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Kaizen Event - Lauren Razavi on The Future of Content Marketing

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Established journalist discusses content marketing from a writer's perspective.

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Kaizen Event - Lauren Razavi on The Future of Content Marketing

  1. 1. The New Journalism? A Writer’s View on the Future of Content Marketing Lauren Razavi
  2. 2. My background ● Started my career as a freelance journalist while still a student ● Headhunted by Google to work on a global writing and editing project ● Pursued journalism alongside and reported from 30 countries ● Wrote for titles such as The Guardian, Wired, The Atlantic and NPR ● Became heavily involved with the online freelance community ● Won young freelancer of the year prize at the 2016 IPSE Awards
  3. 3. My work today ● Managing editor for Contently, a VC-funded tech startup with a SaaS business model in New York ● Launch and run publications for companies such as Google, Philips and Singapore Economic Development Board ● Provide streamlined digital infrastructure to ensure that content marketing operations run smoothly and efficiently ● Connect agencies and companies with the freelance writing and editing talent that was once reserved for big media titles
  4. 4. The media industry isn’t innovating ● Business models of traditional magazines and newspapers just aren’t working as well as they used to ● Fundamentally failed to take advantage of digital platforms and the opportunities of new technology ● Led to brands looking elsewhere for the same connection and publicity the media industry once offered
  5. 5. The rise of content marketing ● Technology has been a game changer for publishing: it enables any organisation to publish content directly to their audience online ● Building a community and loyalty around brands has become key -- and this trend will continue ● Companies are still figuring out how to take advantage and agencies can add a lot of value in helping navigate the landscape ● Access to creative freelancers (from writers to designers to coders) is crucial for success in the digital space
  6. 6. Media vs brand for freelancers ● Content marketing offers freelancers the opportunity to deliver more value for business clients (and get paid more!) ● Writing for brand publications is fast becoming as prestigious as work for titles like The New York Times or National Geographic ● Sometimes less creative freedom, but as companies become more familiar with freelancers, they’re beginning to take more risks on innovative ideas, which benefits everyone
  7. 7. The business value of freelancers ● Agencies and companies can build teams to concept and produce regular brand content without setting up whole new departments ● Little or no upfront investment in recruitment or training and ultimate flexibility in terms of scaling according to needs ● Work with premium writing and editing talent including freelancers who contribute to the world’s leading media titles ● Keep a finger on the pulse in your sector with writers pitching ideas based on their industry knowledge and upcoming trends
  8. 8. Some final thoughts ● All the research says that more and more people are working in new ways (main focus on flexibility and location-independence) ● Companies that work with freelancers will be ahead of the curve and able to pursue more ambitious content marketing activities ● Skills such as project management and strategic expertise are still needed for maximum gains, which is exactly what agencies offer
  9. 9. Stay in touch ● Visit my website: www.laurenrazavi.com ● Subscribe to my blog or newsletter: Medium (Blog) | Newsletter ● Connect with me on social: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram ● Join my new Facebook group What Journalists Want (made to connect PRs/marketers with writers/editors to share knowledge and opportunities)