists
  9. 9. Walk-ins Phone calls Emails Forms Chat Email signup Social following CONVERSION EXAMPLES
  10. 10. If the objective is conversions, what does my website need? CONVERSIONS
  11. 11. 10 Things Every Small Business Website Needs
  12. 12. Domain name Logo and images A page for each product/service Intuitive navigation Attractive design Clean code Good hosting 1. THE BASICS
  13. 13. Google Analytics is free, easy to install, nuff said. 2. ANALYTICS
  14. 14. Responsive or app, whatever fits. 3. MOBILE VERSION
  15. 15. Yes, it’s necessary. 4. BLOG
  16. 16. Your site should be updated frequently. Sites that are easy to update get updated more frequently. 5. CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
  17. 17. Everywhere, and easy to find. 6. CONTACT INFO
  18. 18. Don’t make it hard for me to become your customer. 7. Calls to Action
  19. 19. Make it easy to follow you. 8. SOCIAL SUBSCRIPTION
  20. 20. Keyword strategy URL structure Title tags H1 tags Great content High quality links 9. SEO BASICS
  22. 22. Seasonal Website Marketing Using Past Data Trends & Simple Tools to Improve Website Marketing for Cyclical Opportunities
  23. 23. To Every Thing There is a Season…
  24. 24. “With the start of spring and change of weather, many Americans visited pharmacy sites for helping battling seasonal allergies and colds.” Source: comScore Media Metrix Ranks Top 50 U.S. Web Proper9es for March 2013
  25. 25. Using Past Data Trends to Improve Website Marketing for Cyclical Opportunities
  26. 26. If You’re Not Collecting Data…
  27. 27. …Start Today.
  28. 28. What to Focus On 1. Conversions 2. Traffic 3. Popular Content
  29. 29. Look For Trends
  30. 30. Can You See Any Trends?
  31. 31. That’s Easier
  32. 32. Find Big Monthly Jumps
  33. 33. And Smaller Jumps
  34. 34. This is Interesting…
  35. 35. 2 Questions to Ask 1. Why is this happening? 2. How can we take advantage of it?
  36. 36. How to Get the Advantage 1. Understand the trend 2. Create your plan a year ahead of time 3. Execute on time (6 months ahead of time for SEO) 4. Measure and analyze, repeat
  37. 37. Extra Tips 1. Promote top products from previous season 2. Promote top categories from previous season 3. Offer promotions on previous peak traffic days 4. Step up social efforts before and on peak days
  38. 38. Using Simple Tools to Improve Website Marketing for Cyclical Opportunities
  39. 39. The Tools 1. Google Trends 2. Google Instant Search 3. Google News 4. Haro
  40. 40. Can You Guess?
  41. 41. “Christmas Sweater”
  42. 42. 9 Content Marketing Ideas
  43. 43. Want Some Links? Journalist are searching for seasonal topics
  44. 44. www.helpareporter.com 1. Sign up as a source 2. Look for seasonally topical requests HARO
  45. 45. a. Avoid dates in URLs b. Keep URL live all year long (no 404!) c. Modify content immediately after event passes to avoid confusion for visitors. Free Tip: Recycle Seasonal Pages
  46. 46. Are You Part of the Growth?
  47. 47. 9 Steps to Prepare Your Website Marketing for the Holiday Season
  48. 48. 1. Analyze Past Data What worked last year? What didn’t?
  49. 49. 2. Think Mobile Responsive design. Apps. Everybody’s doing it.
  50. 50. 3. Prep PPC Campaigns Build landing pages and ads now, flip the switch later.
  51. 51. 4. Work On SEO—Right Now November is too late, unless you’re prepping for next year.
  52. 52. 5. Start CRO That’s conversion rate optimization. A/B testing.
  53. 53. 6. Begin Content Marketing People read good content. People pay for great content. Create great content and give it away for free.
  54. 54. 7. Prep Social Media Posts People read good content. People pay for great content. Create great content and give it away for free.
  55. 55. 8. Public Relations Become an expert (hint: “experts” are people who know slightly more than whoever they’re talking to). Develop relationships with journalists. Become an expert source.
  56. 56. 9. Collect Data It’s never too early, or too late, to start collecting data.
  57. 57. Bonus Tip, Remember…
  58. 58. Hassan Bawab Founder & CEO Magic Logix
  59. 59. Have an Initial Checklist a). Have your site ready as soon as possible. b). Implement HTML5 and CSS3 c). Make sure your site is secure. d). Have graphics ready before holiday rush. e). Check with your web hosting to make sure you have enough bandwidth and solid server. (Stay away from shared hosting)
  60. 60. Check Website Load Time • Quick load time is everything on the web. • Best practice = have your pages load in under 2 seconds (otherwise, users go to your competitor). • Long load times are irritating and aren’t conducive to holiday shopping. Hint: It is not only about optimized images, but it depends on code, server and technology behind it.
  61. 61. Website Must be Responsive / Adaptive Of American adults: