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Ankush group of hotels investor ppt

Ankush Group of Hotels & Resorts

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Ankush group of hotels investor ppt

  1. 1. Ankush Group of Hotels By MyTrip-to-India.com “Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price.” Presented by : Kanak Pal kanak@ankushgroupofhotels.com 09810688690, 011-26421946 www.ankushgroupofhotels.com
  2. 2. About Us Established in 2015, Ankush Group of Hotels (AGH) is a group of visionary hospitality experts who provide bespoke sales and marketing services to hotels, destinations and prominent tourism entities on a PAN India basis. 2 and 3 Star Hotels Clients Ankush Group of Hotels Gives exclusive rights to sell and market their services Share their requirements, negotiate the terms, makes booking, and share their feedback Manages booking, collect payment, ensures quality services, and ensures that customer is happy and delight. In return, audits their quality standard, does marketing and provide sales
  3. 3. Mission To market and sell budgeted hotels’ services domestically as well as inbound maintaining a very high level quality service to our regular clientele and capturing prospective leads as well by • listening to their requirements and responding in a competent, accurate and timely fashion • bringing out the best in our people through effective training and meaningful career and personal development, and by encouraging individuality and initiative. • maintaining integrity, fairness and honesty in both our internal and external relationships and will consistently live up to our commitments. And a commitment towards a longer contractor ship with hotels. We aim to provide our partners hotels the utmost satisfaction with highest growth and fugitive figures.
  4. 4. Summary In 2015, we ran a trial program with a Hotel, a Two-star hotel situated in Manali. We took exclusive rights to sell and market its inventory to agents/customers. As a result, its occupancy rose to 54.68%, a surge by 27.8% compared to its preceding year occupancy of 42.77%. On the other hand its revenue increased by 70%, from 70 lac to 1 crore 20 thousand. Based on the result, our contract with Hotel was renewed for another year, and so far we have outperformed our previous performance by around 8%.
  5. 5. How we do it? Our focus is not only on increasing the sales but also on the revenue earned per sale. • AGH has the know how to use the OTA's (Online Travel Agents) strategic algorithms to our partner's advantage, resulting in added market share against our partner's comp set. • We grow revenue for our partners by creating awareness, educating the travel trade and generating sales by positioning ourselves as an extension of their sales & marketing team. We offer international sales representation for destinations, hotels, villas and resort properties. • We develop brand and marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, digital and social media solutions. But again, we do so much more .We foster the creation of strategic partnerships and execute promotional events to tell their unique story to deliver sales.
  6. 6. Founding Team Kanak Pal https://in.linkedin.com/in/kanakpal He has worked with Inbound Travel Agents - Capital City Travels and Tours, Wanderlust Travels, Scenic Journeys from 1992 till 2009. Then he started his travel company My Trip to India in 2009, which is still running successfully. Anupama Pal https://in.linkedin.com/in/anupamap aldelhi It was her unique style of attracting inbound and domestic traveller for Mr. Kanak Pal which inspired him to kick-start the new venture My Trip to India. And since then they both have been driving the business ahead. Debroop Chakraborty He has worked with Inbound Travel Agents- Tamarind Tours Pvt. Ltd, PEAK Adventure Travel, Travel Inn, Greet Holidays Pvt. Ltd. From 2007 till 2014. Then he joined with AGH as Quality Controller. Vandita Tanti She has worked with Inbound Travel Agents- City Linkers Tours & Travels. From 2008 till 2014. Then she joined with AGH as Reservation Manager. Shivani Kaul She has worked with Inbound Travel Agents- Tamarind Tours Pvt. Ltd, PEAK Adventure Travel, Travel Inn, Greet Holidays Pvt. Ltd. From 2007 till 2014. Then she joined with AGH as Digital Marketing Manager.
  7. 7. Aren’t there too many hotel chains? What’s so new about us?
