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IN PICTURES: Software Defined Networking from IBM_Next Generation Network Agility

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IN PICTURES: Software defined networking from IBM_next generation network agility. Please contact me at kramyar@us.ibm.com for “Ask the Expert” session for software defined networking

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IN PICTURES: Software Defined Networking from IBM_Next Generation Network Agility

  1. 1. Next-generation network agility SDN Software defined networking The network is a critical linchpin for business growth and innovation. But cloud-era technologies and empowered users have intensified network demand beyond the capabilities of current architectures, putting the entire business operation at risk. Primary drivers for SDN adoption #3 Network programmability and operational efficiency #1 Network agility to support cloud and virtualization #2 Delivery of new applications and services Creating a growth engine for the business SDN fulfills the promise of an agile network environment by making the network completely programmable, able to sense and respond to changing workload conditions dynamically. SDN features Simplified network administration and maintenance Granular, zero-trust network security Automatic traffic re-routing Network-wide visibility Simplified DevOps collaboration Centralized network management Orchestrated network provisioning in minutes Higher productivity Reduced costs Reduced risk and more targeted protection Enhanced user experience with better availability and response Faster time to market Accelerated innovation and new development Faster access to cloud services and capabilities Increased operational efficiency Is your organization ready for SDN? 53%of IT leaders have plans to adopt SDN 74%of them expect to deploy SDN in the next year Only 27%of companies believe they are completely ready to adopt SDN IBM’s white paper, “Software defined networking in the new business frontier: The key to meeting next-generation agility, innovation and application demands” explores the trends driving SDN, what it will mean for business and the pathway to successful adoption. Read the white paper today at https://ibm.biz/SDNpaperNow © 2015 IBM Corporation ICJ03109-USEN-00 Source: IDC,“SDN Momentum Builds in Datacenter and Enterprise Networks,”IDC #250288, August 2014. Potential business benefits SDN is building momentum, but the majority of organizations do not feel ready to make the transition. Source: Juniper Networks and Wakefield Research, “The SDN Progress Report,” July 2014. Take steps now to build SDN readiness Network automation