  8. 8. The existing chains can be categories in two major groups 1. Aggregators like OYO, Spree, ZIP, Makemytrip etc and 2. Promoters like Sarover, Mango, Ginger, Lemon etc Problems with the Aggregators are • Without a certain degree of control over the properties being listed, establishing consistency can become a real challenge as most of these properties have no comprehensive processes to ensure clean rooms, washed linen, replenished toiletries and so on. They are not able to provide services as they claim to be. Problems with the Promoters are • To not to loosen their control on the service, they take over the management of hotels. It limits growth. • They undergo a long term contract, which makes an exit, difficult for them. Our USP • We do not acquire hotels for long term, but we are no where like aggregators. Instead of diversifying our portfolio in too many hotels, we lock the entire inventory of one two-star and one three-star hotel in a city. • We lock the entire inventory, without paying any advances. This helps us in controlling the management hence services without taking over the management of hotels.
  9. 9. Let’s talk business
  10. 10. Our earning • We charge 15% of the revenue of our partner hotels. • Our current profitability is 35% of the revenue earned. It is expected to further increase as a major portion of the expenses, is salary. These expenses are expected to increase linearly, while our revenue are expected to increase geometrically. • In FY 2015-16, our revenue was 18 lac while our expenses were 12 lacs (excluding founders salary), thus gross profit was recorded at 6 lacs. • In FY 2016-17, in last two quarter, we have performed 8% better than the last FY. Revenue collected, in last two quarter is around Rs10 lacs.
  11. 11. Our expansion plan 2017-18 • Expand in 4 more places in HP. • Shimla, Dharamshala Dalhousie & Narkanda 2018-19 • To expand in top tourist destination of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Ladhak • 3 more in HP, Saharan, Kangla and Kalpa 2019-20 • Tourist destinations in UT, Kerala, North-East, Karnataka and MP. • 3 or 4 star hotels in HP 2020-21 • 2 Star in ROI and Bhutan • 3 or 4 star hotels in destinations where we have 2 star hotels, all over of India
  12. 12. For this expansion, we need an investment of Rs. 20 Lacs • Funds Required
  13. 13. • Utilization of Funds Digitizing the business 3 lacs Upgradation of office and gadgets for new workforce 2 Lacs Working capital required to match salaries of new work force, and the other cost of operations 12 Lacs Registration of business, legal formalities and miscellaneous 3 Lacs
  14. 14. How much will you earn? • Our business turnover which is currently 18 lac is expected to cross 50 cr mark in next 4 years. While its current profitability of 6 lac is expected to touch 40 cr mark by 2021. • We will be happy to give 10% ownership in our business against the 20 lac of investment. • We will make an offer to buy- back the share, at the premium in the fourth year.
  15. 15. What’s the market scenario?
  16. 16. Market opportunity • Tourism in India is the largest service industry. The travel and tourism sector currently employs 49 million people, or 1 in every 10 jobs, and this is projected to increase to 58 million, or 1 in every 9.6 jobs by 2020. • Travel and tourism is a USD 32.7 billion business in India, according to industry estimates; in addition, the hospitality sector is sized at USD 23 billion and is expected to grow to US$ 36 billion by 2018. • India is expected to attract 6,179,000 international tourist (overnight visitor) arrivals in 2011, generating INR 678.6 billion (US$ 15.3 billion) in visitor exports (foreign visitor spending, including spending on transportation). By 2021, international tourist arrivals are forecast to total 11,149,000, an increase of 6.1 per cent pa generating expenditure of INR 1,344.7 billion (US$ 30.3 billion*). • The tourism ministry has proposed a cash subsidy of Rs.2 lakh per room for one-star category and Rs.3 lakh per room for two and three star category hotels to facilitate their growth. According to Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI), the country is short of 65,000 budget category rooms.
  17. 17. Conclusion Ankush Group of Hotels’ competition in the travel industry is widely varied. Direct competitors are other established brand chain such as Holiday Inn, Sarovar, Ginger, Lemon etc. In such a climate, the best investment opportunities will be awarded to companies that have the ingenuity and creativity to meet the customers' demands for fashion in an industry driven by economic conditions, demographic trends, and pricing. The industry has moved from offline methods to online methods. The company's management is confident that the AGH can achieve its aggressive sales forecasts.
  18. 18. Ankush Group of Hotels By MyTrip-to-India.com For further information, feel free to reach out to us at the contact information mentioned below. Thanks. Presented by : Kanak Pal kanak@ankushgroupofhotels.com 09810688690, 011-26421946 www.ankushgroupofhotels.com